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in just a few seconds I'm going to share a new software with me that creates more customers online hey it's Tom Murray here and in our business we know that there are conversion opportunities everywhere visitors to your website ecommerce store log your email list your social media pages install traffic mobile visitors in fact there have never been so many opportunities to create customers online the chances are you're not taking full advantage of all of things typically less than twenty percent of our businesses web pages are focused on generating and convert leads which is why recreated captive via the most powerful and intuitive marketing page v88 captor fire has been designed to focus on the most important areas of business growth collecting high quality leads engaging those leads are making them ready to buy and turning them into customers kept the fire creates beautiful responsive leadpages video pages and other powerful marketing assets in minutes these are guaranteed to increase your leads and boost sales whether you're running an e-commerce store building your list selling affiliate products promoting a local business or running any online promotion with nothing to install and no coding required getting more leads and sales with cap to fire is as easy as 123 simply choose your template from our gallery of stunning templates designed to save you time and money customize your design with ease with over 30 drag-and-drop components you can create any design you can imagine for any purpose publish your campaign in one click either on your own domain wordpress site or by connecting any domain you own and sit back and track your success in real time with our built-in analytics capta fire comes complete with an unrivaled feature set to make sure you never miss another conversion opportunity get more email subscribers with stunning mobile responsive opt-in pages captive fire gives you all the tools you need to capture your visitors attention and get in to act on your message like multi-step opt-ins which have been proven to increase your conversions by as much as sixty percent full audio and video integration social media buttons countdown timers and so much more plus I unique an intuitive mobile builder lets you optimize all your campaigns to convert on any device with up to sixty percent of all traffic to websites now on mobile your pages shouldn't just work on mobile they need to look amazing on mobile but we didn't just stop there to create customers you need to engage your prospects so that they feel comfortable buying from you captive fire lets you create fun interactive campaigns allowing you to respond and adapt to what your visitors say and do if you're selling niche products like t-shirts mugs or hats try engaging your audience first by getting them to pick a favorite design you can then route them to a coupon contest or offer related to their chosen design you can even animate each individual element to create truly eye-popping designs and entrance animations to your videos countdown timers buttons and opt-in forms and set individual time delays your pages are guaranteed to captivate your audience like never before captive fire also helps you to sell more products with special conversion pages perfect companion to any e-commerce store captive fires fully connected with all major selling platforms fate on the box so whether you're selling with Shopify Amazon teespring or PayPal kappa phi 0 enhances your sales results the built-in Shopify widget lets you connect any product from your Shopify store in seconds you can even sell your own products directly with our one-click paypal integration most people don't buy the first time they see an offer but ease your best leads so rather than send your prospects back to exactly the same sales page to a product they be looking at why not we target them back to a discount coupon or limited time offer or even a video review of the product and watch your conversion saw this is just the tip of the iceberg there's no limit to what you can do with tap to fire

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