4. Middle of Funnel Analytics | 4.5

welcome back we're gonna look at our last key metric for the middle of the funnel that's retargeting and offer awareness lists so we're gonna jump into my computer and I'm gonna show you how to pull this data and how to put it into your dashboard let's get started all right guys let's dive in and talk about retargeting audiences at the middle of the funnel so the same caveat we give for these every time basically if you're not comfortable with tracking pixel visitors and Facebook and Google AdWords don't sweat it it is a great tool but it is not for everyone and if these are totally brand new concepts for you hit the pause button on them or skip this video I guess is literally what you'll do come back once you've gotten your other stuff figured out and dig into them but for those of you who are up and atom ready to talk about this stuff let's just talk about what kind of lists we're looking at here so in the middle of the funnel what do we care about we care about leads so we want to look at our retargeting lists for lead magnet visitors who didn't opt-in and our retargeting list for sales letter visitors which is basically people who saw the lead magnet opted in and saw the sales page but did not make the purchase so to track that we're going to jump back over to our handy-dandy ads manager and this is basically the sec second step in the funnel so we're gonna do this be : so we can see right now we've got our lead magnet visitors no opt-in lee magnificient no opt-in weed magnet do you visit or no opt-in you know functionally the name is there the meaning is the same here the name is a little bit different but we still get our with our be : the naming structure I kind of introduced in module 2 we're able to easily pull all of this together and we can see we've got 33,000 people for the Facebook topic 1,800 people for the social media topic and this blogging one is not populating and I've dug into this a couple times what it really means is that we are not sending traffic to this URL so this is actually kind of a great example of how you can use this information to really dig in when I saw this the first time I realized oh gosh I think we're sending people from this ad to the wrong URL and what it actually ended up being is that there's a redirect on there it's kind of throwing off the data so I'm gonna go back and update this audience with the correct lead magnet landing page but that should be an easy fix and just kind of a highlight of the power of this right so it was an opportunity for me to say are we pushing traffic to the wrong page you know we might have been sending people from CTAs and our blog posts to a broken link well if we're doing that we're just throwing money down the down the the dumpster down the garbage disposal you want to make sure that it's working sometimes audiences just don't populate though it's going to be one out of a thousand cases right we're just for some reason Facebook and you or Adwords and you were just not quite getting along but generally that's not going to be the case and it's always worth digging and figuring out why your audience size may not be populating so you've got two kind of options here for now let's just group all these together so we've got this mini lead magnet visitors on Facebook in the past week but you could also break this out if you want to look at lead magnet visitors by each different lead magnet offer you've got so just a question of how much complexity do you want to introduce to the equation personally I like more complex because you can get more insight but if you're still kind of new to this if this is not something where you want to be spending a lot of time just grouping them together it's great and it's so good to do a really good sense of how well you are pushing people from lead magnet visitor to opt-in the other thing we're going to look at is sales that our visitors and this one you can see we've got the blogpost template correctly populating so our total here comes to thirty three four hundred so these are awfully close you want to see kind of a funnel structure right so you want to see this number typically be bigger than this number just because that means you're pushing enough people in at the top the reason they're so close obviously as we were having a little bit of trouble populating that blog post visitor one but overall we can see that we had about 31,000 people 33,000 people for the Facebook ad templates we bang the visitors and 25,000 yep actually opted in but not make a purchase so we've got that proper funnel structure that we expect there and again I mentioned this in the other videos but always worth reiterating these are numbers that you cannot go back and check historical data on so you're gonna need to make sure that you're doing this on a weekly basis you just should carve out two minutes of your day it's so simple if you use this naming structure it's literally type in a letter and a colon and boom you've got your you've got your account right there but you want to check it on a regular basis so you can track the growth and audience sizes same principle for Google Analytics excuse me for Google AdWords so we don't really need to dive into it but the idea is we just want to know how many people are visiting our lead magnet opt-in pages and not opting in and how many people are visiting our sales letters which means they opted in for the offer that we're making that's kind of the basics of it and just remember the key here is you want to look for that proper funnel structure in that you want to have more people coming in at the top than you're pushing out at the bottom if you don't have that either you're converting people at a higher than 50 percent rate across the board pretty unlikely and really it would need to be higher than 50 percent or you're not putting enough new people on the top which means you're going to see trouble later on when you notice that your conversions dropped at your number of leads drop well the reason why is you didn't put enough people in at the top the funnel structure we see with these retargeting audiences perfectly mirrors the funnel structure that we see in the business as a whole right you're going to put in a hundred thousand people at the top not all a hundred thousand people are going to go further than just reading a single piece of content but some percentage will not everyone who goes on an opsin becomes a lead and eventually becomes a customer right everyone or rather at every step of the funnel year and see people exit totally okay just kind of a natural part of the process and as long as you're putting enough new people in at the top you're good to go you're still going to see proper conversions on your site and of course you can always optimize conversions but you want to just make sure that you're bringing new people new blood into your business to keep it healthy and keep it strong and make sure that your numbers down the funnel your conversion rate your lead magnets your monetization of existing customers don't end up dropping because you're not bringing new people in so that's the basics of this for the middle of the funnel here and I will see you in the next video

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