Complete Sales Funnel Template – Build A Sales Funnel That Works (Free Template)

Hey everyone, Jason here digital marketing
consultant. And in this sales funnel template and click
by click build guide, you're going to learn how to build a entire sales funnel using just
two pieces of software. So timestamp table contents in the description
along with a link to learn more about our funnel building template that I’ll be using
to build our funnel here. So with that let's go ahead jump into my screen
I'm gonna walk you through the type of funnel, a quick rundown of the template and then of
course the two pieces of software. The first one is actually free, so you can
get all up and running for free here and then we'll go through some paid options if you
want to do some advanced shopping card sequences.

So this is a quick snapshot of the funnel
that we're going to be putting together. We'll have a landing page, lead magnet, we'll
send some emails and then we'll drive traffic to a sales page that has a checkout. Now, when it comes to the software we're going
to be using, we're going to be using a free tool called mailer light. So there's an affiliate link in the description
to that along with a link to this template we do receive a small commission, if you decide
to upgrade to a paid plan. So inside of this template, we have all the
information we need to get started building our funnel.

So I’ll walk through the template as we
put our funnel together, so the first thing of course we want to do is go over to You can go ahead and check out affiliate link
if you don't already have a free account. You do have to go through an application process
and you do need to have your own website and do more than just affiliate marketing. Once you're inside your mailer light account,
you'll want to navigate to sites and landing page and this is where the fun begins. So I'm just going to go ahead and click on
create landing page and then I’ll go ahead and give our landing page a name here, and
then go ahead and click Save and continue.

Next we're gonna have to decide where we want
people to go once they've entered their contact information on our landing page. For this particular example, I'm just going
to be collecting emails, so I'm going to show you how to set up a new subscriber group specifically
for this landing page. And then of course we'll go through creating
those automations. So immediately come up here click on add new
group and then we will just name the group the same thing we name the landing page. I like to use a three to four letter code
just for all of our funnels, so every time I see CCY, I will know it's for our content
calendar for YouTube. So we'll go ahead and create that.

Now, something that's a little silly is once
you create it you do have to scroll down and find it click on it mailer light won't do
that automatically for you, but that's okay we'll go ahead and click on save and now we
can choose our template. And while there are a lot of nice-looking
templates here, I always just click on the first one, because we're just going to delete
everything. When it comes to landing pages especially
when you're getting your funnel up and running for the first time just keep it simple. So where I'm going to walk you through once
this thing loads, exactly how you can quickly remove everything and then you're gonna see
the template that we like using and it's done really, really well for us.

And the nice thing about it is you're not
going to have to have any design skills for it. Although, this is taking forever to load. One eternity later
Okay, here we go. Mailer light is a little slow at times. So we'll come up here to action and click
on remove content blocks and I’ll just go ahead and type in remove here. I don’t know if I could spell it right the
first time. First try, yeah. All right, so remove– so now we have a blank
template. So if we go back to our sales funnel organizer
here, I'm gonna scroll down to our second page and this is where we kind of have this
pre format for all of our landing pages or squeeze pages. And so what we're going to do is we're gonna
have a pre headline, we will oops! I’m clicking. We're gonna have a pre headline then a headline,
we also have a sub headline for this one. You don't always have to use all three.

We're gonna have a couple of bullet points. Well, the picture of our lead magnet on the
left hand side and then I'm actually going to put a picture of myself and a quote at
the bottom. So if you check out this template in the description,
we actually have some done for you headline formulas here for not only your headlines
or copywriting formulas for your headlines and your sub headlines. And then we also have some code I’ll get
to in a second and direct links to some other YouTube videos where we walk more in depth
on how to actually write the headline or design the landing page if you want to get fancy. But here, I just need to take a look at my
design plan to know what elements I need. So now, that I know what elements I need I'm
gonna come back over here. So the first thing we need, we need a heading
and then we're going to do text and then we're going to do a another line of text underneath
the headline.

