How I Made 10 Million+ Dollars Online! Deconstructing My Sales Funnel…

– Deconstructing a million
dollar sales funnel. In this video I'm gonna
walk you through exactly what did it take to build an actual funnel that generated over a million dollars by showing you exactly what are the steps, the different pages, the
different price point, the strategy, the mindset behind it so that literally you can use it as well in whatever market that you're in, whether you're gonna
sell digital products, whether you're gonna
sell physical products, whether you're gonna sell services, whether you're gonna sell more coaching, whether you're gonna sell high ticket. I'm gonna walk you through why you need to have a sales process, how you can do that and build it up, all these different pages without being a programmer,
designer or coder, and ultimately how do you
actually have this implemented.

(upbeat music) So let's talk about the important numbers that you must know when
it comes to building, growing, and scaling an
online sales process. What if I told you that
when it comes to growing, and building and scaling your business, it all comes down to just
knowing these two numbers. Do you know what they are? I'm talking about the first number being, how much does it cost you
to acquire a customer? That's number one.

And number two, how much is
an average customer worth? 15 years ago if you own a business and if you wanted to get more reach, more visibility, more sales, more leads, what were your options back then? You have to advertise on radio,
TV, newspaper, magazines. You would have no idea
what your returns would be after spending thousands of dollars. But today what is the difference? Today you literally can go to
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and any one of us including you can go to Facebook right now, and you can tell Facebook
I wanna spend $100 today, and on the same day today by spending $100 you would know if you got
back, say, $200 in sales. If that happens, what do you do? You spend $500, see you even
get back $1,000 in sales. If that happens you spend
1,000, see, you get back 2,000. That's called scaling. Write that down. Scaling is all math. If you advertise in Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, Google you will know literally
how much money you spent, and how many customers you
got and at the same time, how much is a customer worth.

So what does this mean? It means that right now behind
me, there is this framework that shows you exactly these two numbers. On my right hand side over here, this is cost per acquisition which means how much does it
cost to acquire a customer. Now, imagine this, if you spent your $100 today and you got five sales, how much did it cost
you to acquire customer? How much is that? That's $100 divided by five right? So that would be $20 dollars
to acquire a customer. Now on my right hand side here, you are seeing different ads
that I'm running on Facebook like literally one of the things that I got my team to do is this. Now this book in my hand here
is called "Platform Closing." We launched this about a year ago, and what my team did is
they documented about the first $2000 sales that we made from the first time when we launched it, and we made about $80 plus
thousand dollars in sales.

And one thing I wanna share with you is if you take a look at the
top right hand side it says, average cart value. Now that number represents how much a customer is
worth every time they go through this sales process. Now what does this even mean? This means that every time a person goes through my sales funnel, or every time we give a book away, whenever somebody pays for this book, that's how much a
customer's worth, all $40. So in other words, on the
right hand side right now, these are all of the
different costs associated to acquiring customer.

So this first ad here, it cost me $18.86 to acquire a customer, right? The second ad here cost me $20.80 to acquire a customer. Except the third one is $17.94. Now, depending on how good or bad is, based on your targeting, who your audience is, the choice of image, your choice of words that you use, each ad would have a
different cost associated to acquiring customer. So, these are just different
ad types that we run and based on how good or bad they are, they all have a different cost associated to acquiring customer. So let me ask you this, if it cost me $18.86
to acquire a customer, and each customer is worth over $40, would you say that's pretty good? Right now, imagine, so
how do I make that happen? So in the middle over here, is where you see the sales process.

You see in order for me to sell this book, and by the way I wanna show you examples of how this can be applied
to literally anything. Could be a physical product,
could be a digital product, could be services, could be high ticket. So how does this sales process look like? The first page where the person comes, goes through our site, Platform closing. It basically says, you can get a copy of this
book, where I will reveal to you how do you sell online offline without being sales push and manipulative, and I talk about this script that I've used both online and offline that's generated me millions of dollars, and you can have a copy of this book, all you need to do is cover shipping.

On this page, 24.48% of people, take me up on this offer. Now how do I know this number? I know this number because the platform, the software which I use and
I'll talk more about that, tells me the number. They tell me 38,409 people
have visited this page of which 9,401 people gave
me their name and email. Okay, so step number one. Now on this step you can see over here that the average cart value is still $0.00 Why is that the case? It is because right now,
at this point in time they have not taken out their credit cards and given me money yet. Right, this is just the first step. The next step, 5.24% of people will actually
take out their credit cards and pay me $7.95 or $14.95
depending on were they live, out of you know 38,000
people have visited, 2,014 people bought. Right, that's why it's 5.24%. Right now based on average, this how much a customer's worth. They're worth $11.89, right? Some people based in the U.S.,
some people are international and pro rated on average
they're worth $11.89. So let me ask you this, so let's say, I sold this book for $15.

