Fitness Studio Marketing Part 2 of 3 | FREE Training by Mike Arce, CEO of Loud Rumor

hey everybody I'm Mike Arce and
welcome back for another free training a hundred-percent end-to-end free no
strings attached I just basically want to help more fitness studios learn the
concept of marketing so they can finally stops wasting so much money and actually
start getting more paying members in the door keeping more of the members and
also building their brand so they could have something that actually lasts for 5
10 15 20 years and they don't have to work so hard and spend so much money to
get new members in every single time so if you watch my last video we really
went more into like a 101 so how do we first get facebook set up what is it
that we actually do what platforms are good all that stuff you haven't wash it
definitely go back and watch the 101 you can see that on my page but let's
definitely dive into the 102 right now while we're live as this is stuff that I
promise you in the last one and then the next session we're gonna be doing 103 as
well so you're gonna want to get registered for that one as well and also
if you haven't gotten this fitness marketing secrets booklet I'm giving
away for free there's a certain amount left so you can go to fitness marketing
secrets calm and I will make sure you get a copy all right so let's first talk
about how marketing actually works cuz I think the reason a lot of small business
owners especially in the fitness industry have such a hard time growing
their fitness studio is because they don't really understand marketing the
way I think some of the best CEOs and entrepreneurs actually do so think of
the most successful people out there Jeff Bezos Elon Musk Steve Jobs Richard
Branson Marcus lemonis any of the Shark Tank members all of those guys really
have a great handle on marketing they understand it well and I think a lot of
small business owners delegate it now as a person that most people delegate to
you right I work with over a thousand studios and my agency maybe I shouldn't
be saying that but when I look at it the best studios that we work with the
absolute best ones they understand marketing very well and they still
delegate the work to us but they do so a lot of other stuff on their own but we
also have really great conversations around it and we are able to actually
build something that is able to just dominate the competition of the area
that's just delegating to an agency that doesn't know anything about what they're
talking about and they don't know marketing and everybody's just kind of
throwing rocks and hoping it hits something so I'm gonna
you guys are stuff that actually matters today so you can start focusing on that
so marketing at the end of the at the end of the day you really want to find a
way to get your product your brand and the value proposition that it has out to
the right people the people that could be the best customers for you and stay
in front of them as often as you possibly can remember this it's not
about when you're ready for them to buy it's about when they're ready to buy and
you want to meet them where they're at so I'll give you an example of what I
mean by that you're obviously ready for more members
who just come flooding in the doors right now I'm pretty confident if
members call your people call you wanted to pay for a membership you've got
something for them you can get them signed up but they may not be at that
point there right now right good news is there's a study I just got at a
conference called traffic secrets by Russell Brunson the average woman goes
through 8 weight loss plans per year 8 now it doesn't necessarily mean 8 new
ones it could mean 8 the same one they just
keep doing it over and over hoping it works it could mean a combination of a
few different ones or a kid it could mean 8 separate ones but the average
woman goes through eight separate 8-point weight loss planes per year that
means they go through eight levels of pain per year that is associated with
them not being in the shape or Fitness that they actually want to be in you
want to make sure you're there when they need you at that exact pain point
because whether it's their husbands not paying attention to them whether it's
her dress isn't fitting whether it's a small child ask them if they're pregnant
and they're not whatever it could be it doesn't matter there's so certain
triggers that happen throughout the year that gets somebody to go I need to make
a change and your job is to be there consistently knowing that those triggers
are gonna happen and you'll be right there front and center when it does not
doing what most people do which is running ads to coal traffic hoping some
people want this or in the pain right now and then they go after whole new
sets of coal traffic in the following month and don't really do much to
nurture that old traffic they already worked hard to get in front of and
should have stayed in front of because that familiarity continues to compound
over time and that's really where the trust and the magic happens instead of
people googling coffee for since the study showed that more people
in the u.s.

