Creating a funnel using GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveMember

ladies and gentlemen david lemon here
with you live today today is monday and today we're building out
something great um as you can see on the screen we
will be creating a funnel using GroovePages GrooveSell and the newest GrooveMember a lot of people were waiting for GrooveMember and now that is here let's just do some training with it
let's just do something with it there is a couple of people that are
saying it's unusable because it has like missing features and and bugs and
things like this and it it does because it it is just like a i
believe two yeah two days old platform so yeah
you can you can believe there are some bugs but
this is why we are here so that we test this software out as you can know
as you probably know and you understand GrooveFunnels as a whole
is in beta mode at this point so everything that we do
could be with bugs so i will show you how i would work with it
if i would need to build something immediately i will show you a nice uh
platform that you can build and a nice way of delivering products using GrooveMember so that it is it is connected with your
funnels it is connected with your sales and then
you have a portal where your customers can go uh they can sign up
they can access your your products they have access to your
links or to your videos and things like this
so i just wanted to create a very short video on building the funnel like the
the pages and the sales system but focus more into the the delivery of the
products with GrooveMember so this is what we'll
be going uh to do today and if you are watching this
live please go into the comment section and
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also on the on the pages of our sites there is a countdown timer that is going
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marina joy how do i confirm i have platinum uh
if you don't know what the what product you purchased if you don't know what
product you have as marina here there's a trick head over to okay this is a self-billing dashboard
from GrooveSelll you type in your email that you used for registering that you
use for logging into your account inside GrooveFunnels
use this email you will receive an email confirmation with a link you just need
to click on that link and you will get in to the dashboard where you can see
you can download an invoice you can see what per what
actually account you purchased um you can
change your credit cards on it in case you uh didn't purchase the one-time
payment but the multi-uh pay option you can
change your credit card details over there so this is very important
and if i may ask christine or eldon just to share it out i'll just
pop this link onto youtube but this is where you
can check what you actually have okay so we are busy all these new
options absolutely there is a lot of new stuff that came out during the weekend
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uh guys and girls robert bauman is here um awesome muhammad shafiq
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luisa um let's just see maureen thanks for
clarifying no problem at all thank you very much guys christine posted it in
facebook group ron posted it so in case you don't know what you
purchased click on billing dot GrooveSell dot com put in your email that you
use to log in to to GrooveSell or
the GrooveFunnels if you don't know um if you don't receive anything
use the email that you registered with so choose
sometimes people register and change their emails change their password
immediately um so try with both emails that you
register with and in case you changed it try to use the change password as well
okay perfect awesome so for today i didn't have any
presentation prepared because i wanted to just dive in quickly
and hopefully finish this very soon not soon but
fairly quickly within two hours i plan to do this one
we will be building this one so i will be using
templates that are available in the template library
for the paid users in case you didn't didn't upgrade yet i suggest you do you
will have access to these awesome templates as well
as you can see here and today we are going to be using those
in case you didn't upgrade you still can create your pages like this one and we
have a lot of free templates that you can use
um you can use the same system i'm just using different designs on the
front end but that doesn't mean that you cannot do it so
paid members free members everybody can follow this one
so yeah this is something we will be creating
having pages created in GroovePages creating your products in GrooveSell
and then connecting everything together in GrooveMember so let's just see
what happens when we actually do this one so schedule online class when we
click on this one actually let's just click on this button
i didn't connect the first one we come to a checkout page this checkout page is
is not branded because i just i just used
the pre-made templates but let's just see what happens if i purchase this
online yoga class so let's just type in the
anna banana as we are using her as a test subject every
time so anna banana at
anna dot banana let's just type in anna at
okay she is purchasing a 49 product i just
continue to billing now we can choose the country she's from
the united states and from alaska and here i'm just using dummy credit
card number so this is a my stripe test account this is not a live
account so i can use the test credit card number
which is four two four two four two four two four two
um and any valid um valid month year any number and anything
for the zip just for us to test it out okay so now i
click payment click purchase we are getting
over to the next page this is an upgrade page so
this is the one-time offer that is also a template from
the template library and if i decide to purchase it i can click any of these
buttons or i can click no thank you okay we'll be setting this up together so
you'll see how to do it but i'll just go ahead and pay or
actually purchase this it is now processing it i believe i need
to set it up as a one-time payment but let's just do it without
that one so anna um i will show you a different way so i
just didn't set it up here i probably missed it but
we can set this up so that we don't have to type in our our details again so i
will show you how to do that banana ana got banana so she is from the states from alaska
any card or the test card number any valid date
month let's just use the same thing one three
four five six seven eight okay perfect so we're also purchasing
the extra upgrade or the upsell as a one-time
offer then we're going to the next one so this
is also from the template library and you can choose to to to add this to
the cart or you can click no thanks let's just add it to the cart
as you can see it immediately doesn't it shouldn't ask for the payment details
yeah so it shouldn't ask for the payment details and the next thing would be to
transfer us to the thank you page thank you page will be
the where you actually schedule the the yoga session okay so this is an
embedded calendly this is just a test calendly form that
we created for our templates you can create your own you can register
on create your forms that look like this so
when once you embed it in your on your pages you can
just have a booking calendar and then ask
the details from the from the customers that will visit this page
perfect so now this is the GroovePages and GrooveFunnels side of things
but we can also create and let me just open it here
we can also create a membership and i created a membership on a different
account because we cannot use the same sub-domains so
i'll show you how it works and how it looks like so let me just log
in quickly just to get the link for the membership but it
is pretty simple to create everything that
i showed you here and i will have the goal to create everything
inside hour and a half two hours max it is not too complicated but i want to
explain you everything so that you can create
create it yourself as well and then in case you don't have access to these
templates so that you can follow it pretty simply
so i opened my other account and GrooveMember while i was talking to you
and i created three memberships as you can see here if we go to the access
levels this is GrooveMember that i'm showing
you now we have the yoga level one this is for the people that only purchase the
first main product okay without any upsells
they will get access only to the yoga classes then for
the second one this is the online yoga class and the
first upsell okay they can have this level level two and
then if somebody purchased the complete package
then they will get access to everything so the yoga class the extra coaching and
then the meditation secrets ebook so this is how i set it up inside
membership and when we go we will get three links only for the
people that only purchase the main product
another link for the people that purchased the main product and the
upsell and then the complete package so the
main product upsell one and upsell two as you've seen
my funnel from from the from GroovePages when we went through it
this is what you can automate and send out these links
inside GrooveSell you can actually set up this automation so that if somebody
purchases it they get access to this membership okay
if somebody purchases the upsell they will get this link instead
in case they purchase the complete package they will get this link instead
so this you can set up and once you go and have a look at how it looks like
it will look like this for your members so they will need to register create a
name email set up a password and let's just
do it for ana banana let's just type in my my dummy email and
let's just use let's just use this this password here
to register okay i don't want it thank you so now we're
