Building A Squeeze Page With ClickFunnels

Steven Williams here and in this tutorial I'm going to show you guys the fastest and easiest way that I know of in how to build a squeeze page I actually also use this software to build this membership site that you guys are using right panel very easy easy to use and very powerful and so here we are I'm logged into to click funnels and then all we got to do is create add new funnel and for this we're going to actually use an opt-in lead capture funnel the funnel name we're going to do wholesale San Jose wholesale san jose you could obviously obviously you're going to use a different name but whatever your domain is or whatever name you want to put there for it and then create the funnel now all you have to do is choose the template the template that you would like to use for your squeeze page you know for I'm just going to go ahead and use this one there's many good ones to choose from and then all you have to do is customize that that page so you go here you could open it in editor and click funnels com they have all kinds of tutorials that are probably much better than this one but i just want to show you guys how easy it is to get it up and going okay and so now that you're in clickfunnels check it out how easy it is to adjust this to be exactly the way you want it so offering steep discounts to investors let's put join our buyers list and we could center that you go into the settings and you could like change the color do whatever you want it's pretty pretty easy to use guys it's pretty cool do we want a shadow put a shadow behind it you can change what this says here join now and so basically everything on here you can completely customize you could change it like if you don't want a video here you could delete that and you could add a whatever you want you could put a picture they're fully customizable to however you want it's a pretty cool pretty cool software guide to get a check it out there's that we could add I don't know if we want some text below here I mean we can do another headline here's what you'll get and then we could add like all kinds of stuff oh let's see here bullet list alright so those are just a few of the features I mean obviously you could then link this to your autoresponder your email autoresponder I use Aweber there's Mel chimp and several others out there but yeah we could go to like the settings our email and then you could choose which which email autoresponder you use and what not so pretty cool pretty cool system guys they offer free trial go ahead and check it out if you're interested I always use just wordpress and I use the theme optimize press before and which was great but this is so much easier guys you could build squeeze pages so fast and I really like it so if you like go ahead and check it out and I'll catch you on the next tutorial

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