Google Starbucks near me versus coffee shop near me when they're
looking for coffee isn't that crazy why wouldn't you just look for the
nearest coffee shop why Starbucks most connoisseurs in coffee actually say
Starbucks isn't the best coffee and a lot of people know that
well it's something about the brand I have a trust I know what I'm gonna get
when I get there I know it's it's it's gonna be good I know the coffee is gonna
be reasonably priced I know kind of atmosphere I'm gonna get the brands so
familiar to me that I trust it and I'd rather search that so if you're in a
Pilates studio your mission should be how can I make it so that when people
want a Pilates class when they want to actually take and get a Pilates
membership they're not googling a Pilates studio near me they're googling
your Pilates studio name because they've been seeing it for the last year or two
years over and over that's really when you start dominating the space and the
competitors really start getting in a really bad spot they struggle and you
wipe them out you want to be that person not the one that gets wiped out okay so
let's take it back for those of you guys that in business for less than three or
four years you may not know about the trend that I'm speaking about but it's
important for you to know it those of you guys that I have been in business
for more than four years you're very clear with the trends that I'm gonna be
speaking of and you may have already forgotten about it because you keep
getting the cycle if it's working now it's working now what you're gonna want
to pay – everyone's gonna want to pay attention to this okay so when I started
doing advertising full-time for other companies small businesses it was a year
2009 and in 2009 director directories were very very popular whether it was
yellow pages online or kudzu or Yelp Yelp was really just kind of coming out
at the time right around that 2009-2010 mark that was really popular Google
search was just starting to get popular for local businesses and they came up
with maps and it was great right and so I really shifted my agency to focus
predominantly on SEO and we did incredible in fact a lot of businesses
have started doing SEO did really great for those of you that don't know SEO
it's basically the the the process that an agency like mine would go through in
order to adjust your website and other online sites that are tied to your
website to make sure that you rank first on Google
when somebody searches something that you should rank for right so somebody
searches Pilates studio near me you're at the top instead of your competition
or Pilates studio or anything similar to that right those keywords so SEO was
great it was fantastic we did such a great job for our customers and in turn
I got to speak around the country and our agency was growing then all of a
sudden what we noticed was SEO wasn't working as well that map section went
from seven down to five down to three eventually kind of wiped out in a lot of
cases directory started taking over and so a lot of people started shifting to
Google AdWords at least a smart agency said in fact more than 70% of agencies
went out of business around the time that SEO went through its dramatic
changes those of you guys that have been around for seven eight years you know
the terms Panda and hummingbird and Penguin those are all the names of the
updates that Google did to change everything about how you ranked and you
had to figure it out and figure out what the next thing isn't how to reckon no
one really knew what it was he just had to keep testing wiped out a ton of
agencies wiped out a ton of businesses and so the people that were smart and
adjusted and adapted well they went from SEO to Google Adwords
now Google AdWords was around at the same time as SEO and it was doing really
well but once SEO wasn't working as well then AdWords started to get a ton of
activity because people were relying on their ability or rank on the first page
of Google and when you can't do it organically because SEO is not working
well then they started paying for it right and so that's what Google AdWords
is getting ranked on the top three spots because you're sponsoring those
positions with your company so we got really great in Adwords same thing spoke
around the country for Google AdWords we started growing our agency a lot of the
customers that we had lost were able to get back it was fantastic we learned a
lesson that day though we learned that man anything can happen you could just
get wiped out your whole marketing plan could just change if all of a sudden
something snaps his fingers and the game's different right and you got to
learn how to adjust to the rules otherwise you're gonna have a hard time
so what we started doing AdWords we didn't say okay well that's it now
everything is AdWords we knew that eventually this was going to start going
down again and it did cost four and leads and AdWords started not only
doubling but tripling sometimes 10 Xing leads it used to cost $2 a click a click
now we're costing 20 or 30 dollars a click so when only one out of four
people or five people were actually coming to the site was costing you $100
for a lead and if you're only closing one out of five of those
oh you're paying a lot for a customer here's the thing I love search I thought
it was great but I've learned now as AdWords started shifting out for local
businesses and Facebook really started finding its groove by the way this is
starting to become this now and we'll talk about that but once I really got a
chance to play with both Adwords and Facebook I actually realized that search
is not as good as disruptive the reason is because this person made a conscious
decision to sit down and search for apaladi see I want to join a Pilates
studio or a yoga studio I want that I'm gonna search for it here are 20 options
I'm gonna go ahead and call them and get price shop so it basically comes a price
race to the bottom that's really what it becomes with Facebook however an
Instagram and YouTube you're disrupting them and you're hitting them based on
where they're at right now because you could target that way so if they're
