ClickFunnels Squeeze Page Tutorial (Deutsch)

yahoo wants here and there continues i want to thank you for your time i know that busy so let's get started right away In this short video I want to show you how to do a simple simple squeeze or often in page with clicks I am here I'm already logged into my account in my development and test in the final and let's start by adding a page here is chris page the doctor a bit so i just want a tray here now and open the page in the editor so we say we first delete everything so that we really start from scratch as you can see completely blank page down in that of the two im 16 words no the only element is that we can actually click like this very great reske always in the settings and when one background image from that you do it that also makes it so location ok save and yes I always put a new one section now comes a bit throw how wide my complete squeeze page should be so I'll just leave it I feel a single line no say no column go into the settings and leave it that way for you first I remove my logo this whole section now the setting and the background color are possible transparent and that already logic is of course no longer so good visible but there is a very effective normal order to make you look like easy and uncomplicated you can create such pages ok then we put a second section it is if you only have one section always a bit of a fiddling around until you get there in important a bit that plus can click but with beets that comes with it then repurposed a lot better for what we say we do here this section a bit semi-transparent to me times 0.7 and make maybe a little bit very good for the first time let's take the media like that and here I would have liked to insert a bilingual element and yes Let's start with using our it land here, then maybe another one advantage list so an enumeration finally take one with you here your own picture should be spective once in biking and then on again Clicking that at icn is somewhere there, I perceive that this is the case here now if I can choose my own image then maybe the font size on 16 pixels and the headline we make 37 and cut it like that make that maybe still okay take here too that's it so that it is not so there far below the country appears here yes ok com you can leave it like that the whole action here sticks too close to the logo for me now and for this reason go here to the match and whether and which yes many pixels that means there is now a distance of 40 pixels between this section and the upper section okay then we have a little headline again like this If you don't like the font in general, go to the global text settings settings songs of the same name and maybe makes it a little smaller and finally I suppose to be bigger than the headline itself I muddy away so that it is on the same level and maybe a tick book maybe centered a bit better, maybe 16 pixels are centered ok had already run out so far save the next element would be that form and we would be in top form and duplicate that straight away because that's him is that name and around 70 also light falls on the press and for Poems type too rich and of course could not be missing I usually take it like in and in the brothel like david and from color yes this tester the money maybe even the text a slight shadow you can see that it was but very little when it is here on the simply centered is typical yes that has already gone so far times not so bad then here again a text book click text editor Here, too, you might come across 12 and dedicated class 2 storage before the way we come now to the fast one does not count from the fingers suck but you see I can just click in here came there just By the way, registering and saving is also possible over two lines is called if I now this area has been copied a bit, yes i have it also works in b2c problem-free so among other things the line spacing setting seems to come not just font color and always like this maybe it would be nice to have a frame around this dream shape stands out a bit from the flower area for this I go to the cross section and you can see and here the mouse is moved over it corresponding area marked in this case that would be the right column here go up and choose five pixels I'm here where it was that means it is okay so far yes and here yes yes when you say that you too already mal well put here over 820 so that not so and mine one The frame also takes care of a little 20 so that there is a gap in the interior results and and am I also take it pays for me the same way looks yeah but looks pretty pretty so far, really say when there we can have the whole 16 at the top with a little bit of the fans gravel page that is in the middle of the page is always a bit found with giving these sliders the value 1 with the keyboard is definitely possible faster and easier so if you say that in principle you have no reason bad things we could still do here would be, for example, a pint Assigned researcher takes and you see your exception space does the whole design technically still a little appealing we can say so for sure then we can leave the fields as well Another icon team choose here that is called vain and could do that now only finished the connection to an author of the federal government or I don't have an e-mail service here now, but I was able to quickly show you how quick and easy you want the respective Greek with one Ready-made e-mail services can be used here, for example, 1 each with tomorrow in the form that means nothing else than that I then insert a form code here can be from my e-mail provider or as my case I use the even hosted by the brand dem solution and here i can or just briefly insert the motto gut then prosafe away from and below then I see the fields below which are green in this code are that means if I can still query my name and e-mail, then I can do these cases from my form this can therefore fall into my quiz cage quasi merge so that the form works and that really works pretty quickly at two three clicks penn has that already happened so far who that video actually already finished you have now seen almost 15 minutes with everyone, also happy to explain side when you are with me have been busy playing table football a little better or longer usually takes a maximum of ten minutes for people, depending on the complexity of the knees pager how many that is a nice looking suisse page what one she doesn't look to the internet every day so she defends herself a bit better on the whole pre-made templates eugster with the sword and yes I'm doing a little quiz pages from scratch now that in this video because I don't like how space is used which 100 others do too I use my whole conversion factor to get each other walid pages de the templars could now still convert rates often their song pages I was sad about the whole thing not one hundred percent taken care of traffic sources used for it were therefore a certain patchwork under circumstances with e mail traffic converting very well is the same as space but may not comment at all with facebook traffic and yes as long as I do not know which traffic source was tested with this special squeeze page I always take the numbers with me with yes So we say caution to enjoy with caution really like to say this is the reason why clippers don't have something that is noticeable every second person uses the internet and jakob drove the video and see you next short video tutorial to click photos

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