5 Reasons to Replace Your Standard Website with a Sales Funnel

Are you using a regular website with the
hopes that it will result in a bunch of sales for your product or service? Have
you been hearing about funnels but have been hesitant about building your own? In
this video I'm gonna share five reasons to replace your standard website with a
sales funnel. So let's do it! My name is Leslie Samuel from becomeablogger.com where I help people build their businesses with blogs. Now I've
helped a number of my clients build their own sales funnels and result of
doing that for most, if not all of them, was that it increased their sales. Now if
you knew about a way to make more money consistently – would you do it? Of course!
So what is a sales funnel? I'm glad you asked.

Sales funnel is where you
basically describe the journey that you're leading your customer down from
just being aware of who you are, all the way to buying your stuff. And if you're
selling online you want to make sure that you have a sales funnel. Now what
I'm gonna be using to show you this stuff is GetResponse new AutoFunnel
feature. It's a great and ridiculously easy way to create sales funnels without
having to tie together a bunch of different services. So if you haven't
checked them out as yet I highly recommend for you to click on the link
in the description below to find out more. Now let me get to those
five reasons right now. Reason #1 – it gives you a process – a process for
selling your stuff.

There are too many people with websites that just hope that
people will jump directly from their website to buying their stuff but if you
don't have a process for selling it, it ain't gonna happen Cap'n. Now I'm in my
AutoFunnel section of my GetResponse account right now and I'm looking at a
funnel for a blog success course that I created. As you can see it has everything
here from a signup page to get to a free ebook and a series of emails that leads
to a sales page for my blogging success course.

And what you can see here is that
it tracks everything. Now this is a funnel that I just set up. So it doesn't
show any data but by creating this funnel I now have a process where I can
send people to get my free guide, a free ebook and
have them go through this funnel to make some sales. And that is powerful! Okay
let's move on to reason number #2 – it helps to build trust. There are so many
websites online now selling stuff. I mean you already know that, right? And
there are so many scammers out there as well.

How do I know that your random
website is trustworthy? How do I know that if I spend money with you I'm
actually gonna get what I'm looking for? Well if you have a funnel and you craft
it well there's gonna be a very low barrier step that I can take. Let's look
at an example. I like Caribbean food, I mean I'm from
Saint Martin. I think it's actually like illegal for me to not like Caribbean
food. So as a law-abiding Caribbean citizen maybe I'm looking for a cookbook,
a Caribbean cookbook. And I stumble onto your blog, I see you have a bunch of
recipes on there. They look good but I'm unsure about you know buying that forty
seven dollar cookbook that you have for sale.

But I also see that you have this
free gift of your top five recipes. So in an attempt to stay true to my Caribbean
roots and to impress my wife I download them and I try one out and my wife man
she is impressed. Then you send me a series of emails with such valuable tips
that after using them my wife thinks that I'm the best Caribbean chef in the
world. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little but you get the point. Now guess
wha – If your next email tells me about that forty seven dollar cookbook that's
gonna turn me into a Caribbean cooking King , I now trust you. And I'm going all
in. Your funnel help you to build trust and now you've got yourself a new customer.
All righty, Reason #3 and this is where it
gets exciting, funnels can be automated. Did you hear that? They can be automated!
This means that once you create a funnel you can have it run over and over and
over just like the Energizer Bunny.

But this bunny is gonna make you some
money. Okay let's get to reason #4. The effectiveness can be
measured. Now this is huge! Let's do some simple math: let's say you get a hundred
people to go down your funnel and out of that hundred people, ten people buy your
twenty seven dollar product. How much money did you just make? Two hundred and
seventy dollars. Right? All right let's say that of that ten people, one person
buys your ninety seven dollar product.

All of a sudden you just made three
hundred and sixty seven bucks from those hundred people. Now you know exactly how
effective your funnel is and you even know that each subscriber is free
subscriber is worth three dollars and sixty seven cents and because you know
that you know that you can spend up to three dollars and sixty six cents to get
a subscriber and still make a profit. I mean it would be a crappy profit if you
spent that much but you get the point. Now you have a tool for measuring the
effectiveness of your funnel and as a result it can help you to make better
business decisions.

Okay last reason – reason number #5.
It's easy to determine where there's a problem. Let's say you built out this
funnel and you have a series of you know these three emails. Well I can come here
and click on "manage all emails". Once there I can see all of those three
emails. Now this is just a demo funnel, so you don't see actual numbers but check
this out. You can see delivery opens and click rates on all of these. Now if you
notice that your sales are lower and you check here and you see that the open
rates for this sales email is very low – that's a problem. But the good news is
that you know where the problem is and you can start testing out different
solutions to solve that problem.

You can try a different subject line and see if that
makes a difference and that is very powerful. That kind of testing can result
in tons of extra sales if you have a funnel and are paying attention to the
numbers. So as you can see having a sales funnel has lots of benefits and if you
haven't built out yours as yet, I want to encourage you to do just that – build out
your sales funnel that you can use over and over in your business and if you
want a quick and easy one-stop shop to make it all happen make sure to check
out the new AutoFunnel feature from GetResponse.

It's the easiest way
I found to build out a sales funnel using your email marketing service.
That's pretty much it for this video. Thank you so much for watching and of
course be sure to hit the subscribe button and tap that bell icon to be
notified whenever we post more awesome content. My name is Leslie Samuel from
becomeablogger.com and we're changing the world one blog at a time.
You take care..

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