recently searching for weight loss or diets or ketogenic or anything like that
then you can know that they're in pain and you can start putting your ads in
front of them which is really great but now they're not price shopping you
because they're not in search mode you just happen to be the person that made
them aware that there's a solution to their problem and that's the best part
right so there's unaware there's aware and you want to make sure
you make them aware and then there's levels to that as well there's so
problem aware and then there's solution aware first you want to make them aware
that they've got a problem then you want to make them aware that there's a
solution and that's what you're asking come in so Facebook came in Instagram
came in YouTube which right now this is a thing that most people aren't doing
and it's definitely the future but currently Facebook Instagram and YouTube
are the present and there's an amazing opportunity still and it probably still
will be for about the next six months to a year
before the price continues to escalate more and more and more and more and now
a cost-per-click that used to be 10 cents
that's now at $1 – may it go to five or ten and just follow the same trends that
we've been seeing in marketing world all the time okay
so currently how do we take this marketing 102 to Facebook so we talked
about this in the last training that I did and you want to start with your
marketing funnel which is actually very simple to build okay and I'm gonna break
it down to you so first you start with your ad then you take them to a landing
page and I'll tell you all this and break it down then you take them to a
Thank You page and then from here you want to give them some automation so the
automation are gonna be an automated text message an automated email sequence
right so there'll be a series of email so it'll go through you also want to
make sure that they remove what's called a retargeting pixel and I'll show you
what I mean by that as well and then you also want to make sure that you plug
them into your CRM or whatever you're doing to host all of the leads that
you've generated from this campaign now I'm gonna dissect them so you know what
I mean okay so for your ad for those of you that were my first training you know
the great thing about Facebook and Instagram and YouTube is that you can
target and like we discuss in the previous training a really great thing
for let's say fitness studio like Pilates yoga hit bar anything like that
is gonna be that female 25 to 55 year old that's within 5 miles of your studio
okay within 5 miles of your studio so now depending on your location if you're
in Manhattan maybe one mile if you're like Tucson Arizona maybe seven or eight
right it just depends on location but average is typically right around that
five mile mark but now what do we say in the ad now that we're targeting them
what do we say in the ad same thing with the landing page what do we say on the
landing page that we want them to fill out and another Thank You page what do
we say on the Thank You page in order to get them to take action make a call and
come into the studio so that's we're gonna break down today so as far as the
ad goes you always want to make sure you're a be testing so for those of you
that don't know what a be testing is it's your ability to run two ads
simultaneously that Facebook will actually whenever somebody's coming up
that fits demographic and they're scrolling to their feed Facebook will
send 50 50 50 50 the people they'll send this ad 50 50 of the people they'll
spend on us and that that so basically you're gonna be able to send virtually
the same ad with one little change one variable that is gonna allow Facebook
and you to determine which one is actually producing more leads at a lower
cost so you only want to change one variable at a time if you change more
than one variable to the ad well then you're not going to know what variable
is actually the difference maker so typically you may want to change the
image or the video or make one an image make one a video or you change the offer
or the copy it doesn't matter at this point I always say start with the image
then go with the copy and then the offer but it doesn't really matter at the end
of the day just change one and then as days go on keep adjusting keep a be
testing until you find the one that's bringing in the most leads at the best
cost you're gonna do this all the way across the board but when you're
selecting your ad you want to first make sure that you select a conversion
campaign so when you log into Facebook you'll notice it the first thing it asks
you when you create a campaign it says to select a campaign objective you're
gonna choose conversions okay and you start building your campaign from there
the next thing is going to ask you to go ahead and create your ad set which is
your targeting this is the only targeting you're gonna include female 25
to 55 within a 5-mile radius then it's gonna ask you to create an ad so this is
where you create your ad and I'm gonna talk about the things that are in your
ad in order to make sure that you're most successful with it so one of them
is specificity you want to make sure you have specificity in your ad what I mean
by that is if you're in Springfield then you want to say attention
Springfield okay call them out know that this is something local it's for them
attention Springfield residents attention Vistancia residents
make them know it's something that's more exclusive to them it works versus
when you take it out it doesn't work as well the next one is exclusivity we are
offering a we're offering Springfield residents an exclusive offer of okay
next is scarcity so with scarcity we are offering Springfield residents an
exclusive offer of a free week to come and work out at our studio we are only
offering this to 30 people or to the first 30 people that claim the offer
right scarcity okay popularity if you want to see why people are saying that
XYZ Pilates is the best place to work out in the valley or in the town right
popularity okay the next one is urgency we we are only
offering this for the next 30 days or the next seven days
so hurry while offers lasts okay now if you can include rarity rarity is really