registered and this is how the membership
site will look like so we can click to get started we will have some content
over here it's loading in a video we can click on
the button to book our appointment we can also go to see the replay of our
first class i just did this very quickly i didn't put any
um any custom made videos here we as you
can see we have embedded comments here we have the extra coaching also
with some content for for the membership so some text up there
with some video and then here we have the meditation
secrets ebook download link we have a short we can embed a short
video like thank you very much for for purchasing this upgrade click down
below to downl here so here is a button if somebody
clicks from clicks here to download the ebook they will
be able to to log into this page again and again and again
to get access to these videos replays uh ebooks and everything so this is what
we will be working on building out and i believe now that we
understand what we are creating we can just
jump in and create it so i will go into GrooveFunnels
and start to build it out so now in case you are interested in
creating it i would suggest you to to
follow from here so if you are new to GrooveFunnels this is your dashboard
the first thing we will be needing to do is create
the pages as you've seen all these pages that you were
seeing when i went through clicked on buttons and things like this
these are done using GroovePages GroovePages is the actual
visual page builder that we will be using
we can just click on new site and we'll just build out from
from a template okay in case you're a paid user you will be able to
access the templates that i were you i was using and these templates will be
at the bottom of the page as you can see here yoga online scheduling yoga one
one time offer packages yoga thank you page and
such but they're a bit scattered around we are working on
getting filtering and categorizing system for this one
so don't worry if you're watching a replay you probably don't see
this this mess anymore but in case you're watching it live
this is what we will be what we'll need to use
so this is our first page let's create our second page
so this is the the main page this is the sales page okay
if we want to create a new page you come over here to pages on the left hand side
click the plus icon click use templates and then
once again you scroll down find the yoga templates over here
and i mean find the template that you want i will be creating it with a yoga
template and let's just do let's just do a check out actually first
and i will use a checkout template so if somebody purchases the yoga class
they will come to a checkout page and let's just
rename it so i go into pages these three dots
edit settings and let's just rename it yoga
check out okay and the checkout will be the page url so
it will be my forward slash
checkout perfect so the next page will be a one-time
offer page and i will be scrolling down finding a yoga one-time offer page okay this is a thank you page this is an
online scheduling here we go yoga one one-time offer package let's just select
this one it loads in and i can click of it
on it the pages on these three dots edit settings just to rename it so this
is um yoga ot01
and i'll just name it oto1 great this is our first
upsell page or a one-time offer page and then let's just scroll down
find the second one time offer page this will be for the book
um here we go so you go want the uh yoga oto ebook this is going to be the
second one time offer um i'm just using the
the the things that are on the template so you can use these templates to
recreate them put on your own products i i this is what you should do i'm just
for the sake of speed and just for me to show you how to get through this um how
to connect everything together um i'm just using these pre-made
templates okay so this is the the second one time offer let's just go
and rename it so edit settings yoga
ot02 and ot02 will be my url i do suggest naming your
upsell pages with some string of random words and numbers
so that people cannot find it very easily if
somebody visits your page and they find oto1 they will probably
logically be able to to find the oto2 page and buy that one only
so just try to do just a random number of strings and
and words um instead of ot01 or oto2 and things like this
i explained it in a previous video why this is good to do
and that's just a short version of what i just explained
but um so we have two upsells and we will add on an appointment booking
page what we have also within this uh you can use a thank you
page or you can use an online scheduling i will just use an online
scheduling because it makes it like logical uh for people to
to do it actually no let's do the thank you page and let me just change over
here maybe we can put a link um
for the people that that upgrade and we will need to probably do
three thank you pages um but yeah we can do that one instead it
will be it will be much more interesting than uh just doing one
thank you page great so now we just need to rename this
one let's just put this thank you page yoga
thank you okay and then i will just shorten it dui
this is just for the sake of of this tutorial okay so you will
probably need to do different url strings for uh for your
funnel let's just say that now our funnel is kind of sort of
finished so we can now go and and create our products so when
you probably didn't focus i clicked over here not the exit button but on this
at these buttons over here i click this and then i
have the the sidebar where i can navigate to different apps
i'll just open GrooveSell in a new tab over here and
and i will be setting up my products so as you can see over here i have some
products purchased because i was testing my funnel previously um but let's just
create the funnel from scratch so this was the
yoga online class for the demo that i showed you earlier
let's just do a new one okay so this is live
yoga class okay five yoga class let's just copy this
over and put the description so this is an
internal name and this name and description
is a name that your customer may see so just add things uh they're
what you would be proud for your customers to see
and not something gibberish okay so this is now my first product
we created a product funnel and instead inside we
also have immediately a new uh product we can just click on this yellow button
which is the edit button and here we will be setting up our product
so i want this to be a front-end product you always need to set up the first
product as a front-end product as a main product okay
and then let's just give it a name i'll just keep it this way
let's do one-time payment for 49 okay this is not a tutorial on how to
use GroovePages not tutorial how to use GrooveSell but
this is a tutorial how to connect everything together
if you would like to see a separate video on how to use
each of these platforms there are more in-depth tutorials on youtube there are
more in-depth tutorials inside our GrooveDigital academy so please
uh explore those i here i'm just showing you how to connect your funnel together with GrooveMember so let's just see
what is wrong price needs to be a valid positive
number okay let's just try to click save and next i
believe this is a bug let's try to set it up as zero yeah it
doesn't even let us to to be a zero so this is a bug that was not there
before and let's just do let's try with dots um
i will probably just go out and use the the funnel that i already
created and just guide you through what i created because
i believe um we updated GrooveSell and then this happened so let me just go
through this online class quickly and then show you what i did
so i went to online classes previously i clicked the edit button
i went into info set it up as a front-end product okay
so you click save okay and i'm saying he uh posted a bug request regarding this
one perfect thank you very much anand i will forward it to our uh devs so that
they fix this so we can go into pricing and here we had i i had the the price
set up to 49 one time payment let's just go over to
gateways hopefully it allows us to continue
it doesn't allow us to continue so let's just go out and go back in let's kick over to gateways so you set
up the price once this is back up and running
properly um credit card you add on your your payment
gateway if you want the paypal you can set it up over here so setup
gateway you add on up uh nmi paypal authorized net or stripe i
only have a stripe account connected so i'll be using that one as you can see
over here this is my stripe account so you can click next here you will be
having a save and next button contents here you can add on your sales
page url so the sales page url is the oops so the sales page url is the
url where you actually publish over here so let's just type in
live or five yoga so publish the domain or the
sales page url will be
forward slash live yoga forward slash so we can just copy this link
paste it in here instead like that as you can see https live yoga forward
slash here we will put in our thank you page
so i know my thank you page is the
root domain over here where i published uh publish my page
and at the end i just add ty because this is the url
uh that i added for my page for the thank you page okay
so this is my thank you page over here refund period you can set it up on 30
days and you can set up a buffer period as
well in case you have affiliate uh options turned on let's just choose
the checkout or let's just go on to the checkout so
here we only have one option GrooveSell hosted checkout you can choose the look
and feel with different colors you can upload a product image and
you can choose a form fields i unticked all of these for the training purpose
you can choose which whichever you would like uh to have uh
on here expert checkout so for the main product
