GME Short Squeeze in July!! Gamestop to Hit $1000!? It’s Inevitable….

Are you ready for fireworks? An explosive financial summer?? Well there’s about to be a colossal collision
that brings together the two groups that legacy finance is oh so scared of. Crypto and Degenerate stonk traders, like
the ones from Wall St. Bets. So, my question to you is this… you
smeeeellllllllllllllll what GME is cooking!? I do, because it’s time for Chico Crypto!! Errr body in club knows about GME!! Gamestop stonk….it’s what set off the
financial fireworks at the beginning of the year! January 2021, a short squeeze of the stock
of the American video game retailer GameStop , caused major financial consequences for
certain hedge funds and large losses for the nasty short sellers. This short squeeze was primarily triggered
by users of the subreddit r/wallstreetbets…but soon after a number of hedge funds also participated.

At its height, on January 28, the short squeeze
caused the GME stock price to reach a pre-market value of over US$500 per share, nearly 30
times the $17.25 valuation at the beginning of the month. Now this battle is far from over, as you can
see the stock price got rekted back down to below 50 dollars, just past mid february…but
it started to rise once again and into March broke back above 300 dollars, although it
has since settled back down below, and looking at the price today, GME is 222 buckaroos!! GME since March is consolidating, and finding
a range…..before the NEXT BIG MOVE… And Chico Crypto thinks that move is WAY the
freak up….another massive short squeeze is on the horizon! There are hints that it’s coming this summer….

What hints? Well don’t you remember last week…when
the news dropped about gamestop getting into crypto with the mysterious release of a landing
page. It shows a gamestop video game cartridge,
with an Ethereum Logo on it. That gets plugged into an Ethereum game player. This causes it to power up and read: Power
to the players, Power to the creators, power to the collectors. Exciting to say the least, now are you Ready
to dive down the Chico Crypto Rabbit hole which is gonna get really tight, squeezable
tight? Let’s begin, before the first squeeze even
happened. Last year, November of 2020 Ryan Cohen founder
of and former CEO, disclosed to the public his large stake in Gamestop, nearly
10 percent and he sent this letter to the Board. He explained in bold they were failing because
of their unwillingness to embrace the digital economy. Yeah, digital….the non-physical world. Then once again, in bold this was said “Gamestop’s
Leadership must promptly pivot from a brick-and-mortar mindset to a technology-driven vision” He specifies what this means below.

“A pivot toward becoming a technology-driven
business that excels in the gaming and digital experience worlds” He says this could be
done by “cutting its excessive real estate costs and hiring the right talent, it will
have the resources to begin building a powerful e-commerce platform that provides competitive
pricing, broad gaming selection, fast shipping and a truly high-touch experience that excites
and delights customers.” Well that shook the board to the core, as
Ryan is now in charge and the chairman of the Gamestop board…. Now going back to what ryan said in the letter…this
relates a ton to what was just released…nfts are the future of the gaming digital economy. Ryan said gamestop was failing as they weren’t
embracing this digital economy.

Ryan wanted a technology driven vision, which
included hiring the right talent! Ok bringing Ryan on board was the first step
in that…and since Ryan has been on a spree! Getting top talent from the best: Amazon,
Chewy, Facebook, Google and more…. But there were some BIG hires made for this
NFT based project too which I think relates more to that letter and vision. Matt Finestone announced he would be building
the blockchain division for Gamestop through his twitter last week. But Who is Matt? Matt was the business development director
for Loopring, the creators of the first publicly accessible ZK rollup for the Ethereum mainnet
which has been live and evolving for 18 months now. It’s a well known and secure scaling solution,
that even Vitalik called out for users to start using it in September of 2020. It’s a strong Ethereum project technically
and Matt is the top talent that helped get it to where it is!! Who else has been hired? Well a foobar tweeted he had joined matt,
in early May, even before the announcement. Who is Foobar? Well he is top NFT solidity talent, working
on some of the bigger Ether NFTprojects.