great too so companies like Orangetheory can say we are the only fitness studio
that's designed their programs based on science right they can say that that's
rarity so if you have something that you do that's rare that's a competitive
advantage include that as well so you want to include as many of these points
as you can in the copy that goes above the ad now you may not be able to get
them all we do but it's tough it is very tough but it's your first time writing
ad copy you may only be able to find a way to get three or four and keep it
conversational but you want to find a way to do it okay then as far as the
image of the ad goes you want to know who your customer actually is your ideal
customer so if you've ever heard of the term customer avatar customer avatar or
buyer persona virtually the exact same thing
okay essentially what it's saying is who's
the best customer you've got that if you could you multiply them over and over
again and who are they what makes them them right so for us we've got two one
of them's named Daniel the other one's named Joanne they're actually named
after customers that we've considered ideal customers that we built our
business for when we build our company we're thinking of those two people when
we would create videos like this we're thinking of those two people when we add
new products or events we're thinking of these two people we want to create a
company that's perfect for them because they're perfect for us so we want to
continue that so for you who is it and you may have one you may have two you
may have three it's great to have two or three give them a name and describe them
how old are they what do they like to do because once you have that who do you
think is going to be in the picture or in the video it's gonna be people that
look like and act like the exact customer avatar that you want so if
you're going after daniel who's mid-30s pretty fit guy already well then you
want some pretty fit people in their mid-30s here if you're going after 40 to
50 year-old women that you know are are somewhat in shape but they they're still
just so kind of like new to the whole fitness game well then maybe you're
gonna have people here that are not in the best shape of their life and they
look like their 40s and their 50s right so you're gonna want to make sure you
know who this is so you can attract the people that I've
already decided you're perfect for them okay as far as a call to action goes if
it's a video put watch more you're gonna get to choose what that button says if
it's an image put learn more okay here in the headline you're gonna put
whatever the offer is free week pass 30 for 30 right 33 days for 30 dollars five
day pass free session whatever it is by the way when it comes to the offer don't
don't be the person that says we don't like to do discounts or offers because
it devalues our service that's just not true okay the reason a lot of people
start saying that is because they hear companies like Apple and watch companies
like Apple that never discount or offer discounts there Apple they've been
around for a while and in the fur eight years of their business all they
did was deals and negotiations and give discounts and offers because they knew
that the first thing they had to do was get the market place so if your business
isn't exploding right now well then you're not Apple because theirs is if
you haven't heard it's doing really well so you want to make sure you get
yourself to the point where you've got so many customers you got so much buy-in
you guys so many people bringing in friends that yeah maybe then down the
road you can avoid the discounts give you got so much branding bringing people
in like Starbucks does in that example that I gave you right so for right now
how do we get as many people in the door and if you're afraid of it devalue
services because you probably believe you're pretty good and if there's guys
you think you are then just get them in the door and let how great your class is
make the clothes right okay so once you create this ad like I said you're gonna
want to duplicate the ad and make another version of it with one thing
different whether it's the image or the way you pitched it or whatever okay then
you want to send them to a landing page now we use the best tool in the market
for landing pages it's this awesome company I'm so glad we found when you
see this other company called leadpages now we use flip funnels promo com so if
you go to click funnels promo com you'll be able to actually see the exact tool
that we use and it's drag-and-drop I'm not a coder I'm not a designer I'm
not a developer I don't know how to do any of those things when I look at code
it's like looking at another language to me so but I do know what looks good like
as far as dragging and dropping I know how to type and backspace and all that
if you can fill out your facebook profile so that you can have a Facebook
page of your own you can create a landing page it's really not that
difficult and with this click funnels promo com you get a 14-day free trial so
you can check it out and see how you like it and get used to it and actually
create a few landing pages before you actually start paying for it we are at
the point now where I can create a landing page in less than a half hour
it's pretty quick so you want to be able do the same thing and they've got
already pre-loaded templates that are already designed all you have to do is
backspace and like put in your company name and swap it out your where your
pictures templates are beautiful okay so now what do we do on this landing page
the big mistake that a lot of people do in this part right here is they forget
that all I want to sell you two is the next
step too many people want to go from AD to member I want to get you to see how
great we are and I want you to want to pay for a membership right from here
that's why a lot of agencies aren't good at getting leads for the customer so a
lot of customers aren't good at getting leads to themselves is because they
think that the ad is selling the membership the ad is simply selling the
next step that's it the landing page is selling the next step and then this is