for the first product you need to have the full checkout experience okay
so the first product in the line needs to be the full checkout experience
then the cart abandoned in case you want you can set up your integrations and the
rest over here i will just click save and head over to
the to the next section which is bumps it is
not active so we go on to the funnel so here we
decide the upsell page normally when you come you will have a
thank you page set up but we want to send people to the upsell page
i want to actually create a funnel so from one page they will be redirected
automatically um to the upsell page okay and the
upsell page is is the oto one if you remember so we
created the the main product which is on the yoga
online class the upsell page will be the yoga ot01
which is the one time offer one okay so then i can set it up over here
i paste in the the root domain and then just type oto1
perfect let's just save for fulfillment later on
we will have different updates and we will be able to use the integrated
membership so that whenever we are selling
something we can have uh have it connected automatically with
a membership at this point we have the membership
platform but it's still not connected to GrooveSell they don't communicate
between each other yet that will be coming soon so for now we
just choose no access page you can also set up an integration in
case you set up an integration for example with mailchimp you can have
your link the the membership link emailed out
automatically using a mailchimp integration
in case you would like to set that up you set it up over here okay
i will not be doing this today i will be just doing
a thank you page um um link is basically a link on a thank
you page to access the membership so this is it let's just click save and
let's just go on to the finish because i don't want
affiliates i don't want proof i just want to copy this code over
here and it says paste this code into the
body section of this product's silp sales page so this is the main
product that we set up now and we need to click
over here on these three dots let's just go into edit settings and if
we scroll down a bit you will see include in body body section and this is
the body top is where we need to paste this in we
click the check mark and don't forget to save
immediately after it whenever you do any kind of code or something
you need to click the check mark and then save immediately after that
great so that was our main product let's just uh
let's just click one more time save just to make sure
and let's just cancel out so that we are back on our other products page
so in case you're setting up new products new upsell products you will
click over here but is we have this bug now i will just
use the products that we created previously
this one but on this one this is what you would see in case you would have
clicked the create new product but this product that i have is not a front-end
product anymore because we only have one of those but
we have an upsells this is the one-time offer that we are setting up as you can
see extra coaching package and i just took
the text from over here it's like three months group session
something like that so i decided to call it extra extra coaching
you can create three different packages over here
i just i will just do one just to simplify the process
i will be focusing on this one three month group session okay
so extra coaching package will be the name of it let's just go
on to gateways because pricing is not working properly at this point
we we add on our credit card details or basically credit card payment gateway or
paypal we click save then we go over here to
contents here is where we add on the sales page
so as you remember the sales page is oto1 so our root
domain okay this url where we where we
publish the page and forward slash oto1 okay so let's paste that in
and then ot01 the thank you page will be very similar is just d y we'll probably do t y one
because the first product that we had will have a different membership login
details so we we can do ty1 for this one i will show you later
on uh how we can manage that so ty1 will be another thank you page
for people that purchase the main offer and the one-time offer
okay so refund period we can set that up with 30 days or
whatever you would like to offer and then buffer periods seven days
great save let's go over to checkout so this is a GrooveSell hosted checkout
you can choose the look and feel in the form fields you choose to which
fields you want to have in the experts checkout you need to
click yes activate straight through payments okay
so this is for one click upsell perfect you can also go through do the card
abandon legal pages and things like this i'll just skip over
those and continue on towards bumps are not available yet so let's
just go on to funnel so in here we can choose the upsell page
and then we add on our upsell will be oto okay so we are sending the people that
purchase this product over to the upsell page too let's just
click save you will have here a button save and
next um fulfillment here you can also set up an
integration using mailchimp in case somebody purchases
your main product and your one-time offer then send them the separate
membership link which i have over here let me just show
you one more time just to remind you how that looked like
previously so i mentioned that we we have set up
these three products or these three membership areas one is only for the
people that purchase the main offer one is for the people
that purchase the main offer plus the first upsell
and then this the third one is for people to purchase the whole complete
package so in the first product in the in the
fulfillment with integration you can copy this link
over and send them over using email
for the people that purchase the main product and upsell
then you copy over this link and you set up an integration for
example with mailchimp and you send this link out using
mailchimp okay so the people will receive this uh link to login
okay i will be just leaving it without integration because
i want to do tech thank you page delivery of content so i don't want
affiliates and i'll just continue to the finish page because i don't need
anything else over here i will copy this one and it says paste
this code in the body section of your products
upsell sales page okay so this is my upsells
sales page and i will come into the three dots over here scroll
down until i come into the body section paste it in
check mark and absolutely save okay if you don't click save it may
or may not work so just always click save after you paste in any code
great so now we are finished with this one let's just click one more time save
for just in case and then the third
uh product that we set up is the second one time offer okay i can click over
here to edit the product you will probably
need to create a new product and this needs to be an upsell or a
downsell okay so this is a another upsell that we will be
setting up so let's just go over here to gateways you set up your
your gateways over here you choose paypal credit card i set it up over here
it needs to be hundred percent in case you only have one
uh stripe account um so that's 100 of the payments go with that stripe account
and so on let's just go on to the contents
so the sales page of the of this um of this offer
of this one-time offer will be oto2 as you may remember that we set it up
so we will paste this in ot02 okay perfect so we go on to the thank
you page and as you probably guessed it will be t
y too so we have three thank you pages
that we are setting up here this will be one for the people that
purchased the the the main offer only one for the
people that purchased the main offer and the upsell one and then the third
thank you page will be for the people that purchase the
the thank you pay sorry the the product the complete package
and they will see the thank you page too okay
there will be t y t y one and t y a refund period is already set up i
don't want any buffer period on here but let's go over to to checkouts
perfect GrooveSell hosted checkout look and feel you can choose which which one
you want you can choose the form fields express
checkout yes activate straight through payments this is very important to do
for upsells so you can do you can choose this one
you go over here through all of these options to set them up but i'm happy
with what i see here so let's just go over to the funnel section funnel
section we don't have any more upsells so we
will not choose the upsell page but we will send them over to the thank you
page okay so the thank you page will be
not yeah will be this one because we set it up already
in the contents section over here um so let's just go over here to fulfillment
here in the integration you would send the the third link which
i show you over here this is the third link that you would
send to people that if you choose to go the route with
emailing the link i will not do that one i'll just put it
on a thank you page later on i don't want any affiliates i don't want any
proof widgets i just want to finish everything so i'll just click one more
time save and then copy this code over
to the body section of the product upsell
sales page okay so this is the product uh upsell and then let's just paste it
in here into the code section paste check save
great so now that we have done this one i will publish the page one more time
so that we have all these changes uh published
live great so after that i should have three products
um i should have three products over here
and then if this is a new product funnel that you're setting up
you will see them as as a draft so it will be in a draft mode so you
will not see the the the shopping cart
this will not be pink all of these buttons will be
grayed out in order to activate the product funnel you will need to come and