From his profile…mooncats and cryptopunks. The other person we know that is hired is
Spike, a top talent NFT designer who has done some work with decentraland… So this vision of Ryan’s is in motion, a
Plan that he had a LONG time ago & his plan includes the definitive future of gaming and
digital worlds. NFTs…. So what is Gamestop’s plan with the NFTs? Well it’s obvious from the landing page. It’s an Ethereum gamestop cartridge, getting
plugged into an Ethereum based gameplayer. They are going to be turning video game titles
into NFTs that are powered by Ethereum and it’s virtual machine! Purchasers can finally resell their used digital
games, which has been impossible in the past. The retailer and the studios could get royalties
after every secondary sale, forever…. But how will they get the publishers, studios,
and more on board? Xbox, Playstation, and more have a grip and
hold on that? Well what did the player say when the game
was turned on? Power to the players, power to the creators,
power to the collectors.

Obviously Gamestop is going to be pulling
a Netflix…What does this mean? They will be pushing to get the smaller studios
on board first and they will be creating their own content, their own games…they will be
pushing forward the first use case NFT use case at a large scale. This doesn’t just put them as a leader in
digital gaming, but a leader in NFTs, which means they will even have an upper hand on
the digital landscape of gaming than something like STEAM. So, this is BIG but when could something like
this be coming and why would it cause a GME stonk squeeze??? Well the nft website, below had an ethereum
address… Using Etherscan, and checking out the address. It’s for a Token (Gamestop GME)! A token, now why would they need their own
token gamestop GME? Unless they were planning to do something
else, besides NFTs. You can click on contract within Ethere scan
to check out the code, and within this you find Gamestop Anon..written at the top…
but further into the code, you can find this…”uint public launch date=1626261600” That is a unix timestamp, and if we convert
it, the public launch date is coming July 14th 2021!! That is only in a month and a half friends,
and if you go back to Foobar’s tweet about being brought on for the project, he said
it’s going to be HUGE from the start… But there is more to this than meets the eye
& gamestop gave some BIG hints on the day they dropped the landing page, May 17th 2021.

On the landing page, is the biggest HINT of
all. There is a tiny white dot in the corner, if
you click that it takes you to a new page that has what was in the source Ethereum code. Game on Anon, but also a Cat in a banana suit,
which is a game, you press space to start and it’s you on the moon, jumping over stuff… Why is this important? Well that Cat in the Banana suit, is from
a Japanese Animated series Bananya, where these entities, Bananya’s come from a magical
tree in outer space.

The series ended in 2016, and it’s popularity
isn’t anything new, it's old…so why does Gamestop have a Bananya in that game on the
NFT website? Well as you can see, they have a Plush Toy
that was recently released on a funny date of 4/20. It’s a gamestop exclusive, and as we can
see in the description…’s squeezable!!! That Game is a total hint of a squeeze on
GME stonk, that is coming. It’s coming on or around the UNIX Timestamp
they hinted at in the code. July 14th 2021.

Why the squeeze? The GME Token, is a token for crypto dividends,
that will be announced then. GME is pulling an overstock! What happened with Overstock? In the summer of 2020 they announced a crypto
dividend to be paid to its shareholders. This caused a massive short squeeze on the
stock. Why? Overstock was the sole source of that crypto,
and they did not distribute it into the public. When they announced the dividend, there was
ZERO supply for this crypto. Shorts were 100% incapable of covering the
cost of paying the dividend, and they only option they had was to cover. The shorters, hedge funds etcetera went after
Overstock filing lawsuits…but Judges ruled in favor of Overstock, thus cementing that
this digital dividend is good to GO! And finally, there is this hint from the Ryan
Cohen CEO.

At the exact same time, the contract was released
for the NFTs, Ryan tweeted something… This tweet is a clip from American Dad, with
one of their characters getting a hard on, in shorts which floats them to the top. Short Floats? Short float shows the percentage of shares
that are shorted relative to the number of float shares and this percentage reflects
the market sentiment about the underlying company. Ryan was tweeting Shorts are about to GET
REKT. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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