ClickFunnels For Real Estate Agents [NEW FUNNEL TEMPLATE]

hey there it's Stacia Kennedy and in this video
I wanted to share with you a new real estate funnel I actually duplicated this
a while ago but I haven't shown it to anyone actually saw this site someone
used on Squarespace whoever used Squarespace or Weebly or
some of the templated websites I saw someone create this awesome template
within Squarespace and some people can create some really awesome some really
awesome looking websites on Squarespace but you know me I love click funnels and
my hair's a mess guys I wanted to show this usually I don't come on this late
because I'm so tired and I wake up really early and if you're watching this
outage tag live you're watching live of course hashtag replay watching the
replay well I want to show you my screen and show you this new photo so if you're
in real estate and you want to you know duplicate this or you want to grab my
funnel all you need to do is actually sign up for click funnels there's a
14-day free trial and then after that if you decide to stick with it you can grab
this funnel and I will actually walk you through how to set it up but it's so
cool it's really really pretty if you want access to this you can hashtag real
estate funnel in the comments and I'll send it to you as well as my link for
click funnels and if you already have click funnels and we can work something
out so let me sit here who's on with me hey Keith welcome so I have a new real
estate funnel it's really really pretty so maybe it you don't want it to be
pretty if you're a guy but you can convert this into anything that you want
or your brand to so let's let's see if I can show it to you update on the make sure you can hear me
hopefully you can hear me I don't know why it seen wants to update my audio all
of a sudden so here it is it's it's pretty cool and me obviously you can
change out the colors click phones is so easy to change out the colors and you
know change out the branding and you put your own wording obviously this is just
like a template so you can put in your city real estate helping you with all
your mood li yeah helping you with all of your real estate needs let's make a
move and then you have these all these assets in here I customized this to
match these colors so you could all you would need to do is like you can change
out these photos as well to and change out the colors you could add in a
newsletter connect that with your your opt-in or email autoresponder you got to
have an email autoresponder guides if you're going to generate leads and sales
you have to have a way to capture the leads fortune is in the follow-up for
those sales people it definitely is put your branding put your photo right here
and your logo you can drop in your logo your information obviously you can drop
in you know depending on your state you have your disclaimers down there and
it's easy to add those things in there so isn't that cute
also if you someone tries to you know get out of this I want to show you this
often this is so cool because you can it's a survey opt-in so this will pop up
if they click on that button so I'll make sure they click on let's make a
move or if they decide to like you know exit out this will pop up and it says
I'd love to set up an appointment and am I looking to buy home sell home so this
is where you get to know firsthand before they opt in I'm looking to buy a
house and then they'll click continue and then their name and email
and phone number I already have it populated but this is what it looks like
without it they will enter their information
let's connect boom goes into the Thank You page which you can put a video which
you know I highly recommend it putting a video there let me move my picture so
you can actually see the whole thing so you can see you can remove this photo if
you don't want to I mean the video if you don't have a video but you can drop
in your name or logo the cities you work in feature two homes if you have
listings you can put links and photos of your listings or maybe your sole
listings maybe put testimonials in there I have all of your social media down
here your logo and your contact information this is just like a website
except it actually will generate you leads if you drive traffic to it so this
is what the back end of clickfunnels looks like you can easily go into edit
page editor and make all the changes I actually have training a training course
so walk you through everything and how to make these changes click funnels has
a wonderful customer service and videos as well to make these changes but
literally you go in here and you can change out the colors right like this
change out the colors make it whatever color you want and customize it for your
brand you could change out the photos all that stuff I'm getting a phone call that's it so that is my beautiful real
estate funnel for you and if you like that funnel and you want to sign up for
click funnels hashtag real estate funnel and I will send it over to you alright
if you have any questions or if you like to know a little bit more
just too much and say hey I want to sign up for clickfunnels but can you sign set
it up for me I do have a consulting rate that we can speak about as well too so
we can schedule call but that's my cute little real-estate funnel there's lots
of other funnels that you can create no matter what business you're in whether
you're in direct sales whether you are a consultant coach I will feature some
more funnels that I have I have tons tons and tons of funnels if you're an
affiliate marketer if your direct sales if you're a coach your consultant
whatever business you have there's you there's always a need for a funnel
because the fortune is in the follow up you can create all this content you want
out there and if you're not driving traffic to a place to actually generate
those leads and cultivate that relationship through email marketing and
constantly be on top of mine then you're wasting your time okay highly recommend
that you have some place to send people and this this is why why we do this
leverage leverage the system have the system work for you so you don't have to
work so hard if you like this share it out with a friend if you know some
realtors if you have a friend that is in a real estate that might be interested
in something like this please share it with them tag their tag them tag all
your friends and we'll see you on the next video
much love and aloha have a great night come on let's say hi

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