when you see draft mode just click over here and click make live
this now this will make the the product funnel
become live so you get a links for it but when you actually click the make
live you will need to set up a sub domain first
it will ask you what the sub domain is this subdomain will be
needed for for when somebody visits your checkout page it will be like
for example yoga
and this is where they can check out this or they can purchase this uh this
product later on you will be able to do your own
custom domains for this one but for now we only have the subdomain available
okay so i will not make this one live because i already have this one
so once you made it live once you decided on your sub domain
you will have these buttons turned on you will have them
as pink so this allows us to actually click on that
and uh get the the checkout links and what i would do over here i was
choose i would choose the multi price checkout
and no single price checkout and multi-step
okay because i only have one price on this one
and this is the this is the checkout link but as you remember here i have a
yoga checkout page so i need to embed the checkout uh on this page not just
use a link okay so what i will do is i will
not send people to this link to check out which looks like this but i will actually take this form and
embed it on my page so i can just copy this one
bring it over to GrooveFunnels and instead of this placeholder
from the checkout template i will just click configure
not use placeholder image but use embed code
click update and then here inside this embed code
just paste in the code that i got from GrooveSell
as you can see it is loading in it is working on it and this is how my
checkout page would look like perfect so i
save okay i publish then we have this product already set up
on the page but in order for people to get from the
page number one to the checkout page we need
to actually connect them so we can do it a couple of different ways you can use
the link so as you remember we have the root
domain forward slash checkout is the link that
we can use or you can also link to a page
so only not only the online class
and link to a page which is the checkout page okay
you can also go the route of putting in a url then it would be
our root domain forward slash checkout but i'll just
simplify it and send the people to the checkout page this way
okay so now if somebody clicks on this button they will be sent over to the
checkout page let's just connect this one as well
okay link to a page that is our checkout page
perfect update and publish great so guys i see you're asking
quite a lot of questions please wait until the end of the live stream then we
will be answering your questions um because most of the things that
sometimes people ask i mentioned it during the training so in case you don't
want to wait till the end of the training just pop
them in there but i do suggest you wait because i will
probably mention it a couple of times um so yeah now we connected the page one
to the checkout page now how do we actually decide uh how do
we actually set up that the checkout page goes
to an oto page and how do we set up the like
yes i want this uh product or no i don't want this product
so we can go into the oto page and here as you can see this buy it now this will
be a button that we will link to the extra coaching
package to the oto one product that we set up over here we
click on this shopping cart and we actually get the link
for uh for the checkout of this product so a single uh single price checkout
let's just do one step over here so a single price check out
one step and let's just use the host to check out
like that perfect we can exit now i copied over
this code and i will i will add it on this button so i it will be our
the text on our button and the url will be saying this one
as you can see when i paste with my mouse then the update button doesn't
come live so what i i suggest is just press left
or right buttons on your keyboard a couple of times then the update button
will show up okay so when you click update this
button is now linked to the actual purchase of the of the
product and it is set up as a one uh one click upsell so if somebody
clicks on this one the payment will be processed and the
people will be purchasing this product automatically but we will what we need
to give them a way to also say no so on this template
you can put links no thanks no thanks no thanks but i believe
it will be easier in case we just put one um
one column or a container below so that there is just
no thanks for once not three times okay so i can pull in a container and i want
to put put it here below everything like that and inside
i just want to put in a text link which is over here so in the buttons
section text links i pull it in to this container that i
just created and i have my link i can just turn on
the expert mode and make it in the middle as you can see now
we have the text link in the middle we can add on some spacing and you can
add on this using this drag and drop system
or something some padding on the bottom and let's just increase the sizing of
this text like that make it a bit more gray
and let's make it say thank you um i'm okay
something like this like you can decide for yourself um no thank you i'm okay
just make it that this is not extremely um
not extremely visible in the sense of let people think about actually doing
these upsells and not immediately running to the no
thank you button if you do a text link it makes it a bit
harder for them to find it you still have the option to say no
thank you but it's not very obvious okay so let's
just click save and let's just refresh the builder there
is a bit of a delay with the text link
so let's just refresh the builder and let's go over to the oto number one
let's just have a look if we still have it yes no thank you
so now the no thank you link will be linked to the
uh to the upsell number two okay but without the payment first okay so we can
just link it to the oto number two so it will be page oto number two
update great so as you remember this button we set up
to to go to through the payment of purchasing the this upsell
and then that will automatically redirect people to go
to the next step which is the oto number two
here we just said no thank you which will skip the payment process and which
will redirect people to the second upsell um so that is now
done let's just click save and let's go over
to the second thank you or second uh upsell page so
pages oto two here we also don't have
a no thank you button so we will work with that first we think if we take
uh from the an element from the button section which is called
text link we just pull it right below the button itself
and we click on the button and just remove the
bottom margin from it a bit let's leave 0.5
and on the text link we can add on a bit of padding in there
like that the text link i want to to make a bit
bigger and to say no thanks like that okay so now this option
will be going over to a thank you page so the thank you page will be linked in
like that so page thank you there we go done and the buy button will be linked
with the product from GrooveSell so you can click on this
checkout card and let's just do a one step single price
okay and just copy over this link not the embed
but this link and let's just add this on as a url to the button
okay as i paste it with my with my mouse we need to just put left or right a
couple of times so that we can um have um
we can have the button on here click update perfecto
great so now we have a button we just add to my order there we go save and publish
now we are actually finished with the setup of our pages
and let's just test it out before we do anything else
uh we need a couple more thank you pages so we'll just duplicate
this one clone it rename it immediately so this will be dy1 thank you
i'll set it up like t y main plus oto one okay this will be the name of my thank
you page uh this is just for myself to know i don't
suggest you name these pages because they will be uh
showing up like that so what it says here it will also say
on the top of the page on the in the browser tabs okay
this is just for me to know just to just for this
um training purposes okay so i will click clone it one more time
and i will add on i'll click settings
thank you complete package okay and over here we will set
it up to ty2 so thank you page for just this one
thank you one for this one and thank you too for
for the whole thing save publish
awesome so let's just go over the whole thing so now we published
it let's just see how it works so now we have the sales
page i'll probably just open it in a in an incognito window
first because it could be that some that
the changes have not all appeared but let's just test it out now with an
incognito window so schedule online class we can click on
that one in case we are satisfied with the sales page
let's just click on this one and let's go to the checkout page okay
now we are waiting for it to load in we can now purchase it
so i will be using bob orange as an example let's just
add on bob orange dot com okay he will be purchasing an
online yoga class over here and let's just continue to billing here
in billing we can choose the these details let's just add on the
dummy credit card number which is four two four two four two four
two four two four two like that one two three
four five six seven eight perfect and now we are going to
the second page which is an oto page so here you have the option to
purchase this offer or decline it when you decline it you're
going to the to the oto number two page or if you purchase it this happens we
are going to a checkout page and i don't know why
it doesn't do a one-click upsell but let's just fill it out again
bob orange and bob
at orange um and let's just test it using this
okay four two four two four two four like that and three 5 6 7 8.
