How Not To Act When Prince Ea DM’s You…

(upbeat music) – Russell where you
at man, where you at? – Well we're excited. Should we tell them
the story about how this whole thing came about? – Yeah, let's do
it, let's tell 'em. – Okay, I'm doing my
thing on Instagram. And all of a sudden one day, and I see that he liked
something that I did. I was like, "There's no
way that he's even aware "that I exist on this world." I was like, "Whatever." I don't know, maybe
a week or two later, I get this message,
he's like, "Hey brother, "currently reading
your book, so amazing." And I was like, "What?" So I like take a snapshot of it.

I'm sending it to every
single human being I know on this planet, and then again, I'm trying to be
all cool, and so, "Dude, I'm a huge fan
of yours, so cool." (Prince Ea laughing) – And I was like, "Aw
man, I'm such a loser. "What did I say, why
did I say it that way?" – [Narrator] If they
ask you how you are, you just have to say
that you're fine. – And then he goes on
a couple days later, "The feeling is
mutual now, can't wait "to dive deeper into your work." – First of all, that's
a real text message.

That's a real DM. – On May 30th, I said
"Hey brother, want
to reach out to ya. "Finished your book a few
weeks ago and it was fire. "Thanks for giving
me all the info, "and love the way you ended
it with impact and service. "Looking forward to
diving in deeper." And that's when I was like, "I wonder if he'd be interested "in speaking at Funnel Hacking Live." And so I reached out,
we started talking about this a little
bit, and he was like, "Well how about we
make something special "and something
unique for the event "and we premiere it there." (film reel clicking) – I said, "You're right
sir, you are the boss. "You say it without hesitation." – [Boss] That's right. – That's why today I'd
like to give you something, my letter of resignation. – [Boss] Oh really newbie? – Literally the
coolest thing ever. So that was the
story from my side. Yeah.
– I don't know if you've got a different version of it.

– No, that's a real, no listen. I read this guy's
book, "Expert Secrets." The humility that
you carry, the love that you carry, the
grounding that you carry. You know, you might have
things that money can buy, but you also have the things
that money can't buy, right? Like the family and the
love that you share. The constant service
that you emit with every step you
take on this planet. (Audience applause) – I'm a fan. (Audience cheering) – [Russell] Wow, that's amazing. (uplifting music).

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