getting them in your studio and then you sell them the membership so it's a
little bit of a journey here but when done right it's actually simpler than
doing it your way cuz you're spinning wheels and you're spending a ton of
money that you worked hard for you're not getting anywhere
so with here all you want them to do is to learn more or watch more now on this
landing page I want you to look at this as like this is a trailer to a movie and
this is the movie right the trailer to the movie is really quick short maybe
it's a minute to three minutes long tells you a little bit about what you're
gonna watch and then you get to the movie and it's like wow this is it I get
it now this is everything that I'm gonna this is the movie it's fantastic so here
you're gonna talk about the free week but then here on the landing page you're
gonna talk about all the things that come along with your free week so if
you're going to offer measurements or body fat analysis or assessment if
you're gonna offer a nutritional counts consultation if you're gonna offer a
free t-shirt or water or supplements or anything whatever it is break it down
and by the way break it down as much as you can don't worry about it being silly
if you give out a protein bar and a drink
don't say snacks and beverages today we're gonna give you an awesome drink
we're gonna give you this state-of-the-art protein bar or whatever
I'd really sell it right so your landing page the goal of the landing page is to
get them to fill out the form that's what this is selling fill out the form
that's it claim my pass you want to ask for their first name last name email and
phone number you get a lot of marketing experts to say just collect the first
name in the email and you'll get a higher conversion rate you will but only
about 10% so if you had to pick I'd rather have a hundred leads with the
first name in email or 90 leads with the first name last
name email and phone number what would you rather have smart people are gonna
say yeah give me 90 with the number and the last name you keep these right it's
the same thing goes we want to collect all four because you're not gonna really
sacrifice that much to get all that information now once they fill out the
form you want to take them to this Thank You page now on this Thank You page you
want to have what's called a bonus offer the bonus offers created to incentivize
them to call you call us before we call you and will actually give you an
additional week for free we'll throw in a free set of Pilate socks we'll give
you a free nutritional console we'll give you a free body fat analysis we'll
give you 5 feet free passes for friends whatever it is find something that has
very very low cost and time or money to you but very high return if it makes
them call you so you don't have to call and follow up and chase them down right
so you want to make sure that has that now you see I put a video here I think
it's best explained in a video but you can also just explain it in text if you
like and don't overthink the videos one of the account managers here James says
something really great which is you want to blend in to stand out what that means
is on Facebook we flip through the stuff that looks like ads we are used to
staying and watching the stuff that looks like raw video so don't feel like
you have to create this big expensive 5,000 dollar production in reality you
with your cell phone most of our can we have over a thousand
customers you worked with many of them are just being done with their phones in
fact almost all of them and it works really great because that's what people
are used to stopping and watching so don't overthink this don't overthink
anything I'm telling you here most of this stuff right here is what I'm
telling you take it at face value okay so now on here the goal of the Thank You
page is to get them to reach out to you that's it incentivize them to call you
first now once they fill out this form I should have actually put that this arrow
in here like that because once they fill out the form there's things that should
happen automatically remember how I said you want to make sure they get an
automated text and they get an automated email and they get an automated
integration in their CRM and also retargeting so we can actually
set it up and you can do this too is very simple where you can plug in tools
that make it super simple for you to set up again without any coding or
developing experience so clickfunnels promo comm integrates with great texting
software with great email software with great crms i'm gonna share those
with you here in a second but before i do i want to dive into retargeting so
for those of you that don't know retargeting is this is more of like a
level to you topic so if you've been to Amazon before and let's say you decided
you wanted to buy this marker okay and you got all the way to the checkout page
but you decide at the last second not to buy or you just didn't buy because
something happened your boss called you somebody called you you just had the
back outright you didn't finish well now you'll notice that wherever you go
whether it's Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or blogs this marker seems to
follow you everywhere you go asking you to finish your purchase that's called
retargeting and you can do it too so what you can say is if somebody
watches my video for a certain amount of time you could choose 3 seconds 10
seconds 25% 50% 75% 95% right if anybody watches whatever percent of the video I
choose I want them to automatically be in what's called a custom audience if
you don't know how to create a custom audience Google how to create a custom
audience in Facebook it is the simplest thing in the world and it will take you
less than 5 minutes ok so you want to say ok anybody that watches let's say as
an example 25% of my video I want to automatically place them in this custom
audience and now you can always run ads to these people so instead of always
targeting a general demographic you can say I also want to run ads to people
that have already seen my company met plenty of times right so now you can do
that now you could do the same thing where somebody clicks on your ad and
