$0 Done For You Sales Funnel System For Beginners (100% Free Sales Funnel)

Hey everyone, Jason here digital marketing
consultant. And in this free sales funnel guide, you're
going to learn exactly how to put together an entire sales funnel from collecting emails
to delivering your sales message and getting paid for zero dollars. So make sure you check out the timestamp table
of contents in the description to hop around this, along with updates as we find new software
to put together your sales funnels for free. So to do this, we're going to be using MailChimp,
YouTube and something called WaveAccounting. So with these three solutions you're actually
going to be able to put together everything you need for your first sales funnel for of
course zero dollars.

Now, as we dive in here, this is not a replacement
for real sales funnel software. This is just if you're on a very, very tight
budget, or you want to experiment with this whole online marketing thing before you invest
too much cash. So let's go ahead, jump in our screen and
I’ll walk you through the process of setting up your email list, putting the other your
landing page, your sales page and of course getting payments.

So the very first thing is you can go ahead
and go to mailchimp.com and set up a free account. I'm already inside a free demo account that
we have here. So the first thing you're going to want to
do is go to audiences and actually create a new audience. Now, because we've done so many YouTube tutorials,
with this demo account, we are actually maxed out on audiences, so my create new audience
button has disappeared, but this is the page where you'll be able to create your audience. So once you've done that, you're ready to
go to campaigns and create your landing page. Now, I’ll go click by click through how
to create the sales page and I’ll show you the key elements of the landing page now. So if you want to just skip ahead to click
by click, here's the time stamp to do that.

Now, here what we're going to do is I'm going
to go ahead and click on a landing page that we've already created. And here's a quick preview of the landing
page that we're going to be putting together. You can see you have your headline, a nice
little image, you can use something called “Canva”. Link in the description to how to make awesome
images in Canva and then just a couple bullet points and of course that email address collection

So to create your landing page, you'll come
over here to create campaign and then you'll click on landing page. You'll go ahead and give your landing page
a name and then select the audience that you want the landing page to send new subscribers
to. And then we enter our information and go ahead
and click begin. And once you click begin, you'll be taken
to a page that looks like this, where you'll be able to select your templates. Now, when it comes to creating your first
landing page, I'm sure you've seen a lot of different types of landing pages styles of
landing pages and very, very nice-looking landing pages.

When you're just starting, you don't need
to get fancy, keep it simple. So to do that, we're going to go ahead and
select the grow your list template here and then we'll go on to design. Now, In Design, we’ll modify this just a
little bit, so that we create a headline and then use an image plus caption block to display
whatever our opt-in offer is. So if you're doing a PDF guide or you're going
to be doing some sort of video, this is where you could put a preview of that here and you
just want it to be an image, we don't want to actually put a video on this page for testing
purposes. And then at the very bottom you'll be able
to drop in your contact form.

Here I'm just asking for the email. And if I pull out you can see here that there
are a couple of different elements it's not a complete drag-and-drop editor, right? But remember you're getting this a 100%. And all of these elements will allow you to
put together your landing page and your sales page. So once you've put together this landing page,
you can go ahead and click Save and publish, and our landing page here is good to go. Now, the second page you need to put together
is your sales page and this is the page that's going to show up right after your landing
page. So this is where we're going to go click by
click through the editor for the first time. So I'm going to go back over to campaigns
here and click on create new campaign. And for our sales page, I'm going to click
on landing page again. So this is kind of hacking MailChimp a little
bit, because it's not designed to do this, but as long as you can create a web page,
we can make a sales page.

So we'll give our landing page sales page
name. Go ahead and select the email list. Just make sure it's the same email list as
the one you selected the first time, because sometimes MailChimp doesn't allow you to go
back and change it in the free version. So we'll go ahead and click on begin. And we'll be taken to the exact same page
where we can choose our template. I'm going to choose the exact same template
to keep it nice and simple, grow your list and then we are ready to start making our
sales page. So in this particular instance, I'm gonna
be making a video sales letter page.

So what I want to do is go ahead and click
and drag this up here, give it a headline and then we'll go ahead and click Save and
we want to drop in our video. So they actually have a video element so we'll
click and drag it up here. And this is where we're going to put our YouTube
URL. For example purposes, I'm just going to grab
the URL this one and then go back to editing our page. And then here is where we can drop in our
video URL. Something I’ve had trouble with is using
Vimeo, but if you're putting together something for free all you need to do is put your sales
video on YouTube as unlisted. Don't do private, because private won't work,
buts put it as unlisted and then you can embed it on this page. Now, of course if you have a text-based sales
letter or you have a sales letter that's just going to be a series of images, you can do
that on this page as well.

So I'm going to delete the logo and of course
if we want people to buy after they've watched the training or read through our sales message,
so this was our sales letter. We could go ahead and copy I'm just gonna
copy a couple times so you can see. You can put as much text as you want on this
page. So if we were doing a written sales letter,
here would be all of our text, but we're not doing that. So I'm going to go ahead and delete that content
block and we're going to add a button, because we need a Buy Now button. We need people to have the ability to go to
our shopping cart. So we don't have our shopping cart URL yet,
but we can change the style.

