5 Stages to Build your SaaS Sales Funnel and Scale your Startup

hey what's up people my name is Bastián
and welcome to the Wild Audience YouTube channel where we teach entrepreneur how
to grow their business by building authentic relationships with marketing
automation in today's tutorial we're gonna talk about how to build a SaaS
sales funnel so if you have a software product and you want to build an
automated evergreen sales funnel then this is your tutorial here we go. So the
type of funnel we're gonna build today is called relationship funnel alright so
that's the type of funnel it looks like this alright this is how it looks in
basically what I'm gonna do is I want to make sure that this funnel was actually
for you alright so this funnel is for SaaS companies who already have customers
around 100 customers who have passed 10 10k MRR and are now looking to build a
sales funnel to actually scale the effort so if you totally new to SaaS just
trying to build your MVP this product this funnel won't work for you alright
you probably gotta go out and hustle some more this again is for scaling
things making things evergreen and more automated all right now the tools we're
gonna use our Wild Mail, Wild Mail is like active campaign just better we
build some features on top of that WordPress, Calendly and then HelpScout
alright so let's get started the first thing what we need to understand is our
stages okay so each funnel has four stages, stage number one is the awareness
stage then we have the relationship stage, the sales stage and the expansion stage or upsell stage alright so these are the four stages and basically
you've probably heard about the AARRR framework by Dave McClure
alright so it's about acquisition activation retention referral and
revenue right and I'm gonna use this framework together with the awareness
stages build the top the the relationship funnel on top of that and
then show you the kind of strategy we use and what tools and how to actually
implement everything alright so let's start out with the awareness stage all
right the goal here of course is to get a trial signup someone who actually
signs up for a software right so that's their we're in a stage so
we need to trap some traffic then different ways on how we can do that one
way of course is content marketing so you write some articles a YouTube
channel like this right or paid advertising, outreach or many ways I'm
just gonna show you guys four different ones so for example here is an article
where we interviewed Rand Fishkin and then I
wrote an article about it and then if you read this article it ranks really
well if you read it you can then sign up for our software right or if you watch a
video like this right we have a ton of videos and then at the bottom there is a
link to Wild Mail right and then people can sign up all right
people go to the signup page and this signup all right so that's kind of the
first step right the first step we're gonna get a trial signup here all right
and we want to do some segmentation so I'm actually gonna show you now how to
do that okay I'm going to sign up here so now I'm gonna sign up here and
I want to go through the customization process so this is called segmentation
alright this is really important you want to know who the people are alright
what the problem is what the goal is and so on right so we asked them like what
type of business they are service online SaaS or e-commerce right then how big
their email is this because that's very relevant to our business we are
marketing automation business people use their contacts and and then based in the
contacts we charge them so it's important to us alright so let's put that here and
then revenue less or more or no MRR yet and then we want to know about the
obstacle their problem so you put the obstacle here and then the goal right
and that's it and that's when you sign up and this process is called
segmentation and now I have everything inside of Wild Mail, you can use active
campaign, you can use ConverKit whatever you want
we use Wild Mail and here's how it looks so this person just sign up alright we
have the company name email address business type revenue list size problem
goal everything is in here how this person signed up for example when they
read a specific article like this right then they get a specific tag like this
right they came from the blog I can use that for attribution or analytics later
and so on right and now I want to add them into a sequence alright
so and that gets me into the relationship stage which is the second
stage which is this part here alright and here we have to do some work this is
the most important part of the whole funnel in my opinion why because so
people just sign up for a software and of course if you look at the AARRR
framework it's now about all about activation right so an activation is all
about the wow effect right how fast can you get a new trial user user to their
wow effect once they have this wow this software is awesome oh wow this is what
I was looking for that's when they understand the value proposition which
you offer right and depending on how you read our framework you can already go
into retention like inviting your coworkers inviting friends to the to
use the software to but I don't look into that too much at
this point what I focus on is the wall effect right and and for the wow effect
to kind like happen there are a lot of different things which you can do in
order to get there right and for me the most important thing is this email
sequence here so we use Wild Mail for this we have an automation build
here and where people actually go through a sequence just like a Netflix
story or Netflix series right so each series let's say has seven
episodes each episode is 45 minutes and then they're connected with each other
the first episode ends like dramatic right and then you have to go into the
second episode and this is the end it's called a cliffhanger so you want to
create the same type of experience inside of emails as email –
you have waiting in between or you have some of frequency selectors which
I'm not gonna talk about now to get people from one email to the next email
right and here the goal is really to install these buying beliefs right so if
you have a software right let's say if I'm Mark Zuckerberg and I'm gonna sell
Facebook Ads right and I want companies to use Facebook Ads well in order for me
as a company or for you to actually use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your
website you need to believe that paid advertising actually works because
you're gonna spend like a couple of thousands of euros or dollars and you
need to believe that you get an ROI if you don't believe that you're never
gonna spend a 1K right or 2K or 3K and so on
with Facebook right so what are the certain buying beliefs an individual or
a company or a team needs to believe so he or she can accept the desire or
need of your software right and that can be transmitted through stories you can
tell stories and these stories can be done through customer testimonials use
cases and so on right so in these emails we show people
a lot of stuff right so for example here for Wild Audience with our love page
where we show different customer testimonials where people talk about the
experience with our team with the software where problems is solved we
have different kinds of case studies how Frank went from 300 K a year to 398 a
month using Wild Mail and consulting services right or OMR
building stronger relationships or what are they called ba-ba-boom the
Sales Gorilla right the getting 20k so these are all
different types of case studies which we use to tell stories and get people into
the mindset of yeah yeah I believe I believe this thing will help me solve my
problems and achieve my goals right so what other stories can you tell ask
yourself I tell you client case studies work really well another one is use
cases right what kind of use cases can you share with with your potential
customer right so for example we have three different types of use cases
usually the people who watch the videos like this they're or online
business or service business or SaaS business right so I want to make sure I
have a use case that if you are a software business you read the recess
start abuse case you're like oh yeah I can use this software exactly like this
this would help me solve problem x and y and so on right so you gotta create use
cases and maybe add some testimonials, video testimonials, text testimonials
inside the use cases to get people to really understand what the value
proposition of your software is and then that they actually believe that what you
offer helps them solve the problem and gets them closer to their goal all right
again there are many things we can do we can also do training videos like you
know you record videos and explain the different features help articles and so
on right and you put all of this content inside of this sequence which we call
the relationship builder sequence alright and it gets people from a trial
to a customer right from the relationship stage for the sales stage
right from the activation stage to the revenue stage alright and of course I'm
not going to go into all of this here I just give you some things you could do
there are other things like product onboarding so if you have a product so you want to make sure you have product onboarding
explaining the different features and so on right what's the single thing people
need to do in your software so they can actually create that tour I have that
sort of feeling of wow this is awesome right in that messaging helps a ton for
that for example now sales stage.

