#1 Real Estate Lead Generation Funnel Revealed! [Part 2] Lead Generation For Realtors

What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here in today's video I'm gonna go through and break down does the second top converting real estate leads funnel sales funnel, whatever you want to call it So you guys watch the last video which I'll link above as well I showed you guys another lead generation funnel that works extremely Well now this one's really cool because it ties in with facebook Messenger so if you guys have seen like kind of those messenger BOTS On Facebook and all that stuff that comes in This is how you can go through and communicate with all of your leads and actually sift and sort through your leads With this funnel, right? So I just want to break down I want to show you guys first What it looks like and then I'm gonna actually show you guys how to set up step by step, right? So let's dive into this.

So basically a lead generation funnel is walking someone through a Process right? You're just kind of sifting and soaring through people So initially you're gonna have a Facebook ad which we're not gonna dive in that today I've got a lot of other videos on my channel, so I'll try to link another video on Facebook Ads as well But once they click on that ad we're gonna send them to a landing page looks just like this right now The lots of times agents that I work with or other business owners They're saying people from their ad to their website or even their blog Which honestly is just not ideal because your website or your blog is just not set up to convert visitors into leads So we want to send them to a very specific landing page just like this one right here So now from here we're gonna say hey get me the list, right? So this one's for homes under three hundred thousand dollars, right? so they come in here hit get me the list now put in their name and Then was put in some test info for this one right here.

And then at this point they'll hit submit Okay, so they're gonna become a lead. So we're now sorting through. Okay, that's why it's called fun Okay, because it's like a funnel like this so we're gonna have so many people visit and of let's say we have a hundred people visit maybe Thirty people actually become leads and then it says hey, thanks so much for opting in or whatever You can say whatever you want here. Help me put some homes together for you Okay. Now we got this link that says find homes for me now You guys watch the video the other day from this link right here We sent them to an appointment scheduling app to go through and set up an appointment with us on complete auto-pilot So that's really cool. So make sure you guys go back and watch that one But this one it says hey find homes for me. Okay? So now when they click on this look at this, it takes them immediately in to facebook Messenger, right? So it's gonna auto populate says hey, hey Jason, and it's gonna call them out by name We're gonna show you guys how to do this as well.

I see you're looking for homes in You know blank area you put your city in and you just copy and paste this basically, that's great Is there a certain number of bedrooms that you're looking for? Okay. Now this is a buyer leads campaign So we're looking for buyers, but we want to also get some information and see what they're really looking for So we got right here one or two bedrooms three to four or five to six plus so we'll say three or four bedrooms So they click so I'm the I'm the lead.

I'm acting as if I'm the lid lead, right So this is three to four bedrooms. So, okay. Perfect. Are you a first-time home buyer? Okay, so you'll go say yes or no for this example. Let's just say yes, we are. Okay So now it comes through says yes, and it takes just a second. It says okay. Great. How soon are you looking to move? Okay, cuz also if you're a realtor or even a loan officer like this is some pretty good information right here Like are they a first-time homebuyer? That's some info that you can get to the lender you're working with or if you are a lender that's good to know and this is house are you looking to move which is really about positive and health for you so you can kind of get a timeframe of How fast or even slow to work and move with them? So let's say they're like, I'm not as soon as possible, but one two three months I'd probably say and then it says one to three months and it takes just a second and then it will have a Follow-up message here, and it says okay awesome Let me compile a list of homes that would fit what you're looking for and I'll get back to you as soon as possible If you have any further questions, just ask them here.

Okay, so that's pretty cool, right? So you're having this automated back and forth conversation? with people on facebook messenger and what I've seen is the amount of people that are gonna go through and Respond to you on facebook Messenger is a lot higher than those people that are gonna respond to you via Email and not only are they responding but we're taking them through this full sequence right here And another thing that you can do that we've we've tested out and it works extremely well as well Is go through in this last message say hey, let me compile a list of homes and let's get you an appointment book books Right, and so then they go through and schedule an appointment The calendaring app that we use just yesterday or the other day to go through and get that appointment skills, right? So that's what we can go through and do so, I want to just cut it show you guys How cool this is and everything and now let's get into actually breaking down and building this out, right? So first thing first, we need to go through and create a landing page, right? so I use Arsenal and kg writes a lead generation CRM software and I'll add a link to Grab a free 7-day trial just right below this video in the description.