they land on your landing page your custom audience once you create it
you'll actually be able to apply a pixel to your landing page which is simple
click for most promo makes it simple you'll be able to add a snippet of code
that they'll give you to landing page that will automatically
make it so whenever somebody lands on that landing page they to enter into
that custom audience right so now you've got this custom audience that you can
run ads to now if somebody fills out the form and lands in the Thank You page you
want to have a snippet of code in the Thank You page that also lets them know
hey they filled out the form I don't want this pixel on them anymore
I want a different one I don't want them in this custom audience anymore I don't
want to run ads to them like that anymore
because we've already got them in the next phase we own that traffic now so
now what you're gonna be saying is I only want people that have shown
interest but have not given me their information and you can run ads to those
people like that okay now as far as your CRM goes your email
and your text serums that are really good
my body is a really good one as far as texting goes and email goes I'm actually
going to include the links to the companies that I recommend up here in
the copy the ones that I think work really really well so that you guys can
have access to those two but you'll be able to create it so that as soon as
somebody fills out this form automatically they'll get a text message
from you inviting them to come to the studio the reason that's important is
because there's a study done if you go to google and type in MIT and not
contact form leads 900% tight or five minutes type in that write
what you'll notice is that there was a great great study done by MIT with a ton
of people involved that said that leads that were filled out online form leads
that were filled out online that take longer than a five minute period to call
and follow up with them have a nine hundred percent decrease in contact rate
this means if you call them within five minutes or longer than five minutes
that's going to be a nine hundred percent difference on your ability to
actually get them on the call so we want to be able to get to these people right
away the best way to do that because I know
sometimes you're running classes or sometimes you're already on the phone
with somebody or taking care of a customer there's so many things that can
prevent you from calling your leads right away so we want to set it up so
that at least that lead gets contacted right away automatically and the cool
thing is with the tools that I'll be recommending the names
they put in the form will automatically go into the text message again this is
super simple don't forget to be a coder developer I do this and I'm not by any
means I'm just showing you guys a secret so once you guys know how to do it you
know how to do it so it'll automatically take their names so the text message
would say hey and it'll have brackets for first name but to that person that
got that message it'll say hey Mike I just saw that you filled out a form and
there it goes so you're basically saying when's a good time for us to jump on a
call to get you scheduled for your first class so this is great
same thing for the email you can set it up the same way so automatically they'll
get a text message and they'll get an email from you in which they can reply
to either one and engage in conversation so you guys can set them up these two
things right here are crucial to your ability to be able to get the most value
out of the people that you've gotten to click on your ad and fill out a form
okay so this is the basic funnel and the stuff that I want you to have inside of
it the main thing that I want you guys to understand when it comes to your next
level of marketing cuz I don't want to dive into 103 stuff that's gonna be for
the next level the main thing I want you to understand is it's important to know
who your customer is who your ideal who are you targeting so you can write stuff
that they care about with images that they can relate to or videos that they
can relate to and you're also making sure that you're capturing the traffic
that showed some level of interest already so you can continue showing ads
to them down the road that may continue to get them in so hey that offers about
to expire hey don't forget hey we've seen you here before but you
didn't finish there's so many things you could do but you want to make sure that
you're collecting who those people are so that you can eventually run ads to
them in a more unique way than when you're advertising to a general audience
so you know it's tricky when you were creating videos like this I'm doing
trainings through a live stream because I can't have the questions in the Q&A
that come in but for you guys that are watching please leave your comments
leave your questions in the comments anything you like me to add and I'll be
able to make more videos on this stuff I'm on a mission right now to just help
as many fitness videos as I can get away from all the nonsense stop
wasting money and start doing more the stuff that actually matters that's why
I'm giving this book away fitness marketing secrets again if you go to
fitness marketing secrets calm it's a hundred percent free for right now we've
got a limited supply that we're giving away we've had some of the best studios
in the world read through this book be mentioned in this book I've traveled all
over the country to interview some of the best entrepreneurs and business
owners to learn what they do how they think how they run their ads how they
keep their people in the fitness marketing secrets calm you're gonna be
able to learn a ton of that as well as resources of where you can learn this
stuff continuously without having to be a marketing person just be a business
owner that wants to get to stuff accomplished so use the comment box
below let me know what you think and if you want to make it to the next training
just go ahead and use some link above as well and we'll see you in the next video
thanks have a great day

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