Day 34 – Epic Squeeze Pages

hey guys Rob here today we're going to take a look as simple very very useful wordpress tool that i use to make squeeze pages that look like this this one is just very simple and straightforward but we can make things a little bit more flashy okay the plug-in that i use for this is called epic squeeze pages by one more Alice okay and I'll tell you in the comments or I'll show you in the comments how you can purchase this if you like and if you stick with me through the video I may even tell you how you can get this for free from me okay so stick around and you might find out how to get it for free let's first of all take a look at making the squeeze page with this okay now this is a wordpress plugin so that means you have to have the plugin you have to upload it and install it you have to activate it with the license key once you've done that it's very straightforward from there there to make a squeeze page using epic squeeze pages you come here to pages in your dashboard and click add new okay really simple so far and of course you get this page that you should be very familiar with the new page alright and way down here at the bottom you'll see these things here epic squeeze settings ok now we'll get to this in just a minute but first what come up here and we'll get started ok so we're going to make a squeeze page so give it a title I'm just going to be very straightforward here get you fancy my ethics squeeze page okay and we need to put some content in here this will be what's going to appear on your squeeze page this is going to be the information that piques the interest of your visitor and has a call to action in it okay so let me just put something in here okay so I'm just putting in something really simple this is an issue that a lot of people have with their businesses is generation of leads and if you have a system that can generate leads on autopilot or with very little effort that's something that a lot of people are going to be interested in okay and then a call to action you'll enter your name and email address for access or or four for the information whatever we want to put that okay so let's come down here we're going to go to this squeeze page settings now so epic squeeze page settings and stats first thing we need to do is change the status to actor okay and it's going to bring up a set of settings that we can adjust to customize our squeeze page okay and let's see first of all we need to set up our auto responder now this works best with Aweber it's the simplest one all we have to do is enter our Aweber this name here I'm so crap it's called epic test and our target this is where we want our visitors to go after they bought it in this can be any place that you want it could be a page with gifts it can be your Facebook fan page it could be a page or for selling something and a one-time offer it could be another opt-in whatever you want I'm going to send it to send these people to the my fan page right now and before I go on to the next step I just want to show you that you can use other auto responders as well you biz Act you have to use your your form HTML code and sort of here get response the same thing in this case they're looking for the JavaScript code from get response MailChimp if you use that by the way I suggest you avoid MailChimp because they're really really picky they'll shut you down very quick so if you're using mail chip anyway you can enter the HTML code from your form here one shopping cart same thing and there of course lots of other autoresponders out there that you can use as well and you can grab the HTML code from the signup forms there okay but i'm going to use Aweber because that's what I've got set up next we need to choose a background okay so we can put a picture or a video or just leave a blank like in this case here I've just got a blank back plain white background here but let's put in a an image here okay so won't you beach so we just put in some key words if you already have an image that's hosted somewhere you can just put in the URL here and it'll epic squeeze pages will grab it and upload it I'm going to use the search function so we'll search and we have a bunch of different images that we can use I'm going to grab this one it's downloading and okay now if we wanted to put a video in very easy we just go to youtube we'd grab the video URL and put it in here okay now next thing we need to do is set up the way are our squeeze page is going to look okay so horizontal or vertical layout style now this page over here this is horizontal so side by side name email and submission button okay vertical is just name up here email address and submission button below okay let's try it vertical so that you can see the difference show the name in the field it all depends on what the purpose of your squeeze page is if you're just this building maybe you don't want it but if you're planning to sell something at some point down the road and you're looking to build a relationship to make that sale easier you should probably choose yes okay let's just leave it as no for now okay how do we want our script to look so if we go back up here it really doesn't matter what we use for our font settings because they're not going to matter what matters is what's down here so let's choose a font you can get some idea of what each one looks like as we click down and some of them are cool let's try that one permanent marker okay now do we want black text on a white background or white text on a black background we look back here this is white text on a black background and the image that we have going on in the background is primarily a light color so just for contrast I like to put a black background here okay so I'm going to switch to white text and black background what kind of a button image do we need we can put in a custom one if we have once get down here you can stick a URL in or we can choose one of these presets yeah i'm going to try this one here all right button effect okay so this is some animation for the button what will it do how will it react let's try to pulse well pay city so how easy is it to see through that box if you look here I don't have this one set at one hundred percent i think i've got this one step at about 90 or 80 so you can just see a little bit coming through here and because we have an image in the background i'm going to set it a little bit low i'm going to set it at 70 okay footer text well what do you want to appear underneath you know I've got something here you know a little copyright notice and that's something you can put in you could put in some HTML for or earnings disclaimer or privacy policy you can put something like that in here a link to that I'm just going to leave this here but a copy right there okay next additional video settings so if we have chosen a video we would come here and we would make a couple of selections audio track on the video no or yes so do I want to hear it and where do I want it to start do I want to start at the beginning I want to start at a minute two minutes whatever if it's a minute i'm going to put in 60 here because it's asking me for seconds geo settings okay don't worry too much about this year warning stuff it will all disappear once you've gone through and you've saved everything and you've previewed it okay but you can basically select what countries you want the audience so if you're looking for top tier traffic only canada the united states UK australia etc then you can choose those here and you can send the traffic from all of the locations to a different page Joel together you can send it to a completely different list or you can just send them off to an offer of some other type okay it's up to you miscellaneous settings I rarely ever use this but in case your forwarding variable information through somebody else then you might want to put this in here if you have an exit popup you can park put that in there as well okay well let's go up here now and let's save it okay and let's take a look at what this looks like and we'll make a few edits okay so here's what our squeeze page looks like you can see that this button sort of did a little flash and disappeared that's not too bad for opacity I can see through I can see the laptop open to take their appearances okay i want to add i think a little bit of color to some of this so let's go back here and i'm going to change the color of this make that word pop out of it amazing so amazing systems for generating leads on autopilot enter your name and email for access okay so I've put name and email and if we look back here i only have email let's go back and make a change in style settings show the name field okay do I like it like this it looks ok ok so let's save that and let's preview it so what changed okay so that's a little bit better so main personating email amazing system okay that's not too bad no you know we can put some more changes in there however we want to we could test this against a different page that we've done something a little different maybe we take this off and see how it works without the new maybe we change the button hey so do some testing set up another page and do some tasty all right it looks okay to me it looks fine so last thing will take a look at is down here some stats so you can get some tracking stats if you want to track conversions then of course here's your tracking pixel you copy that code and drop it onto the page that comes after this now if you're sending them directly to some of somebody else's website or a web site that you don't have access to you can't do this so one thing you might want to try is to put a small sandwich page in between that you control and then redirects from there to another page but that's a little bit more advanced maybe I'll show you guys how to do that another time okay that's it for today now again remember if you want to grab this i'll leave the link below the video so that you can purchase it but if you want to get this for free take a look at the comments down below I'm going to leave you some instructions on how you can get this for free okay it's going to be really easy but you do have to do some work alright alright guys that's it for today take it easy and I'll talk to you tomorrow bye hey guys one more thing at the end be sure that when you're all ready to go you click publish then the page will go live alright that's it now now I'm finished okay I'll talk to you guys tomorrow by now you

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