And also I'm probably that top comment So let's just come in here. You can see this is the landing page We just went through and I I showed you guys so I want to create one just like this okay, so I'm just gonna click create another website and From here, we've got all these different templates that are already pre-built with the headline sub-headline call-to-action It's already done for you and we know it converts like we've tested this with tens of thousands of dollars So let's just say for this example That we've got a listing right and as I mentioned guys earlier We've got several other examples if you don't have a listing so this buyer leads no listing. That's when we actually just set up I'm selling these so leads we got mortgage templates. We've got all these other templates and as well as lead forms down there So let's just go through. I'll show you guys really quickly here. So listing leads We'll click Choose right here, which is going to kick us into the website builder and we can edit the images tax videos Whatever we want customize it to our business.

Okay, so right here let's just go through this lets change out the background image and make it the same image of our Listing right because this is just obviously placeholder But as I mentioned earlier, you've got the headline sub-headline call-to-action already in there and we know that's gonna converge So let's just click right here and then over here on the left hand side You're able to edit out any part of this landing page, right? So we come over here to choose new image and we can change out the background image So change background image to choose new image We've got this massive gallery, but you probably want to use a custom image to the to be what your listing is, right? So we're just gonna click on my images. You can upload an image from your desktop or it stores your previously uploaded images So I'm just gonna click right here We can crop edit rotate do what we want We'll hit use this image just like that very simple to go through changing it out.

Those images right there, right? So now let's just say you're like, well Jason, I don't have 30 six photos of the home. Okay No worries, guys. All you got to do is color here and just edit that out and just say you've got 27 photos right or you've got 19 or you've got 18 or whatever? The number is it really doesn't matter so we can come up here hit save I always like to save my work just so I don't lose it right just like when you're working with Microsoft Word or something then We come over here to the Thank You page.

So the the landing page. This is where we're sending them from the app Okay, and remember I'm gonna link up in the top Facebook ads that work really well for realtors, okay And then once they go through they click here. They click on this view 18 photos now, they opt-in They're gonna hit this Thank You page Okay so now we're just going to click to edit this section as well and We'll click choose new image because I like to keep the background images consistent. Right? So I'm just gonna do that same thing I just did I know I'm moving fast But I've already kind of did that part right just as thanks Check your email for the price address and photos of this home or you could say click below click Click below For the price address and photos of this home. Okay, so we could deliver this via messenger right now We don't have this box here But all we got to do is come over here and click show link And then what we're gonna do is we got to go through and we use mini chat So ma NYC h80 calm to grab a specific link.

So I'm gonna show you guys how to do that So this is mini chat. You can see up here mini chat calm. This is how and it's 100% for you guys It's very easy to get set up and use Even if you want to use our pro plan at something like 9 10 bucks a month, so honestly, it's it's totally worth it Right, so we come in here. This is how we can go through and do that automated back-and-forth Facebook messages Just like I showed you guys globe earlier. Okay, so we're gonna do is come over here to the growth tools tab So click on that we're gonna click new growth tool and then what I like to do for that specific campaign that I showed you is click on the messenger reference URL Ok, so we click on this and then we'll just call this demo Campaign and then we come in here and what we do is we can click right here on edit. Ok, we can create a custom Message right here so we can say hey and then we just click on this this little person right here This is for emoji.

This one's for like using their name that's like linked with Facebook So be like, hey first names like hey Jason, you can see the example over here Click below to grab the photos of your home of this home It's not their home right of this home Right, so they go like that and then we can say like if you're storing the photos you could be stored I'm a Google Drive.

It could be on your website. They could really be anywhere We're just gonna click right here to add a button and then we would just say hey send a message Ok, so that follow-up message would be So we would say like right here. So like get the photos something like that, right? You see like as soon as they click on This button right here. It would say. Hey Jason click below to grab the photos his home. So they click right there And then we go to this follow-up message Ok, and I know I'm going pretty fast guys, but like just go through go back pause it. You can just watch this whole process It's really pretty simple here. Ok, so they come in here and they say grab the photos below Ok, so they can say like get the photos and then we sit open website So this is where you're gonna put the link to the website, wherever you've got the photos stored, right? It could be Google Drive.

