Generate Leads and Repeat Sales with a ManyChat Lead Funnel

[Music] [Applause] hey you do know that facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion active monthly users and on top of that there are over 2 billion people out there using mobile messaging apps there are billions of conversations happening between customers and businesses each month many chat provides an enormous opportunity for companies to quickly and easily find their customers and pass them through the sales funnel to help you capitalize on this huge marketing channel we've got 8 ways you can use mini chat and it's chat marketing automation tools to tap into this audience generate leads and gain repeat sales [Music] many chats built-in Facebook Ads integration makes it super easy to find your audience deliver targeted ads and bring them directly into your messenger sales funnel do this use your BOTS to qualify incoming leads then use mini chat stripe or PayPal integration to handle payment all within the customer's messenger experience [Music] mini chat integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce keep your customers in the loop with real-time order status notifications provided messenger or SMS and email people check Facebook something like 14 times a day what if you could helpfully remind customers that they forgot to click that checkout button on your website wouldn't that be nice wait people get distracted use mini chat to let folks know that those pants they really wanted to net one size and that one color are back in stock send them a back in stock notification through messenger SMS or email help them have those pants real-world paper punch in plastic loyalty cards are so 1990s for award repeat customers for the loyalty program built right into facebook Messenger you interact with customers everyday on your Facebook page why not use mini chat to share exclusive coupon codes to boost page interaction and give customers another positive touch point with your business don't leave your new customers an alert once they've made a purchase use your bot to automate product support receive feedback and let customers chat with you one on one that's the story with generating repeat sales and funneling leads with mini chat have questions check out our blog from the link below want to see more of this subscribe to our channel for more video content from mini chat go out do these things happy chatting [Music]

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