So we have the pre headline the headline and
the sub-headline here. And then we're going to need an image and
some content. So let's go ahead and drop in an image and
some content and almost last but not least, we're going to of course need a signup form. So we'll go ahead and put the signup form
at the bottom clicking the right one, and then if you do have any sort of legal disclaimer
text that you need on your page, you can go ahead and add that at the bottom. And to do that we would want another text
element. So I’ll copy and paste that text later. So these are all the elements we need. So now we're just gonna go simply line by
line setting up our landing page. So I'm gonna come back over to my template,
because I’ve gone ahead and done this ahead of time, otherwise this video would be three
or four times as long, because writing the copy always takes the longest, right? So you just want to be copying and pasting
by the time you're at this point.

So let's go ahead paste in our sub headline
here. We can come over to settings and change the
padding, since I want it right on the top of the headline and I don't want it too much. We'll get to the style and background in a
moment, I'm just gonna copy all of the text in here. And now that we have our text copied in here
of course that take a while. Let's go ahead and click and start centering
things. So all we have to do is highlight everything
we want to come over here to align and click center and then we're going to do that for
these next two as well, except we'll go into settings.

I'm gonna click on medium so that it doesn't
get too wide on a mobile device. And then I’ll click on content style and
put it in the center. And finally, I’ll come down here and do
the same. Now, there's a reason I'm not actually changing
the colors or anything yet, because you can actually do that across the entire page. So no need to click multiple times to change
the fonts and colors. So right now, I wouldn't say this is gonna
win any design Awards, but let's go ahead and get our bullet points next.

So something that is a little disappointing
with mailer light is that they don't actually have a bullet point function right now. So what you'll need to do is use this little
piece of custom code you can always pause using the table of contents and just type
this in for yourself or when you check out this template you'll get it. To save us some time I went ahead and did
this off-screen. So we'll go ahead and paste in our codes right

So click on HTML. I'll delete and that we're in this element
here just in case I forgot to say that. And then we'll go ahead and click on save. Now, of course, we don't need multiple buttons
and we don't need all this headline and sub-headline stuff. So I’m gonna click on it again and all we
need to do to make sure the elements don't show up is to go ahead and delete them and
then all delete the button text and we will delete the secondary button text. And now, we just need to add a picture of
our lead magnet. So I highly recommend having some sort of
picture of what you are offering. If you just have a sales video, then go ahead
and just make a thumbnail of that video. You'll see a thumbnail later on in this tutorial. So I’ll go ahead and change the image and
we already created an image of our content calendar, so I'm just going to go ahead and
select that.

And if you don't like the way the spacing
is between these two elements, we can always click on settings and we can change how wide
or narrow the whole thing is or we can change the ratio. So if I wanted the image to be really big,
I could do that or if I wanted them equal, I could just leave it like this. So we'll go ahead and leave it like this for
now. So finally, we have our signup form. I don't really need a headline here and we're
gonna say download now for our call to action. And we'll go ahead and click on save. There is the landing page, it's all done. Now, we probably want to play with some of
the colors and the fonts, so we can do that now. So make sure you're not selecting any of the
blocks and we'll go ahead and click on settings on the right-hand side and then we'll be able
to start changing what the fonts are.

So I can scroll through here and I can choose
whichever font I would like let's just go ahead and go with this font, because I think
it's easy to read and now I can click on heading and go ahead and change the font to whatever
I want. So if I want all of the headers to be a different
font, we can do that and then we can go ahead and start changing up how big or small the
text is. So I think that's big enough, we can also
go ahead and change the font color.