there we go now we are actually working with the
oto number two so you can add or click no thank you
let's just add this one to the order as well it will be
doing a one click upsell and here we go we are
on the thank you page so this is what we want to do but we will also do
a link over here for getting into the membership area for the people that
purchased okay so let's just do that one now um
perfect so everything is working fine i will do one thing i believe the one
click uh upsell is not working because we have
an embedded checkout on the checkout page and we can
probably go around that one in case we send
people to the link and not do an embedded check
check out so i'll just test that one out next
single price one step let's just do multi-step single price
and then just this link so not embedded on the
on the page but let's just send people from the main page
to the checkout page okay let's just test this
maybe just fix it perfect i'll publish it and
now the next thing is to go to GrooveMember so
everybody was waiting for this part i believe GrooveMember is the new app
new new kid on the block that we want to play with
so this is GrooveMember when you click inside your dashboard and go into GrooveMember this is the platform where you can set
up your membership size and then at this point i need to say it
is still very very new and there are bugs there
are things that don't work as intended immediately but from when it
when it came out immediately i believe half an hour later there were four
updates pushed out to it so it is being developed and
we are pushing out a lot of updates um so don't worry about that
in case you have features that you requested i would suggest you to go
on to feedback into GrooveMember feature requests okay
this is where you can request the feature that you want in
case you want to report a bug you found something
you go into GrooveMember bugs and upvote either those that you
found or if it's not yet here please pop them in here um we have a separate
team that is working GrooveMember and this GrooveMember bugs and GrooveMember
feature request is something that they are watching
almost every day when they come to work so this is very important that you
that you put in all the things that you found are not working properly
but for now let's just build out a membership so i click on contents
membership i was testing out already some things over here
uh just playing with it seeing how it works
i want to create a new membership though for this yoga challenge yoga
online course okay so i will add a name um online
yoga course and i will add on lemonade okay this is a subdomain so it
will be yoga will be the the place people will need
to sign up this is just temporary you will be able to create your own custom
domains later on at this point it is not available yet if you are watching a replay later on at
this moment it is the 31st of august uh 2020 GrooveMember just came out
two days ago so this is why we don't have this option yet
so here we will need to add on the sales page however i figured that at this
point when you pop in the sales page over here and click save
it doesn't actually save so i will leave everything as it
is also you can set up the instructors over here i set up a couple
i will just choose my name over here and this is the main thing this is the
main place where we we will be working on uh inside GrooveMember so when you
come into the number three builder this is where you can open the
builder and start building out your your membership site
so i want to just go into these categories
it says over here category then module then a chapter it is quite
hard to figure out what each one is and you will see in a couple of days we
will have a video posted on uh online
where mike and donna and the team decided that these will be renamed
so when you create when you click on this plus
icon it will be a category it will have sub-categories so it will
not be modules modules will be renamed in sub-categories and
chapter as you can see will be renamed to post so it will be
category subcategory and it will be post as on a
as like a blog it is something that it will be uh it will be easier to
understand it is like on a blog when you when you send people to a sub
category of a main category then you understand
what you're working with and it is very similar
well like with our GroovePages they also have
uh categories and sub-categories and things like this for example this is now
navigation then you have a sub-category of the navigation in case you pull this
in so this is uh this is simple to follow
okay so yes now we have categories chapters and modules to play
with so far but i want this home to be welcome to
yoga online or something like that click rename
and then here in this chapter i want to actually build out
the page where they will see when they come to to
welcome to yoga online so i will pull in some content
for example heading and some text then some youtube video
like that maybe maybe just add on a divider
between so that it looks a bit better like that
and we can add on a button we can add on a button at the bottom
over here here we go so we don't want to save and
exit i will talk with the developers just to
have a save button just so that it saves the work
we can click on the heading as you can see it still gives a bit of
of errors i clicked over here in this text and it is
selecting something uh something else but we can still work on it
uh so i want this one to be this big and i want to center it
i want to say um start here like that
i will not be adding on on content on this page i just want to show you how to
set it up okay so this is our welcome to yoga
online category with a chapter we can also
rename this chapter and to name it start here perfect then next category will be
something that people will have access to so if we
are selling a product that is an online yoga class
we will set up an online yoga class category you can decide if it has
sub-categories i don't want any sub-categories or
don't want any modules so i can just turn this off
so it will be only a yoga class online yoga class and a chapter a chapter is
basically the post that people will see so in here i can just rename this to
access to a class or just let's leave it access okay um
and over here we can build it out so we can build out
um we can build out again a heading we can put on some text we can also put
on some youtube video later on we will be having a lot of
different uh options like audio players and GrooveVideo is coming
we will also have code embeds um different sections for
lists and and different buttons and all kinds of
funky stuff um we have these at this moment we're
still developing it and we will be adding more and more on okay
so i'll just leave it as it is so just a
heading text let's just work with this one let's pop
it on the middle and let's just leave as it is so this
will be my online yoga class for example i did an
online yoga class and i will pop it in here
in case i do another one i can just create a new
post which will be class two okay we can rename this one to class one
we'll also have a different options like clone and things like this so that it is
easier for us to handle easier for us to manage
but for now let's just work with what we have so we can also build this out or we
can just continue on to the next product we will create
another category which will not have any subcategories
and it will be for the second product extra coaching
package okay package has modules no add category
okay so over here we can rename it and we add on like
coaching plus one or something like that
and we can build it out again so i'll just pull in
random elements i'll just pull in an important box and then a video
above it just to leave it as it is then we can go on and create another
category which will be for the third option meditation secrets ebook okay i also don't want any subcategories and
here i just want to have an option to
for the people to download this book and this i believe is enough like that just center it
and on the button i can just say click here to download
the book a link to the to the book where you hosted for
example dropbox google drive or onedrive or anywhere
else at this point we don't have yet the the
file hosting inside GrooveMember this will be coming
later on it will be awesome it will be very simple to to link it uh
link products to your membership and also to to the products in GrooveSell and the product funnels in GrooveSell
that you create but for now let's just work with
this one so this is our membership outline when somebody comes
they can uh they can come to the start here
uh where they can learn about our membership and for the people that
purchase the online yoga class which will be everybody probably
because this is our main product they will see the the yoga class were here
the class one class two the class three and so on
um they can also purchase an upsell which will be an online coaching package
and they can uh purchase an upsell too which will be
the meditation secrets ebook okay we can just rename this to
download ebook okay so people can can navigate through
the through the outline so whenever you are here this is the
current place that you are inside the membership area over here this is the
navigation bar it's like a navigation in a
website this is where you can you can navigate you can close these up in case
you have a lot of different courses and course
modules and things like this you can close these up so it doesn't get you
confused uh but this is how you can navigate very
easily through through everything let's just click save
and exit so we are now happy with what we have so
as you can see welcome to on yoga online you can turn on and off the
comments enable comments um let's just do on this
one and this one i don't want on this coaching but let's
just turn it on on the start here because you can also say like comment below in case you're at the
beginning of the journey of your own yoga on learning journey or or middle or
you're already a professional yoga uh yoga master so just comment down
below and let you can this way you can get some
interaction going on um in the comments you can also add on
comment moderation comment must be approved by an admin or
how to approve all comments it's just something that you want to decide
let's just comment must be approved okay and then here is where you decide
the membership levels so i will just click save and exit and
come back to this one because if you would go now i would immediately
before you set up the products i believe it gives you
some types of errors but this is where we decide who gets access
to what okay so let's just go on and you can send out
a default welcome email at this moment there is a
small issue it sends out the welcome the the email
with a wrong link for some reason so it sends out this link
but it doesn't send out like as it
as it is over here but it sends out an email with GrooveMember
oh and this is something our developers are working on fixing
but for now i'll just turn off the welcome email so
i will i'll click off over here and don't send a welcome email
you can send emails from GrooveSell as i showed you where you set up
integration you can set up automatically the access
to the people that purchased okay so this is something that you could do
but for now you can just turn it off it will be possible to customize the
emails later on whenGrooveMail is out but let's just click save and exit for
now so now online yoga course is now set up
we can click edit and go back to the access
access levels there we set up the different access levels
okay and i've seen a lot of comments like will it have this
will it have that um if kartra has it if kajabi has it
if thinkific have it if wishlist member have it
if this platform have it we will probably have it and it will be much
easier and better because it will be integrated with everything
and it will be it will be from Groove and this is why it will be better
um at this point if you are thinking will it have this will it have that just
have a look and have have a look at other platforms like
corsa for example that will be the the easiest to to find um
if it has it if carter has it we will have it and more okay
so that's the thinking you should be you should be having when thinking about our
products great so level one we want people on the
level one to have access only to the welcome to yoga online
and then extra coaching package no meditation secrets
ebook no only to these two okay we can add on another level which we
will name um we can set it up advanced but for for
this turn uh this tutorial i will just set up main
plus oto one okay and then we will add on another level
which will be complete package okay save