The next one is sales stage from these
emails you want to get them into the software right not only into the
software but you actually want to get them into the software and then actually
keep using them using your software all right and this stage is called the
retention stage this one here there's weird green one one and you want them to
log in keep logging in keep using your software keep receiving value right and
then every time you log in you want to give them an opportunity to upgrade but
also book a demo so if people click on book on demo book a demo they can
actually go through the application and then book a demo with us right once they
book a demo you want to have a sales pipeline so you can use Wild Mail for that
you can use Close, Pipedrive anything you want but you want to have a pipe
where you cannot get new deals in every time I demo is scheduled and then follow
through right and you want to know exactly like what's the opportunity why
did this sign up and the schedule calls we've Zoom and so on if you're more
interested in how to actually technically do this I've recorded a
tutorial called eight tools to build a consulting sales funnel yes it's for
consulting but this also talks about how to use eight different tools Close, Typeform and so on to get demo scheduled software demo scheduled and then convert
them into customers right so this is more technical if you interested now
let's go back so here in the sales stage we are following up with scheduling
demos we have second calls and so on right we provide bottom of the
funnel content bottom of the funnel content is again case studies all right
testimonials really really important and you want to send them emails we want to
show them retargeting ads on Facebook Instagram on YouTube on TV and Google
Display Network to get them to actually make that move from a trial to a paid
subscription now they are a customer all right and that's the final stage here
they are customer now and then that's expansion stage here right or
upsell stage here right and the depending on what how your business map
looks this might look different okay for us
this basically means that we want to help them grow the business because
every time they grow the business they're gonna add new contacts new leads
into Wild Mail and the more leads to have the more contacts they have the
more their subscription the higher the subscription will be in terms of
monetary value right so we grow with them right and that the obviously that
the main goal is to achieve net zero MRR churn rate right what does that mean it
means that we want to really work on our churn right and if you probably
gonna you're losing people every month right that's called churn right but you
also have people who are already customers and expand their account
meaning if they pay ten euros today and then they pay twenty euros the next
month they expand it meaning you grow with them right and your goal should be
that with the expanded money you can cover all the money you lose through
churn right if you achieve that that's called net zero MRR generate all right
and that's what we want you what you want to do how do we do it
well first be a customer first company this is a mindset right you have real
customer conversations you need to understand that the customer is the
heart of your business and you really to listen to them have real conversations
with them and then implement the feedback build the features that
actually matter that create value right if you feel like there's this specific
people featured and every time some insurance and they fill out the customer
churn feedback I want to leave and here's the feedback and every time
there's this specific reason build that feature so that they won't turn right
have a Help Center right that means self serving a help articles like we
have here right help dot yourdomain.com right and you want to make sure you have
all the articles we use HelpScout for that right and then people can click
that it's inside the software and people can read it but you can also either live
chat or email we only use email as we can decide on how we want to respond so
that's really really important too all right what else have a newsletter right
so we can use wild mail in order to create a newsletter and then
and send them an update every month or host customer community calls right
where you can maybe trigger a message like this hey welcome to all my
customers today we're gonna host our this month we're gonna host a customer
only call to talk about new features roadmap and so on right or go over your
problems and so on right so the goal here is really to build a community
really make sure that the customers understand that you're very much
focused on them that they are your highest priority all right
and then for upselling which is the second part on that on the one hand we
want to reduce the churn and on the other hand we want to grow with our
customers an upsell them what you can do here is and depending on what your
business model is but you can implement an event based in app
messaging or email emails you can do both basically you can set up a HelpScout you can create a beacon and then you can say if someone visits a certain
page inside your product or if someone reaches a certain event could be amount
of contacts amount of revenue amount of whatever but if they reach that then you
trigger message that obviously needs a developer but that's called in app messaging
but you can also use the same logic to send out emails, SMS and so on right and
that's it that's how I would build or that's how we build our sales funnels
for our own companies for own product for our customers
and it works really well all right if you interested on on the type of results
we achieve you can go to our articles we actually have monthly transparency
reports where we share our revenue numbers marking numbers sales numbers
and so on to really show you guys that what we do actually works all right make
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