So you want to do all these changes, here
because it’s going to go across your entire landing page. So let's go ahead and make this blue and that'll
be good for oops! There we go. And that will be good for the headline. So also here we can come down and change what
the call-to-action buttons look like, so we'll go ahead and change this to let's say we want
it to be orange for some reason. Orange or red. Well let's just let's just stick with orange. Orange and blue, right? Make it really stand out. And then we also need to make sure, once we've
changed it that we change how big the button text is. So you just want to make the button text big,
because that's gonna make the button bigger. Maybe 26 is good. You want to strike a balance between it being
really easy to read and not being too overly obnoxious. So I think that's a good way to go. We'll go ahead and click on save and then
email in there let's go ahead and change that input, so the input is a little bigger and
we'll bring it up like 20.

How about that 18? 18 close enough. So now, we're gonna speed through the process
of me changing just a little tweaking here and there. You're going to want to spend at least 10
to 15 minutes doing this, so we're just gonna speed up to when I am happy with all the spacing
and font sizes. And just like that, our page is ready to go
of course.. There's always more you can do, but the landing
page you're looking at right now is a very simple formula we've been using with mailer
light and we've been getting fantastic conversion rates between 30% if not 50% or sometimes
even 60%. So it– of course, your conversion rates will
also depend upon the quality of your traffic and how targeted your ads are and how good
your audience perceives your offer, but when it comes to whether or not you think this
software or the design is going to hold you back, I think we've proven through our own
other tutorials so you can subscribe for more of those that a simple landing page like this
can and will actually convert.

So let's go ahead and click over to our success
page, because some– once someone enters their name and email or whatever other contact information,
this is the page that shows up. So we're going to quickly go through this
page. We can remove content blocks. So we get our blank page again and all we're
going to need for this is a headline. We're going to get an image and as you can
see the headline color has come through, so that's why you want to do things globally,
it's gonna save you a little bit of time here. And then some text at the bottom here. So for our text what we want to do is tell
them that it's time for them to go check their email. So just say check your email from us and then
in parentheses put what your actual email is, so that they know what email to look for. We'll go ahead and make this a little bigger
let's just bring it up to 24 and then for our image, we're just gonna bring in an image
of the same image we used on the landing page.

Here you don't need to be fancy or new, just
have congruence. So someone's just taken a little bit of a
leap with their name and email, their contact information and so we want to make sure that
they feel comfortable and they know they're actually getting what they asked for. So we'll go ahead and have this just say something
like your template or content is on the way. And we'll go over settings and just Center
this and then that will do it for our little success message. Save and save. So now we have our landing page here, 20 minute
content plan, a couple of quick bullet points. Again, if you want to know how to actually
write the copy, make sure you check out this template, because we have a lot of information
on how to actually write the headlines and put together the bullet points as well as
some actual case studies.

So we have our success page here of course,
so now let's go ahead and just click on save and publish. Again, we'll wait for mailer light to load—yeah–
and once you've given it another 30 seconds to load, you can go ahead and choose your
URL options and your favicon. So let's go through the favicon real quick. So you can see here they actually give you
dimensions for what your favicon should be, so just create an image of your logo with
these dimensions.

So that it when someone comes to your landing
page is sentencing mailer light at the top as you can see here, it will actually show
your image. So I'm just gonna go ahead and select our
company one here for time purposes and now when someone comes to the landing page, they'll
see our logo instead of mailer light’s logo. Just a way to show congruence and trust with
whoever you're driving traffic with so or two. And then we'll go ahead and give our URL a
name. I like using the exact same naming convention
that I used for the autoresponder for the automated sequence. We're using an auto responder for the automated
sequence and for the landing page itself. Now, the only other thing here SEO settings
and social share really don't have to worry about this with an actual landing page.

This is very unlikely that people are going
to be sharing your landing page as much as we wish they would, right? But we do want to make sure that we put in
Google Analytics and of course our header and body tag code for Google tag manager. If Google tag manager is something you've
never heard of before, well I’ll link up in the description to a playlist that walks
through how to use that, because you definitely want to be using Google tag manager with all
of your marketing efforts. For time purposes, I’ll just go ahead and
leave that alone. So let's go ahead and click on save and continue. So at this point, let's do something while
mailer light loads in the background. We've created our landing page, I’ve glossed
over the lead magnet but when you use this template there's actually a training and a
very systematized process that you can go through for coming up with what your lead
magnet should be and how to make it's actually valuable.

