3. Top of Funnel Analytics| 3.5

hi and welcome back so one of the things I wanted to show you really quickly while we're still in the top of funnel KPI source entry is I want to actually just fill in this total user section we have new visitors in here and I know we don't have people dig into the actual visitors until the deep dive section I just want to have this filled out for you so you can get a better idea of your new visitor percentage and the graph doesn't look so freaky all right so let's pull in the new visitors on the site member I like to stay with users over sessions sessions don't really talk about the individual visitor where users is is looking at that number all right and so let's just break it down by week you know first to the seventh so total user 74,000 135 okay let's then pull in the next one the eighth seventy two four one seven seventy eight seven seven two pull in the next week again really really easy stuff here this is an easy metric that you can find in in overview an audience 88 to 77 you can start seeing that we've been ramping up paid traffic here because that is where that weakest if achill II we're starting to gain a lot more in users and then even just a three days where a thirty six thirty six three three eight okay so those are our total visitors there you can see our percent new visitors we have a lot of them we start building in more percent more new visitors during the fourth week of the month and that took a while for our paid ads to start ramping up again but now let's take a look at the graph and you can start seeing all right this makes more sense here they're falling in line for the new visitors that we're having versus the percent of the whole and then you'll see John actually take care of the total pixeled audience for you from both Google and Facebook and your top fellow metrics will be complete

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