Funnel secrets radio: episode #1 – what is tripwire marketing

Welcome to faunal secrets radio where we go the marketing funnel concept and strategies top entrepreneurs using to make more sales Marketing tripwire is basically a low ticket product offering that solves a specific problem in your prospects life And you put it at such a low price and you add such high value to it that it becomes an Irresistible offer and really what it's meant to do is just take people that are Prospects that have just opted in on your email list and haven't bought anything and turn them into buyers as quickly as possible Because once somebody's opened up their wallet and bought from you Then you have a much higher chance of selling them other things on the back end and so that's why you'll see a lot of funnels these days We'll start with like a seven to a seventeen dollar product And then they move people up the chain to higher products because once they've bought in from you They've gotten to experience the value that you can provide to them with very low resistance, then they'll develop that trust with you And they're willing to buy some of your higher end products from you down the road Thanks for listening funnel secrets radio if you would like to be notified anytime we release a new episode Just subscribe final secrets Channel in addition to that we love send a free gift You can find free gift and description Again, we love it giving away and thanks for watching

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