So that's what we skipped here, but if we
go back to the top we've done our landing page, lead magnet. Now, it's time for our emails and then we'll
get to the sales page and purchase. So I'm gonna skip down here to the email sequence
that we put at the bottom. So typically what you're going to want to
do is the first email obviously we want to give them what they asked for and then the
remaining five to six emails, we're going to want to try and make some sort of offer
to them.

This is if you're doing affiliate marketing,
you want to give them something for free and then on email two through six, that's where
you're gonna make your paid offer. If you have your own paid offer, that's where
you're gonna make your own paid offer. So let's go ahead and quickly copy this URL,
so you can see the landing page in action that we've built. And I hope you're encouraged by this, because
we were able to put this together very, very quickly.

And of course if someone entered their name
and email, they would automatically be added to our subscriber group and then they'd also
see that confirmation page that we set up. However, they're not gonna receive an email
yet. So we need to make sure that they actually
do get an email from us. So to do that, we're actually going to go
over to automation. So we need to create an automation that says
“hey, every time someone joins this group, they need to start receiving these emails”. So we're going to go ahead and create a new
workflow and the workflow name is you guessed it is going to be a oops! I already had the add the URL copied. Let's go back to the top. Is going to be the name of the funnel.

So this is going to be the name of our workflow. There we go. So for show for the trigger, now the trigger
is telling mailer light. Okay, we start this workflow when this happens. And so we can come down here and say when
they join a group, well which group? We want when they joined CCY. So where I’ll find CCY it's right there. And then we'll go ahead and click on save. So whenever someone joins that group, this
automation is going to start. And if you ever get confused with when you
should or should not have a trigger, if we go back to our template here and come down
to our organizer, you'll see that at the bottom we actually have a place where we have a breakdown
of when someone should or shouldn't be added to the list.

So the very first opt-in should be to a seven-day
email sequence. Than if they buy, they should be taken out
of that seven-day email sequence. So this would actually should be seven-day
email sequence, this should be this one so we take them out and we would take them out. So if they buy, we want to take them out. Of course, if you're doing an affiliate offer,
you're not gonna know if they buy. So you probably want to stick to no more than
three or five sales emails for an affiliate offer. And then we'd add them to our main email list
and if they go through the whole thing and they don't still don't buy, well, then we
take them out of that sequence and we put them in our main email list. If that just made it more confusing, I am
sorry, but we will go through this step-by-step. So let's go ahead and come back here so the
first thing we want to do is have an email go out.

So as soon as they've joined they've entered
their email, they get that message to say “Hey! Check your email for this super cool thing
we have, we should send them an email”. So I already have a quick little template
set up here. Now, the first email is always going to be
the easiest, because you're just giving them what they asked for. So we'll go ahead and give put the subject
in here is your funnel– oh whoops! It's content calendar right? A Content calendar. All right, let's go ahead and fix that real
quick. Okay, here is your content calendar it's going
to be from our standard address and then we can go ahead and click on design email. So while mailer light loads, let's go ahead
and pick up our email text here. So what you want to do with the email is,
it should either link directly to the download. So in this particular instance, we have a
Google sheet.

So we could just link directly to that Google
sheet or we could create a comp a download page. So I’ll show you how to create a download
page after we design this particular email. So we're just gonna go ahead and choose the
legacy rich text editor. When it comes to emails, especially if you're
doing this as an influencer, you don't need to make a fancy-looking template, because
fancy-looking templates just tell all of the internet service providers that you are a
company and none of your none of your friends or family ever sent you a full-on– like fully
just HTML designed newsletter. So don't do that your email marketing here. So I'm just gonna go ahead and paste this
in nice and quick. And then we need to make sure that we actually
link to our downloads page.