great so now the people that will be
going to purchase the oto one as well will have access to this one this one
this one and the oto one which is the extra
coaching the people that purchase the whole package they will have one
two three four five so basically the complete package everything
you can here decide if you want to uh to do an instant uh delivery
so if you want everything in your membership to be
uh to be available instantly or if you want to drip it
um for example after a couple of days or after a certain date this is what you
set up over here so inside the instant you click on this
instant access and then you decide what you want to do
uh for now i'll just leave it on instant access
don't send welcome emails and save and exit okay
so now as you've seen when we came to to to the to the end it was not giving all
the links so we need to go through back one more
time we will add on a clickable navigation up
here as well because this is very annoying and now over here we will have all the
links as we wanted so we have a standard for
the people that purchase the main offer the main plus oto one is
very self-explanatory and the complete package is for everybody that
is purchasing the purchasing everything so then you can copy these over and then
inside GrooveSell you can set them up for example um for the person
that purchases this one will get the will get the package that has
everything because in case they purchased
the first product um and they didn't purchase the the second product
actually um you would need to set up different access levels than than this
one i as i'm thinking now because and you will also need to set up
different thank you pages because it will not only be three they
can all they can purchase the first product but they cannot purchase the
second product if they decide so that will also
be uh need to be a one package um so it will need to be a different
different levels so let's just show you the standard one
let's just copy this one and in case somebody purchases the main product over here in the fulfillment section you can set
up an integration with with mailchimp to send out access to
this level okay you can create also other levels which
will be which will be purchased the main offer
didn't purchase sec the first upsell but purchase the second
upsell and then create thank you pages with those uh with those levels as well
so that is on that one access level um you can add
on another one which will be like main
plus oto two and then i believe you have all set
um yeah safe when we only have four
levels we will be adding on up till 10 uh 10 axis levels later on but
this will have access to this and the download the ebook okay so
this one will not have so it is now set up
all the options are set up now in case somebody purchases
only the main product in case somebody purchases only the the main product in
the first upsell okay somebody purchased the main product
and only the second upsell or the complete package
great so you can deliver those inside emails as well it will be much easier
later when we have groovemail then it will be just a one-click
automation but for now i suggest you to create
integrations with mailchimp and send these emails out accordingly
but let's just click save next and now we can go and test it out so i
will set up only one thank you page this will
be for the complete package this is the easiest to set up
and instead of check your confirmation emails i will type in
here is your access and then over here
let's duplicate this one click here to access your product okay
you can just put a text link inside i just duplicated this
uh this text from below and in here i will
put the link for our complete package let's just scroll all the way out to the
end where we get the links here we have now a complete package we
just copy this one and we go over here we
paste it in there enter and and over here i want to
change hmm change it to red it looks okay um bold
save publish great so now our page is set up and
let's just go through everything one more time so i
will open a new incognito window and this is our main
sales page so we will purchase the older products
and at the end we will get the correct thank you page and
we will click on that link register for our membership and see how it looks like
okay so let's just test it out schedule online
class we actually don't want this one but we want to go
into the checkout page so let me let me open it one more time this one should go over here i don't
know why that wasn't updated perfect perfect now it should be going
there so here it will open the checkout page then we we will fill out the name let's
just use my name david lemon and david okay perfect united states alaska
card number will be four to four to four two da da da da da
one two three four five six seven eight great so now we are going to the second upsell
page we can purchase that one or we can cancel let's just purchase it it should
go into one click upsell perfect yeah so then we
can also add this to the order and it will go to the thank you page
which was not set up correctly it was set up to go to the thank you to
page um good here we almost got it correct because
inside GrooveSell we need to check we need to set up the
correct page to go to and the complete
package is actually set up to be the ty2 so i
don't know why we didn't get the link let's just refresh this ah here
we go so it was just not reading it in we we
set up everything correctly it was set up to go to ty2 as you can see
and click here to access your product okay so now we click to access a product
we can register which we will do and i don't want this one i'll just
create new password fill register okay so i have already registered with
it so let's just use the one from the tutorial there we go i don't want this
one and this is now our membership area as you can see
um we didn't set we set this up to be a header
a heading to be bigger it is it is not looking as we set it up
but it looks great it still is a membership
area that we give people access to so they are under level complete package
as you can see and now we can go scroll through the
class 1 class 2 and we can see all the products that we
that we purchased so this is how you would be able to create your own
memberships as well so download the ebook you can click here
to download your inbook and things like this we are still developing GrooveMember so please give it a bit of chance when you
find some bugs when you find something not working properly
please report it don't go to support please report it on support is basically people sitting there answering
people's questions but here when you report this one report GrooveMember box when we report something over here
this is something that the developers developers are working with and this is
what they are looking for they are not uh
not going through support tickets and finding the bugs there this is where
they finding the bugs that they are fixing
so don't contact support for for bugs or feature requests this is the
platform where you do that so um
that is it what i wanted to share with you i believe
i did a good job covering a lot of things that
are possible at this moment you will be now i know that you will be asking me
how about this how about that um most of the things will not be possible what
you're trying to do yet but this is going to come with a bit of
more development from the from the GrooveMember team
and we'll just need to wait for that to be finished but let's just see
your questions and let me answer them for you
um okay i will scroll up because i know there
are always people immediately after they jump in
they ask questions so let's start there um as of of course um did you play
around with member any training anytime soon
like come on rob really i was like i'll jump over this one um
how did you create a drop shadow around GrooveSell embed
okay so this is a great question i didn't
create that page that page was created using a template so in the checkout page
as you can see over here we have this embed when you want to do
any type of changes to an embed form you check it
you choose it basically you you click on it and in the shading or shadow area you
can choose the different shadows that you want to add
on as you can see here this can be done to anything you can do
it to a logo you can do it to an image let's just do this image
add on some shadow like large shadow as you can see now the image
is not transparent you can do different different sizes of
shadows perfect so that is the answer to that
one is this video available for a rewatch
yes you can replay all of our videos on youtube and our facebook group uh
also they will be updated to the GrooveDigital academy as well question from george can you confirm
GroovePages does not generate canonical i'm finding it difficult to believe in
2020 we have meta keywords of all things but not real canonical george
um you are finding it difficult to believe
that you joined a beta platform that is still being developed so
don't rush in front of the running train it is something that is still coming
um we are working hard as you can see like yesterday before yesterday we
didn't have these drag and drop features we didn't have the import feature we
still have a lot of work to do in case it is
really difficult for you to believe something please go
onto the and upload those features that you want
it is coming it's just need a bit of time so
in case you have a look what uh what is here and what we are planning to do
so this and this was done in in a couple of months was created and
pushed out very quickly it still is being worked on it has been
becoming better and better this was done and people are using it
already for their sales pages and i've seen a lot of great sales pages using
GrooveVideo and it is working GrooveMember is just
two days old platform so everything over here that was created
is it's like i believe is under a year so if you're finding it hard to believe
find the whole GrooveFunnels thing hard to
believe because this company is creating something
amazing and not only one thing that they are building they are
building out a lot and not only this one there will be
GrooveKart that is coming and also it will be free
so that is hard to believe as well as well and also all this and it is not
everything that is on here yet so you will be hearing a lot of
a lot of things that will be coming out but if something is hard to believe
you're probably not seeing the whole picture yet
um great can you please increase the screen i
could have i didn't watch the comments per first
um i'm assuming we can create a front and
offer that is free yes what's the difference between GrooveSell and GrooveKart mark that's a great question and i have
a video on this one in case you come into the GrooveDigital
facebook group you can go through the units it is also
in the units let me just click on this one it is also in here in the getting
started videos but um how can i sell physical products okay
this is also explaining it and also um okay so can i change live can i how can
i sell physical products using tools from Groove so this one
and also a video on GrooveSell and this is where i
actually explain the difference between selling digital products selling
physical products this is here in the unit section of of
our facebook group okay um so let me just mention that one okay so i played around in the members
area last uh and what i could not figure out if how
do you protect the link once i send the link out
how do i stop the buyer from giving the link out to the others
so at this point there is no security that
that you can give out as i mentioned most of the times with
with developing this platform we just first need to create a car
and then add on a seat belt we don't start with the seat belt and then plan
the wheels and the motor and the things like this so now because
these um these links look very jumbled up people will be believing it
that this is uh this one off unique link
so in case you start using the membership immediately
this GrooveMember immediately there is no security unfortunately this is still
coming and we have that of course planned
this is not where we want to stop but uh for now you can start working with the
system that i showed you and people that receive this link they will
not be thinking about getting uh that to somebody they will
probably want to go and get access to your uh
your products as soon as possible think about
you probably joined a lot of different memberships and a lot of different
websites did you even consider thinking about
sharing the access link myself i didn't i just wanted to click
on that see what it does and then maybe the sh maybe the product
for example in case you offer a downloadable pdf