The same way how most
people would sell books. If you sold the book for $15
and it was all net profit, and you didn't even take into account the cost of printing and shipping, and it cost you $18.86
to acquire a customer, would you leave this ad running? If it cost you $18.86
to acquire a customer and the customer's worth
$15, you, you wouldn't right? Because you would be bleeding
money if you kept the ad on. This is where the magic happens
through the sales process. So in the sales process after
that, we have this next thing called an order bump that says, "Yes Peng Joon I would
like to upgrade as well" and it's a $37 upgrade. Guess what, 25% of people
take me up on an offer. How do I know that? Again, the system tells me that. Then after that, the next
thing is, I have an upsell. Now what's an upsell? An upsell is like going to McDonald's where the staff is trained, "Would you like fries with that? "Would you like to supersize it? "Would you like to go large?" Right? First upsell, $47 "k? After that I've got a $197 offer.

5.73% of people take me up on that offer. We launch a $997 product. So, I added this in the members
and this is totally new, this is literally where I
went on their flip chart and I say, "Hey, this is Peng Joon here, "I wanna congratulate you
for ordering this book." Now depending on where you live, this book might take one or
two weeks for it to reach you, but rather than waiting one or two weeks, let's start your training right now! So I went in front of the flip chart and just taught for about an hour plus, and at the end of that training
I sold $997 digital product, and that converts as 0.55% of the time. So, this brings up average cart value and how much a customer
is worth to $48.67. How many of you would agree that that's a pretty good business model? We make $48.67 every time
we give a free book away.

You could be thinking, "Well, Peng Joon, "I have no intentions
of becoming an author." Look, this is not about books, it's not. This book could be anything. If you are in the beauty market, this could be a makeup brush
that you source from China, from Alibaba, AliExpress and you gave it out
for free to an audience where they just covered
the cost of printing. You see, this sales process is just one of many
sales process that I use. This is known as a free plus shipping. I know exactly each
different ad that I run, what is the cost to acquire a customer, and because I know how much
an average customer is worth, every time they go
through the sales process, that's how I scale my business. So one of the things that I've
included here in this video, in this training is in
the description below, I'm literally gonna show you how you can build up these sales process really really easily, strategically, without being a programmer,
designer or coder okay? And then I'm gonna show you literally what are different sales
process that I use.

Literally copy and paste
these as like funnels just change the images,
just change the words. All of these funnels will be
transplanted into your account. Would you like that? So let me just quickly explain to you how this process works. In the description box
below, you'll see a link, it's the first one, it says, PENGJOON.COM/CLICK. You will literally be taken to a page that's called ClickFunnels, and basically ClickFunnels
is the platform that I use that helps me understand my numbers, at the same time also publish these pages really really easily without
being a programmer, designer, coder or being technical about it. And once you open your free trial account, one of the things that will happen is my team will be notified
but much more than that, after that you will see
a second link, okay. The second link in the
description box below you'll see it says,
PENGJOON.COM/BOOKFUNNEL. Now when you key that in, in one click, this entire
funnel will be transplanted into your account. This means you'll have the same exact copy for the free plus shipping,
for the order bump, for the upsell, one upsell number two, so that all you need to do is
literally change the images, change the words so that
you can customize it regardless of what market
or what niche you're in.

Now understand something,
this is not theory, this is an actual funnel
that's a million dollar funnel that you can tweak and customize. And what if I told you,
I'm also gonna over deliver by literally showing you
how you can use this, and utilize this for any other markets. So for example, webinar funnels, all of the different registration
page, the thank you page the live webinar, the replay page, that's also gonna be in
the description box below. The link is down below. What if I also showed you
that you can utilize this the same way how I utilized it to sell my high ticket products. Okay, so this is an application funnel.

I'm gonna walk you through
and I'm gonna give you, not just train you but actually give you the actual funnels that I use that has generated me millions of dollars. I only have one request, please because these are
actual funnels that I use with my face in there, please change, swap out my face in there, change the words to customize it so that it actually makes sense for your industry and your niche. Right, so the person who can pay most to acquire a customer will win. And you'll win this war if you can make a customer
worth more to you. How do you make your
customer worth more to you? It is when you have a sales process and when you understand
the numbers in between. So here's what I would
like you to do right now: I would like you to go ahead and claim your free trial account, so you can start playing around with it to see for yourself how easy it is to build up sales funnels.

I want you to start
thinking which sales process resonates most with you. In fact, let me know
in the comments below. Is it a free plus shipping
funnel, is it a webinar funnel, is it a high ticket funnel,
is it an application funnel, I've included these
funnels in the link below. And finally, make sure you
subscribe to this channel if you wanna have more
videos like this one.

We're coming out with next one which is basically, how do
you create compelling authors so that you can start
building that sales funnel around the author. I hope that this video
had given you value. Go ahead, start taking action right now, start implementing, and I will
see you in the next video..

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