So you can either make a separate download
page in mailer light like I’ll show you in a moment or you could just link directly
to whatever the download is. So if it's a PDF, a Google sheet, some sort
of word doc or just a video, you can actually just upload it to Google Drive and create
a public share link and that's what you would link up here. So I’ll go ahead and click on done editing
and we'll be taken back to the automation page. We'll click the plus button and now we want
to add a delay, because we don't want all this five to seven emails going out exactly
at the same time, right? So we'll set a delay let's just wait one day
and then we'll send them another email. Now, with the next email, this is where you're
actually going to transition from “hey, I hope you really liked this free thing that
I just gave you.

You probably liked this training or this product
or this service”. And so I won't get too much into the sales
copy, miss of sales copy this that's not a word, right? The sales copy behind what you should do with
your emails. The template kind of goes through that also
link up in the description to another video that takes a deeper dive on what specifically
to put in each one of these emails. So I just have an example here. So let's say we want to promote one of our
other products, right? So we'd go ahead and have it set for a delay. I've gone ahead and put in the subject and
then we'll design the email again.

And I'm just going to copy and paste this
little line of text. You definitely don't want to write a lot more
than this, but remember not to over kick complicate the process. Keep a non salesy tone when you're talking
about an offer. So in this particular funnel, we're actually
driving– going to be driving traffic to a video sales letter that's also built inside
of mailer light.

And so that's what this email is going to
do. All the remaining emails will drive to that
sales video page. So let's go ahead and drop in our text one
more time here and we will be good to go. Oh! No, not good to go. Forgot just have the greeting. Hey, all right. Done editing. Now, you can insert name if you're collecting
the name. Most of our email sequences right now or most
of our landing pages right now, don't collect to the name. So we just don't use it because most of the
email lists we have don't have names. And so what you would do here is you would
go through this process again for your remaining emails. Now, it's very important you don't go more
than seven, because you don't want to get hit with a spam complaint when someone's just
opted in.

If you send seven emails and they're not interested
whenever you're buying they probably don't want it, so go ahead and add them to a different
email list, let them cool down a little bit and then try with a different product or offer. So we'll go ahead and create another delay
and then we would add another email. And you'll just go through this process over
and over again. So I'm just going to go ahead and click on
save here. We'll just say super cool stuff just so mailer
light doesn't give us a warning. And then we also need to make sure that we
turn it on. Of course, it won't let me turn it on so let's
go ahead and remove this email.

And let me show you what to do at the very
end. So let's say we have all of our emails set
up going back to our template here. We've gone through let me scroll up. So we've gone through email one through five. And we're at five and they didn't purchase
right? Okay, so for whatever reason they didn't purchase,
so now what we want to do is end the sequence and go ahead and put them into our main email
list. So inside of mailer Lite what we can do is
we can click this plus button and we can have an action. And so the action we want is to move them
to a new group. Now, if you want to keep everyone who ever
entered their name and email on this particular landing page, in a group you can do that. We're going to move to group, because we don't
want them to be in this sequence or be tagged in our system as being in the sequence anymore.

So we'll go ahead and move them out of this
group and move them to our general group, and we'll go ahead and click on save. So that way they go through the entire sequence
if they didn't buy or they purchase the affiliate offer, they purchased an offer they'd go ahead
and be removed from this. With the purchasing, that can be a little
tricky inside of mailer lite but get two more on that when we talk about shopping carts.

And with that we can go ahead and turn this
on. So now, whenever someone enters their name
and email, on our landing page here, we've told mailer light as soon as they hit download,
go ahead and start this automation. Send them this email and then send them all
of these other emails. So let's go ahead and go back here and come
up to the top of our template. So if you're still watching go ahead and hit
that like button, I hope you're getting a lot of value here and you're seeing that it
is a lengthy process, but hopefully it doesn't seem too overly complicated. So we have our landing page or lead magnet,
we have our emails driving to our sales page, so now let's talk about our sales page and
delivering our lead magnet. So going back over to mailer light instead
of clicking on landing pages, you're going to want to click on websites. And so what you can do inside of mailer light
is you can create a website and then remove all of the top navigation.