It could be Dropbox. It could be your own website It could be you know, what wherever you're storing those right? So let's just say for this example, it's Google Ok, let's say we got all the images right here, which obviously this is just an example Ok, so then we would say open website and we would say put like that right there And so then we'd come over here and we'd hit publish Ok, so it says content published then what now? We want to preview this right? So we come over here We preview it open it and messenger and this will just kind of give you a quick little run-through So this hey Jason click below to grab the photos of the poem get the photos now and we say get the photos right there Just grab the photos below get the photos and then it sends them to this now guys really quick I know some of you guys might be thinking. Well Jason, this is redundant. Why do we have get the photos get the photos? So if you want to add somebody to your messenger list Okay, so over here.

Let's just go back here So to this list is subscriber list, which is kind of like your email list You need someone you need them to respond to the initial message you sent now if they don't respond Okay, so if you don't hit get this photos now and then have this auto message here It doesn't add that person to the list.

So they would just click right here and go to google, which is great It's good for them, but it doesn't really help you out a long term of going through and doing a message class, right? so that's why we want to go through and do that now we can we're here to growth tools and Let's see. I think this was the one we just created right? Yeah, this is it. So we just hit next and then Next. Okay. There we go. So now we want to give it a custom reference parameter. This really could be whatever I'm just gonna say Demo, you could say demo you really honestly can make it whatever you want. It doesn't this really doesn't matter We just hit save and see this is where this this comes into play right here the reference equals demo Okay, so it's just gonna be like kind of like specific to you and that URL so it could be demo It could be listing it could be open house.

It really could be anything. It doesn't matter so we're just gonna go through and click copy URL to clipboard and now we're gonna go back into Arsenal write our slum kg and this is where we're gonna go through and throw this link in here Okay, so we're gonna take out the Google link. We're gonna paste that link in here so you can see this demo okay, and then we can say get the photos OOP spelled that wrong Photos now or something like that.

Okay. So now we'll go through. We'll hit publish. Okay, and now at this point guys, that's it We're done. So I want to show you guys this whole little process right here. So we're gonna hit exit and We'll click on this landing page just to show you guys what this is the language we've just created Okay so we're gonna click on go to site and Then we're gonna say hey get instant access the price and pictures view at the 18 photos Now you can see our background picture that we updated.

We have view 18 photos Now we put in our name we put in our email dress and we put in the phone number they hit submit They now become a lead in your arsenal CRM. Okay, and we can go through and have an automated follow-up Email okay or even text message we can come up here and say hey new text message as well And go through create that and then we can also They click on hey get the photos now and this takes them to Facebook Messenger the exact set up we just did Right, so says, hey grab the photos below or it's free fresh in here Hey J's And click the below to grab the photos of this home and it says powered by mini chat just because I'm using the free version Here, okay So if you don't want that on there just pay the nine ten bucks.

Whatever it is get that off get the photos now They click on that this adds them to your subscriber list, right? Remember that this is grab the photos below get the photos sends them to Google or ideally your website right with the photos Google Drive Dropbox, whatever you're using K. So this point We're going through and we have them where we can follow up with them via Facebook messenger That we can follow up with them via email. We can follow up with them via text so we could even remind them Hey be like hey Schedule a call with me here.

Okay, and then remember calendly I know this is kind of all over the place But we add the calendar link right there to have them go through and book an automatic appointment with you Okay So we just come in here when its name this and we'll publish this and we're creating the automated email text marketing follow-up facebook Messenger follow-up So your follow-up is on point so that you're really gonna get in contact like if you're not gonna get in contact with this person at this point You're not gonna get in contact with this person like that. They're not wanting they're not fully interested right but this maximizes your chances of going through and pre-qualified the person and only Talking those people who are the most quality Pre-qualified most qualified but also on complete auto-pilot.

So if your Generate lead at 2:00 a.m. Or even 3:00 p.m But you're in an open house or you're an appointment or showing and whatever might be this all happens no matter what's going on Okay, so that's pretty cool, right? so anyway guys go through and Click right below you can grab a free 7-day trial to this arsalan kg software go get a mini chat account That's 100% free and you can go through create your own website right there set it up Just like I showed you guys today get the Facebook Messenger and then also you can use Calendly like we did in the last video to go through and build out this successful real estate lead generation Sales funnel for your business.

So anyway guys if this was helpful, go ahead give it a thumbs up I'd highly appreciate that also drop a comment down below Let me know your guys thoughts and how you guys are going to go through and implement this into your business and with that said Makes you guys also subscribe with your brand name because we launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business.

So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will see you all later.

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