So I'm going to go to settings and make this
full width, so it's nice and easy to see. And not really mess with this other than change
the color to a red or an orange. Probably do better than that, but we're going
fast here. So let's go ahead and click Save and we'll
remove the content block for an email opt-in, because they've already opted in. So now, let's go ahead and preview our sales
page here you can see that we have our headline, we have the video and we have a Buy Now link. This is all we need for our sales page.

So I’ll go ahead and exit out of that and
I will click Save and close, because we need to publish this to get the URL. So on this next page, we'll go ahead and add
the URL. We're not gonna do a custom URL, because that
requires us to pay something, we want to do this for free. So I'm just going to come up here and copy
the name of the sales page and make that the URL and click on save, because we need this
URL for our landing page. So once we've set our URL, we need to come
up here and give it a page title and then publish will appear here. Apologize for the jump cut completely forgot
about adding a page title. High-five it is live. So if we click on it now, you'll see that
we have a live sales page with our headline, our video and a Buy Now button that doesn't
actually work.

But we want to capture this URL and we're
going to go back into MailChimp and edit our landing page. So now that we have our sales– we have our
sales page, we have our landing page we need to tell MailChimp that whenever someone enters
their name and email on our landing page, we want to send them directly to our sales
page. So that's what we're going to do right now. Now that our sales page is live.

So we'll come back in here, we can see our
landing page. I'm just go ahead and click on edit and then
we'll click on edit design. So coming in here to editing the design, and
we're going to scroll down here to our opt-in form under content, we'll scroll down and
instead of confirmation message we can send them to a web address. And we can paste it in here and it looks like
they recently updated, because we can actually just select a landing page now. So I guess you don't have to copy that URL. We could skip that step now and go ahead and
click on landing page and we'll choose our YouTube sales page one. And we'll click Save and close. So now, what's happening after I click publish,
we can drive traffic to our landing page and then as soon as they enter their name and
email, they'll automatically be sent over to the sales page. Now of course, on the sales page, we still
need to shut set up our shopping cart. And to do that we're actually going to be
using something called “WaveCheckout”.

So WaveAccounting is a free accounting software
and they recently released a feature that allows you to collect credit card payments
directly through their payment processors. So you're going to pay a higher fee than what
you typically see on PayPal and stripe, but it gives you all the– it takes care of everything
for you and you don't have to put any money into it in order for it to work. So to do this, you'll go to WaveAccountinging.com,
you'll create a free account and then you'll be able to click on sales and checkouts and
you'll be able to create a checkout form. So I'm going to go ahead and create a new
one here and let's say this is just a YouTube ads course. And we'll give it a name, a price and then
a success message. So here in this success message you can set
it up. So that you either put a link directly to
what they just purchased right in this message that pops up or you can use a free tool called
“Zapier”, to connect wave with MailChimp.

You set up a separate audience and then whenever
someone fills out this checkout form, they'll automatically be added to another sequence
in MailChimp and then MailChimp will send them the information that they need. So you can do it both ways. Here we're just going to keep it simple and
do a confirmation message. And we'll go ahead save and turn on and now
we'll be able to preview what our shopping cart looks like. So you can see, here it's very basic, very
simple. It's on their servers, so you don't have to
worry about SSL or collecting credit card information or all that fun stuff.

They take care of it, but we do want that
URL, because we need to go back to our sales page and update the Buy Now link. So now that we've copied our URL. We can go back to our sales page under campaigns,
click the little drop down here to edit it and we'll go into edit the design and we'll
just update the link of the Buy Now button.

Scroll down here, click on Buy Now, web address
there we go. Save and close, save and publish. And let's go ahead and just make sure that
it is actually working. So we'll go to a preview of our live sales
page here and when we click on buy now, all of a sudden we'll be taken to the wave apps
page, where someone can enter their payment information in order to purchase. So just as a quick summary, we've created
a landing page where we can collect their email and then once they enter their name
and– once they enter their email address, they'll go ahead and be taken to this page
and then in your email sequences, you can send them back to this page. Of course, MailChimp has a tremendous amount
of restrictions on automation now with their free plan, but at least you can send emails
for free. And so you're welcome email that you can send
automatically and then your landing page of course confirmation URL will both send people
to your sales page. And then on your sales page, you can have
a Buy Now button and when people click that they'll be taken to your checkout page, where
you can collect payments and you can either have an email go out from MailChimp, telling
them where to get their stuff or how to get started working with you or you can have a
success message pop up right there with links to what they need to do next.

So thank you so much for watching. I sincerely hope you got some value out of
this video. Make sure you check out the links in the description
if you're curious about how to set up a membership site for free, if that's ultimately what you
want your sales funnel to be able to do along with some other tutorials and ideas on how
to recreate this funnel using a combination of MailChimp and Google Sites, if you don't
want everything on MailChimp for some reason. So go ahead and hit that like button, subscribe
for more sales funnel building tutorials just like this one. And until the next video, keep building the
business you love..

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