And I like doing this because, landing– you're
going to create a lot of different landing pages and so for your sales pages and your
download pages you're going to want to use websites so it's very easy to organize them. So I’ll show you one here that we just made
today a lead magnet website. And you'll see how simple it is to actually
deliver your lead magnets or have a sales page. So let's go ahead and edit this page, so what
we're gonna do right now is we're going to create a download page for our first email. So instead of linking directly to Google sheets,
we would link to this and this would link to Google sheets. Now, why would you want to do that? Well, when you link directly to Google sheets,
you can really track what's going on where as if you have a little bridge page like this,
even if it's just a PDF download it will help you inside of Google Analytics.

You'll be able to see who actually downloaded
as opposed to who just clicked a link. Now of course, you'll go ahead and create
a new site and just choose randomly choose one of the templates, but the way the first
thing you want to do is click at the very top here and you're going to be able to click
on manage pages and then it will show you all of the pages that you have and all you
need to do is click on settings and then you'll be able to remove the page from showing up
inside of the top navigation. Of course, you want to do this, because you'll
have multiple offers on this website. So if we click here, you'll see hide from
page navigation. If I uncheck this, all of a sudden it shows
up there. Well, if you have three or four different
offers, you all have people clicking through right seeing all this stuff you're providing
for free as a lead magnet or during your sales process. So let's go ahead and hide and we'll click
on save and then something that's really neat is you can easily duplicate these.

So let's make the download page for our lead
magnet here. So I'm just going to go ahead and duplicate
this template and it's going to be you'll notice it's the exact same format of our success
page. So here we're going to change our text to
content calendar. And then select all of the text we'll click
text color and click on blue. Something that's interesting is their page
builder is a little builder– is a little different on the website side. So here for our image of course, we want the
image of our actual content calendar.

So let's go ahead and select that. And for some reason, it's not loading correctly. So let's go ahead and add a image element. So I’ll click on the plus button here and
we'll go ahead and select image. And now, we will upload it. So there's apparently some still some bug's
there working out but that’s okay, we can always work around them. Okay, there we go. Now the image is loaded correctly. We're going to delete the old element. I don't know what's going on there. And then in the website builder, you can actually
click and drag how big or small you want the element to be. So let's go ahead and click on this and we
will just change the spacing a little bit so will remove little bit of spacing. I'm being OCD here, it really doesn't– it
doesn't matter that much, I should stop. Okay, there we go. And then download now, let's go ahead and
change the button color to blue, since we changed our top here to blue as well.

So there we go blue, download now and hover
it turns turquoise. So now what we want to do is of course have
our download link go to our actual offer right? So let's go over to our button here and we
need to paste in our link. So I'm going to go back to my organizer here
and I’ve gone ahead and saved the link ahead of time. So something you definitely want to do actually
I totally forgot to do that. Something you want to do is as soon as you
have a link to something, go ahead and save it somewhere. If you're not using our template use something
else, but it will save you a ton of time.

So let's go ahead and copy that and now we'll
go over back to our page here and we will paste it we'll open that in a new window,
and we'll go ahead and click on save and then we can go ahead and save and publish. Now, something else we want to do is of course
rename this here, so let's go ahead and rename it our actual content or our actual funnel
code. So I’ll just go ahead and copy that, come
back over here there we go. You can also change the actual URL of the
page. So I'm going to copy that really quick, you'll
see why I'm just copying this particular part. And this will be– this will go under our
confirmation. So well you'll see don't capitalize that you'll
see why we need to do that in a moment. And we'll go ahead and click on save. So now we have our content calendar template
download page.