that will be shared but i don't believe people would be sharing a membership
portal registration link but even then it is coming we just need to
wait a bit for it how do you reduce that goofy phone with
the price label in the checkout embed how do you reduce the goofy font with
the price label um you mean this one um so this is
not something that we can edit at this point um
but i do suggest you to to do um a link to the
to the product checkout page and not um like this link
that people will going to go to this like full checkout experience
because then you can do one click upsells in
case you don't have this full checkout experience with this page
you cannot do one click upsells as you probably see in the video
today which i showed okay i'm confused how you set up which
thank you page goes out are you sending out one thank you page based on what you
sold or a thank you page for each product
based on what you set up how do you set up if someone gets
the front product doesn't get the second and buys the third so this is what i
i made a mistake rob i didn't set up that level inside GrooveMember
but inside GrooveSell where it actually asks you for the
let me see if i have it still open i don't um so
when you set up a product this is where you send the people to the um each of the products
has um has a thank you page where you will be sending them to
so this is in the contents where you are deciding what
is the thank you page of this product okay so here you can send them to the
thank you page one after the purchase of this product or
in case they they purchased the third product as well you can send them to the
thank you page too and yeah this is basically where you
decide that and also in the in the GrooveMember you
you need to set up the access levels uh so that
you covered all of your different options
i'm trying to change the name of a subdomain i'm getting an error unlinked
permission denied i'm trying to change domain to wow so you probably have but you are getting a permission denied
um for this one i would probably reach out to support because this needs
to be looked into and why it doesn't work
begin with breath will there be a portal area where members can access more than
one of their purchase programs memberships it was not i was not able to
register for more than one membership when i try to test it out yes absolutely
as i mentioned the GrooveMember you're seeing now is just a
base base beginning of what is planned if kajabi kartra and the others have it
we will have it as well where do you determine who gets access
to each aspect of membership this is done in the access levels let me just
show you i probably showed it but you always have
questions before i talk about it so there you go um question from mark
or you may answer this but i'll ask just in case
will there be a direct upload to hold our products so they can directly
download from the members area yes this is coming as well mark um
kate how do i connect my ever onto autoresponder i have set up an
integration but don't have an option when i try to connect an actual ava
perform from my GroovePages uh what am i doing
wrong i don't know what you are doing wrong i
would need to have a look of how you have you played it with it or what you
did so far but let me just give you a very quick overview
in case you have a form on your page i'll just open a new a new template
okay that has a form on it okay so let's just use this template
this is a free template available for everybody
and this is your form as you can see here
this is an input field this is also an input field and this is
a form submit button so now you need to set these up
correctly over here so there are videos on how to set up
averber forms um i believe it goes
name name okay so you click update here you type email
mail and then update button needs to be a submit button okay
and then the next thing is to actually choose the
form container as you can see over here so you click once the up arrow to choose
the form container or in case you have something chosen
over here you click in this lower uh lower menu the form container
button this is where you actually come to the
integration and then here you choose your integrations like
um like mailchimp ava or whatever you connected
using the integrations options and this when you set it up then the
form will be active and it will be um receiving
submissions so try to do that if you need help uh
look into our videos on youtube on GrooveDigital
academy inside the support
so if you go to support dot you can see that we have
73 videos that are searchable we have 69 articles in the super faq and these
are uh these are covering most of the things
so uh anyway form
let's just type in ever okay creating a multi-page checkout there is also
q a session with me which we created you can click on this one and then find the
answers this was going to be uh loading in a video that
is timestamps in case you find what you're looking for
if you find your question you can actually click on the on the
number and it it brings you over to to to youtube to watch for example
what's the difference between the button tabs and the hover
uh between the button tabs active hover and
focus okay then you click on it and it will be loading in that part
where i talk about it so this is how i would suggest you
finding it also youtube is a very good uh resource for everything everywhere
pages like that and then you can find people
people that created uh videos on that one we also have our own videos on aver
and groove but they are probably not as good
as other people's so yeah but you have it
here you have a lot of content that you can watch
okay so let's just go on with the next question living elman or human is it possible to
process the first product only and process the upsell
the second time so two different transactions yes absolutely so you just
don't select the one click upsell over here so in the
checkout you choose express checkouts you can
choose yes activate the one click upsell or no
useful checkout experience so that then they the user needs to fill out the
form uh again okay byron is asking david i have an
interesting question if i wanted to have a picture on my
main page to act like it's coming towards you how can i how can that be
accomplished um why would you want that byron i don't know i don't know why would you
want that it could look cool but it is completely unnecessary i would suggest
you to focus on something more important like your copy and your
your products and the support you would give to your customers
but an image that is like has an effect is not that big of a deal and i would
the less you you complicate your page the better it will be
um there are probably some css options that you could look into we will
have uh animations coming soon um
but at this point it is not possible byron so darcy would you please explain
what you anticipate GrooveBlog to do i haven't seen a description about it and
i haven't have a client asking so this is darcy
not a relevant question to this video um GrooveBlog is
coming it is not yet been developed and
we have a team that is just planning it now there is
no list of features that will be added on but
it will do everything that you need a blog platform to do
people can share a registered link yes how about this song oh my god come on
really um i know that this is something that
um that is needed but we need to start some somewhere
a lot of questions here from rob on register our login page
for the membership can we customize our logo maybe photo or something yes this
is coming rob uh what does it look like if you don't
have access to a category or do you see it or it's hidden um
what does it look like when you don't have access to category
so just test it out like take one of these links and then just it
will not show up it's basically it will it will be blank
there's not much to see there um i tried to set up a product in loophole
just now but cannot move past the pricing yeah it seems that there is a
small bug we will get that fixed will GrooveSell support other currency
and us dollars how about an open api for local a
payment gateway yes we'll have both actually we will have
currencies and people keep asking me and i keep giving them this link so
forward slash infographic okay so in case you don't know what is
coming if it will be added it will probably will be here if it's
not here then you need to have a look and vote it up inside the
feature request so if you scroll down here um it says
september 11 more groove sales sales affiliate sales system functionality
GrooveSell payments recurring installments
paypal risk mitigation and multiple currencies okay so here
um it says GrooveSell payments is an optional okay so this will be
um an interesting thing GrooveSell payments because then you will not need
stripe paypal and things like this GrooveSell payments can handle it for
you but multiple currencies is also there
and it will be coming okay if it if you're looking for something and it's
not here then it is probably in the feature
request area and please head over here find the app
that you're looking for and upvote the feature that you'd like
um is mail going to be released is it scheduled for august 31st i'm not quite
sure i don't think it will be today um i believe it
was scheduled on september it was scheduled for september i don't
know if this was updated or not i believe i'm
i guess not but it is coming in september
7th don't quote me on that i believe it is september 7th
in future will there be a scaled down version of groomer for free or will it
be just a 297 package so no there will be a free freemium it will be a limited to i
believe 100 members and you will only be able to create one
membership um for for the paid users you will be able
to create uh or the platinum members you will be
create you will be able to create unlimited
memberships and unlimited members and then for the paid uh monthly
packages that is still going to be released soon i
don't know how i don't have those details uh yeah so
that was this good first step looking forward to
seeing the integration as they are added to make it uh seem less uh the solution
tons of potentials as a better beta backer absolutely how many
different membership sites can we have as a platinum user i just answered this
one can we have one for you and yes you can
you're going to leave the complete video here i just acquired groove and this
video is guide for me absolutely you can replay
you can watch the replay um you mentioned today GrooveKart is free
no i mentioned GrooveKart is going to be free but i heard
lots of people saying platinum deal yeah um GrooveKart is going to be free and
the GrooveKart i'm talking about is the GrooveKart 2.0 that is mentioned
over here when you click on this one once GrooveKart is merged over here soon
after you will see that it will become it will become a freemium platform as
well it is not free rob and you i believe asked this a couple of
times so you get one store a one premium store
uh with your platinum membership but um you will also be able to create
free stores freemium stores in case you are a free member GrooveDigital thank you so much david
lemon for giving us a walkthrough of GrooveMember this is so exciting
especially seeing it right as it starts beta mode wonderful absolutely
thank you very much deb it's good to see you here watching my videos i was
watching your videos so it's a good to have you have it changed so yeah
i sell individual videos plus a monthly membership to access everything
how would this work with 100 different courses
um this would work great i don't suggest you to jump on
now while this is like that if you're watching a replay later on
um i suggest you to use GrooveMember but in case you have 100 courses and you
want to bring them over now i don't believe this is the best
solution for you but it will be soon
i knew that you were going to ask me that question because i thought about it
afterwards and i have no okay so i don't know if this is
for me um you got me wrong i'm not complaining that canonical is not
available but the meta keywords is even available is even available at all 2020 has higher
priority overcoming that is comical in seo
i was i i don't know what you're talking about may we have meta keywords if this
is something that you are looking for we have it
if if you're looking for something else it's not available please find it in the
feature request in the feedback section over here and then upload that
one please uh let me just put this image back
um GrooveMaill i have 50k email contacts how much for the extra
so GrooveMail you can have 25k with a platinum membership
in case you want to purchase more uh-huh you have uh-huh
i understand so you have a list at this point with 50.
