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welcome hello in this help to the operation of this service a tpe squeeze page then what will you use this service for? is well this service allows you to create easily without programming diskuizh page i.e. capture pages so what are you going to use these e-mail capture pages for? they will be used to obtain the first name there is a mix of passing prospects on your site in order to register them in a list generally managed by a car answering machine so that you can communicate with them by e-mail as often as you want it then the challenge in a squeeze page well it is that it is sufficiently attractive that it attracts enough the interest of visitors to your site to push them to register on your list then on this service you have like you see it a number of pages that are available to you two page templates you just need to click on one of these thumbnails to be able to see the general design of the page we go back to home and you see just click on these thumbnails and you can easily see the different page models that are put to your layout you see there are many disputes this one for example or this one so how does this service work well you select the page template that suits you we will take this first model and you can absolutely personalized all the texts that you see on this page then to personalize a text and m the text which suits your activity well you go to the menu at left you click here on modify the text at the top of the page your title at here on this page which corresponds to the texts which is here at the top and if you modify it for example we will put your download them my guys you mens your book immediately well you see that in real time the text here changes if you want change the eighth note here to red how to easily create a squeeze page efficient then first if you want to keep the text you just type and you click on save then you go to another brick of the menu this section it is the one that corresponds to the eighth note in red and here we will indicate download the book then if you do a carriage return i.e.

If you hit enter well you go to the download line the best-selling book of this month Here you are and you can click on save to keep and indeed the text you have just typed in this form is you then pass another text this text here for example your subtitle your we will put your big subtitle you see the text changes here in the page also is so for all texts that you want modified then here you can even on this page template you can even modify the title which is on the book then we will put for example the online marketing manual yes here the song is relatively narrow since it has to stay on the cover here and when I typed marketing after here after marketing and well my text went to the line so pay attention in your writing that the text fit well inside the book cover I then save the text at the top of the form, this is the text first name then you can modify here the text which is on the form your usual first name for example and here you can decide to keep or not in the form the first name, i.e.

By checking this box and by validating and well you see here on the page the first name song has disappeared if you only want collected emails only of your prospects and you click on this box you validate and the first name song will disappear from the form we will put back registered here is the first name field returns in the form you can modify the caption of the email field also you can modify the text of the form button for example we will indicate in jce saved entries you see that the label of the button comes to change then a part that is very important is your auto responder then in the part your auto responder and well you will be able put the auto-responder script in which you want register your prospects so here you have a first choice which your own script is inserted if you click on this box you see a field to appear and you see the pre-established form disappear and in this chan well you can add your own script then this will usually be the script given to you by the auto responder you using the auto responder gives you the auto responder systems give you a script of forms to insert in your pages well copying you makes you a copy paste this script here in this field while it is the version in javascript which makes the form appear wherever the version is html given to you by the auto responder system you can simply pasted here the script which is given to you and when you go to make record well the script will display the auto responder form here then I will show you an example with my account lg auto responder so my the account that I opened in the egypt service in answering machine then I go to my account page and the answering machine is here in the html form section access to the form is here in this page I have the form that was created for this listing that I created for this list and well if I make source here if I click on this source button I have all the html code that I need to add in my page to do appear this form and its button so I will select the set of this code I will copy I will come back on the service a tpe squeeze page is here in my field i will paste you see i pasted the whole form of the code html of the form it lies auto responder I do recorded and you see my form and joe torre seller just appeared in my page and it is therefore this self-responding form that will be used in the design for the operation of this page so you have other possibilities you can also choose a single configuration pre-configuration of the two auto-responder lg auto-responder and hoeber so if i click here well you see i have an alert that tells me to delete the custom auto responder script you come from that you added above so I return here in the field of customization and I do erased and there well I can now access the personalization of the auto-responder so what will this personalization of the auto responder data and joe torre candor and good it will allow you to keep the design we had planned for you for the form that is to say that instead of having to create your to have to create your form design on the auto responder system and you can quite keep here and well this form design that we had planned for you and for that and well you just have to save it in the fields here the data provided by the auto responder to recognize your account and the list in which the prospects will register so here on a yacht on the answering machine and well I added here my membership number and I added here the number of my list and if I do registered well this data will be find in this form in this forms script and when I go use this page is added and a person will add their first name and his email in this form and register and he be added to my list on sg auto respond the same way you can use the web auto responder and is here by completing the data that are provided to you by the hoeber auto-responder, i.e.

The name of the list from your auto responder to weider the number of the form you created and the return url to which the registrants of your list once they have validated their registration on the web airs form and in both cases you can also fill in a field here. sponsorship or a personalized tracking field that allows you to indicate a reference that you will find in your auto responder the same way on mj auto responder you have here a field by one in which you can put a value that you will find in the different fields to register your prospects on the auto responder system gigottos answering machine that will allow you to follow, for example, where these registered then we save and here you have a last possible modification this is the text that can be found here at the bottom of your business details here bottom where you can indicate and your business details the name of your company your name your email if you wish so that this form that this squeeze page is not anonymous and that you have here and well the mandatory legal notices on seven this quiz page so then you have three different buttons here you have a first one view page button if you click on this button and you can see yourself call and you can see the lure of your page with the customization of the texts that you have made you see the page as your prospects will have i.e.

Without the menu on the left with the changes you have made on this page here you have a second button below which is downloaded the page if you click on this button and you are immediately offered to download a zip file so a zip archive in which the the html page you have just created as well as all the images that are linked to this page is a css file also linked to this design and its colors so you save this file you click on save and there we offered to save it on your pc then you just have to transfer to open this zip archive remove all files from them put in a folder on your pc and transfer them to ftp on hosting your blog or site so that you can use it and well the page there squeeze page you just created and then below here and well you have a third button which is generated the url of the page which you will allow you to take advantage of the hosting of this page by our services, that is to say that you will no longer have to download the page on your hosting or on your server but you can directly use a link to do you know what quiz pages that will be hosted by a tpe squeeze page services without you having to transfer anything to a server so we will give you directly the address of the page of your personal page with your personalization with your auto responder code your forms script but you can use this internet address directly to send visitors to this page if you need additional help using this service well do not hesitate to click here on help to go to the sections dead and look at the explanations given to you

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