So we’ll– we've saved and updated and then
we'll actually go to the website, so you can see the actual download page in action. And once we're back at our dashboard, we need
to copy our URL. We'll come back over to our organizer here
and we're gonna paste in our URL right in front and then add a slash. Now, the reason you want to do it this way
is because you've hidden the navigation.

So with the preview, you're not– when you
go to the website you're not actually going to be able to go to it by clicking on the
links, because there are none. So you have to go to the page directly, which
is what we're doing here. And just like that, we have our download page. So if I clicked on download here, it'll open
up a new tab people can go and get the free content calendar. And this is the Google sheet, right? So we could directly link to the Google sheet
from our first email or we could link to this page. It's simply going to be your choice as to
which one you'd rather do.

Now, with our second email, what’s you're
going to want to do is go through this same process of building this template. The only difference is instead of putting
a picture, you're going to put a video and a link to your shopping cart. So that's going to be the second to last step
of our process. Now, to save us some time, because I'm pretty
sure hopefully by now you're confident with how to use the mailer Lite builder and how
to use the site's function to create as many pages that look like this as possible.

I'm going to slide over to a sales page that's
already been created. So we've created this the exact same way we
built all three pages that we've already created in this tutorial. The only difference is this is a sales video
and then we have a button that will pop up. Now, this is an advanced thing that even I
don't know how to do one of our developers figured out how to do it, but if we click
through our video at a certain point once the offer has actually been made, the button
will actually appear at the bottom and this is where you're going to link over to your
shopping cart software.

Now, as of right now mailer light doesn't
currently have a stripe integration, although they are working on it. So make sure you get that subscribe button,
because we will be doing an updated video once that feature is there, because it will
eliminate the need for some of these next two and more advanced options. So when someone clicks this enroll now button,
they're actually taken over to a software called thrive card. So everything we've done up until this point,
if we go back over to our funnel map here, you'll see that everything we've put together
has been done inside of mailer light or google spreadsheets for our lead magnet.

But when they actually need to go and give
you some money actually purchase, you have two options here. So the first option you have when they click
that enroll button or sign up button is using thrive carts. So thrive cart is this awesome page builder
that allows you to create upsell and down sell sequences it integrates with a lot of
membership sites as well as payment platforms. So there's a tremendous amount of control
and flexibility you have with thrive cart it's our go-to for ourselves and our clients. The other great thing is it has a drag-and-drop
builder very similar to mailer lite. Although, it doesn't have as many features
it is a lot faster. So you won't have to wait is as much with
load times and so this is what we like using for all of our products, mostly because the
pages load nice and fast now and it's very easy to edit these pages.

And if you wanted to put some videos on these
pages, you actually can. So I’ll leave an affiliate link in the description. The best part about thrive cart versus some
of the other options out there, is it's just a one-time fee. So you're not paying a monthly or annual fee
for it. It's a one-time fee and they've actually proven
that they care about their customers and they continue to update the software even though
it's only on one-time fee.

Now, the other option you have that I'm not
going to talk about too much with the purchase side of things, is if you want to have an
online course, then teachable does offer a free plan where you can actually have that
enroll now button directly go over to a teachable sales page or a teachable checkout page, where
you can collect the payment they will have a processing fee, but using teachable’s
free. So that's how you could get away with having
pretty much an entire functioning sales funnel for zero out of pocket when it comes to software
though I do highly recommend just paying $10 a month for mailer light to get some of the
more advanced page building features, that we went over in this video. So thank you so much for watching us. Sincerely hope you got some value out of this
long, long tutorial. And most importantly you have a much better
picture of how to put together your sales funnel. So if you have any questions about software,
about the different steps or about the map or anything else, make sure you drop a comment
below, because I still do read and reply to every single one.

And hit that like button to let me know that
you actually liked this longer more in-depth click by click tutorial, because if we get
more likes, we'll do a lot more videos like these in the future. So go and hit that like button to subscribe
for more deep dive sales funnel videos just like this one. And until the next, keep building the business
you love..

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