with a platinum you get 25 i don't know the price unfortunately
uh for the extra 25 that we will need to look into want that
that pricing plans are out uh blade runner when
embedding a video does it have to be a youtube video or can you embed just a
regular video file a regular video file you will need to
upload with GrooveVideo first so GrooveVideo you click on it here you
can upload your files over here we we will be working on
getting a GrooveVideo revamped so add a video
you finish this and then it will be looking like that
you will have video play over here you can decide on
display to make it responsible fixed you can also do different
settings decide on skin or basically color we will have multiple different
colors later on to choose from you can choose overlay titles and things
like this call to actions if you want you can add
a new call to actions over here and a lot of different options this will
be possible later on um this is already possible so you can
upload uh just a regular video file over here
and then embed that one in GrooveMember at this
moment we don't have a GrooveMember element
yet uh we don't have a GrooveVideo element yet in GrooveMember
but that is coming very soon so it will be uh GrooveVideo and GrooveMember will
be talking to each other and they will be
connected as with every other uh platform in our system can we add a team
member to give them full access to GrooveFunnels to collaborate
building sales funnels along with us you will be it is not yet
an option if you have a look over here um let me just have a look where it is it is saying somewhere that
user access roles it will be coming out later on
um additional users and roles this is coming out
uh later and i don't have a i don't have a detail one so additional users enrolls
this for your own account in case you will be
also working on creating accounts or creating sites for
others we will also have an agency option uh later down the line so
these are not in a particular order these are not
dated these are just what we will be having
later on so it is going to be coming at this point we don't have that yet i saw that one click upsell did not work
and you went back to change to the other option
but i didn't see you check to see if it works or should we not use the one click
up selling if we embed it yes so mark i believe in
case you embed your form i believe it doesn't work with
uh with a one click upsell at this moment
uh i will need to double check this one but it didn't work for me once i changed
back to normal uh GrooveSell checkout page
then it worked so we'll need to look into this one more
in more detail but yes i believe you are correct and thank you for your patience and hard
work david for explaining all this we are learning so much from you and the
rest of the team is much appreciated no worries that's why i'm here thank you
very much mike uh sorry mark um are you going to
have community features remember like discussion board messaging customer
profiles i'm not quite sure if you request it and if it
is upvoted enough we will probably have it not a question just a statement i'm
excited about those drag and drop handles absolutely kisha
i didn't play with them enough yet so that i can create a course or
like a video about that one i believe this still needs testing and i will be
doing that uh shortly so yes you will be seeing
the custom builds using this drag and drop features
um what are the primary differences between
using GrooveSell and GrooveKart okay so i will probably need to do
a link somewhere in the group about that i talked about this
um this was a question earlier jeremy so in case you come into the GrooveDigital facebook group click on units inside the units there is a
a video session or a video section uh welcome to Groove family
and then it goes through what how many products can i sell with GrooveSell so
you can learn more about GrooveSell and how can i sell physical products
using tools from Groove so this is something that you would need to check i
believe this video explains the differences
so this is something you need to understand that better okay great
people are saying i'm so glad i'm a platinum lifetime backer of Groove
great so um there is this user there is a
another user saying thanks ryan jarratta there is another saying carol palmeira
and then some fireworks there um there's a question from this person
over here for um for customer profiles and messaging
in case i could ask you please to head over to
where is it forward slash facebook this is our app
that we use to stream um stream for multiple platforms at the same time
so in case you click on that in case you go on that link
uh you it will ask you to approve streamyard to access your
profile image and your name the next time when you are asking questions i
will be able to see your profile names and images so this will help me a lot
when answering questions is it correct that if we use GrooveVideo
for our videos within GrooveMember there is a limit on the size length of
individual videos and total amount we can have stored in GrooveVideo
if so do you know the limits or we will find out later thanks
um so again facebook user in case this is you please head over to facebook so i can see your name and see
who you are and your profile image so i can answer it
personally but for answer of this question i would suggest you to go and
watch the video on GrooveVideo let me just show you
over here GrooveVideo because
i created an introduction to GrooveVideo and i also talked about
limits so there will there it talks about the limits for the free users for
the platinum users as you can see there is full timestamps
below and in case you go to the paid users
you have hundred gigabytes which is 30 times 33 times two and a half hour long
webinars and coding is free for you for bandwidth
i believe you have i'm not 100 sure but i believe you have
100 gigabytes for bandwidth as well which comes approximately of 100 and
1 500 place of a 15 minute hd video per month um and you can also use the
free the player you you will be able to use
the tagging and call to actions and things like this so
GrooveVideo so introduction to GrooveVideo is what i suggest you to check out and this is i cannot even um pasting the
paste it in there because i don't have facebook open there but
please join our GrooveDigital uh subscribe to our channel and you can
search through our videos very easily here
if you just type into the search bar um not related to the training regarding
real videos there are limitation monthly bandwidth users here we go
i just answered so um thank you very much guys we are
as uh eldon is saying we are reaching the two hour mark
so i want to end this video now for you thank you very much for joining in
i hope you learned something from from today's video i hope you will be able to
create your funnels and connect it using GrooveSell and
GrooveMember and do everything that we uh talked about today it is powerful it
will be better and it will be stronger and it will you
will be able to do much more stuff later on
we'll be covering that shortly as we go but
for now this is what we have and it is awesome
so hopefully you learned something great i
hope to see you tomorrow again at the same time
same place we will have another training and yeah
hope to see you again so for now thank you very much guys i am david lemon i'm
signing out

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