4. Middle of Funnel Analytics | 4.10

welcome back our next drill down metric here in the middle of the funnel is going to be the number of comments on your blog so we're gonna jump inside my computer and I'm going to show you how to pull this and how to load it into your dashboard let's get started alright in this video we're gonna talk about pulling the number of comments that you get on your blog posts every week like I said in our larger section about metrics not everyone needs to track comments some people don't get them on their site some people don't get very high quality ones so they don't really reflect the customers experience or how people are engaging however for the businesses that do care they are so important so let me just talk really quickly about why we're actually pulling these drill down metrics typically I don't recommend tracking these week to week because the whole idea is that these are low pressure easy things to refer back to to help you get more insight into what's going on you don't necessarily need to keep track of them on a regular basis however there are a few metrics for drill down that you really just have to keep an eye on over time because you won't be able to go back and track the historical performance if you're not pulling them on a weekly basis so the first one is number of comments and that's what we're talking about here so it's actually really simple to pull all you're gonna do is go to your website go to the back end so you can look at the comments and so you're in the WP background so go to comments we're not really worried about these pingbacks so much we only care about actual comments so in the process of approving these over week you just want to keep a running tally digital marketer actually does not use comments on our site so I'm not going to be able to give you exactly what you're looking for from a practical experience but we can just talk about how to pull them so they'll live in pending and you can see we chose to turn them off in December of 2015 we may turn them on again in the future but we found that it was hard to keep it good eye on them and make sure that they were being regularly replied to but if your company is tracking them before you do the approval process just keep a running tally so every week you'll go back and say alright I had fifty-three comments this week I had 47 comments this week I had 61 now of course those are not real numbers because we're not currently tracking comments but if you are you'll want to keep a running tally pretty simple to pull and while we're looking at WordPress here you should be able to do this in any blogging platform where you have comments there's some section of it where you get to moderate and approve and then you'll go through and of course reply to them on the actual post but you just want to come in here look at the comment specifically not the pingbacks like I said and just keep a running count of how many people every week comment on one of your posts pretty simple very high action metric again if comments are something that matter it's a great way to keep an eye on engagement for smaller sites that drive a lot of visitors who want to talk about what's going on and just get a better understanding that's it pretty simple right all right I'll see you in the next video

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