How To Build A Landing Page or Squeeze Page from Beginning To End (Free Training)

hi and welcome back to the Pappas living a flip-flop life today's episode is about landing pages no this is Clooney by the way this is my dog it's my partner in crime and he thinks this is boring so basically today's episode has to do with landing pages and I'm going to show you how to create a landing page from beginning to end using landing page monkey okay so basically I just want to explain I just want to explain to you that landing pages are created so you can get capture your email build your list and without a list basically you don't have a business to me it's not boring building a list so we're gonna be building a list today well actually I'm gonna be showing you how to build your list by building a landing page and I'm sure you you were trying to figure out how you're gonna build the Lang page you don't know how to use HTML coding etc well I have a tool for you where it basically is automatic and I'm gonna show you how to use it right now inside basically even Clooney can do it but I think he's bored of adding page creations right so yeah I'm gonna dig in right now I'm gonna pause this and I'm gonna I'm gonna see you inside okay peace out so right now I'm gonna take you straight to the tools that I'm using and it's called landing page monkey and this I'm going to show you an example of a couple that I've created and in the past that has to do with this is this has to do with digital affiliates a new program and part of I'm gonna allow to play for a bit just gonna show you what a landing pages what a screech page is all right this is to capture somebody's attention and I think it's a beautiful video with a nice song and I think it will tempt people to actually find out what do I mean by this and this this is just you know it's it's it makes you wanna click it I guess all right so by entering your email let's see you will be directed to they'll and I'm gonna grab your email at the same time you'll be redirected to the landing page to the sales page that I'm promoting okay and it's that simple now let's see another one let's see one with the dsdomination let me see this is another one that I created this is not with an animated video but I put a video inside the the title I'm asking them to watch the eight-minute video when they click below it's free it is free to watch the video so by entering their email I grab them on my list alright and takes you straight to the sales page again of the the product that I'm promoting it's it's very simple so right now my my whole you know today I woke up Saturday I wanted to create a landing page for the digital affiliates Network basically when people click on my link they takes them straight to the page where I'm explaining what digital affinage is and I wanted to create a landing page even before getting here so I wanted to create something like let me just give you an example minimize this and I want to do something like this this is an example of inside the digital affiliates were actually copying and Bob Beckett's and James stars designs or landing page design templates and basically I'm since I'm using landing page monkey I'm not using click funnels as they are promoting and everything I'm using landing page monkey I believe I could do the same as what you know the same same it's the same stuff that you know it's just click funnels you have ready-made templates from Bob and James so anyway that's besides the point here I want to show you what I would do with this right here and how I would create it using landing page monkey okay so I'm gonna go to landing page monkey and actually I'm gonna stop this and I'm gonna go to episode two so I can okay so we're inside the landing page monkey creator and right now I'm gonna I'm just gonna go step by step I'm gonna take you from the hand and take you through every process and thought that I am in creating this landing page so landing page monkeys name I'm gonna name this TD a new page so box position the box position if first of all let me give you a preview of what we're looking at and what we're starting off with okay so this is what you get the canvas it's it's free to create on okay and basically this is the landing page but we're gonna change it around alright so the box if I change it to the right you'll see that it has changed to the right and same goes if I take it to the left okay I'm gonna go real quick take it to the left alright cool then we have box animation you can have a it does some kind of animation let me just put this you can get the idea I'm not gonna waste my time on this but just give you see that as a little animated box so I'm gonna right now go ahead and I'm gonna put the Box in the middle and let's see background image I'm gonna go into my photo bucket you can't upload a picture but you can upload a picture in photo bucket and just grab the link that you want excetera okay right now I'm looking for a background that I want to use for my landing page bear with me till I find one all these are mine that I've created in the past and let me just go into my library so if I scroll down yeah I'll go to the previous one I like that one I'm going to use this alright I'm gonna grab the code I'm gonna go back to landing page and paste it right here all right just so you can see that it works now the background is this oh yeah wrong background my bad let me go back give me a bear with me I had my logo on it don't want my logo on it we should be okay with this one yep it's clear one all right took that code and put it in here preview see it's just not there anymore right so that's done now you can also add a video in the background and what this does it adds to the whole you know interest into the it it will trigger it if there's an animated video it's more like it's more impressive I think okay so if I wanted to grab a video I found one already and if we go in to the beginning I want to I want to I wanted to show that freedom I wanna I want to show that whatever I'm promoting relates to freedom and this video was close to what I think is close to a freedom and everything songs nice it's catchy alright so I'm gonna take that code I'm going to go back to landing page monkey and I'm gonna place it there now check this out oh yeah by the way if there's ads popping up let me just see sometimes some of the videos have ads that pop up and they might pop up into your landing page but it looks like this is good to go I can move I can make it start like like maybe 15 seconds in it might be better check this out now keep in mind that okay that's good now keep in mind the okay so we have a choice of either a background image or a background video if you want to choose both you killed you can because on mobiles the video won't play all right so the on desktops the video will play so I decided you know I'm gonna keep it for mobile phones if they sign up they're gonna have that picture and if people come into my desktop they'll use that all right so I'm gonna continue with my this is the button text on let me just show you so I'm gonna put the start copying and button to I'm gonna put alright this is the buttons you'll see right here right here I'm gonna change the color of that button to blue because I want to go through following the template that I was given let's see close to the template that was given as you can see now the buttons gonna be in blue that's cool it looks very rectangular to me so I might want to round it a little bit and the way I do that first of all let me this transparency the Box transparency so you can see the video in the background I'm gonna give it a shadow I'm gonna put a light shadow and that's the shadow of the box I'll show you in a second and the Box border radius I'm gonna round it up a little bit and I'm gonna put it on 40% make it larger the button radius this is where it was looking all rectangular I'm gonna make it a little bit roundish let's see if an add a shadow I shall put it on seven and see how that looks looks better doesn't it and you see the shadow that's a nice little shadow thing it's like a clickable thing excellent so back to the office now going to part 2 right here I want to upload a picture like a logo a video if I want you can but right at this at this point I want to load something that has to do with digital affiliates and I've created some yesterday I think right so which one of them all we try this right actually I'm gonna I'm gonna well you know I'm gonna go back to Photobucket and instead since I have a URL for it it's a lot easier than uploading and stuff so if I go to photo bucket I'm gonna go back to my library and I've got a digital affiliates logo that I want to use and I'm gonna use this I'm gonna copy the link gonna go back to landing page I'm gonna paste the link there and watch this and besides with Photobucket is a lot faster and you got everything in one hand that looks good right excellent so now we're going to this part right here so what I want them to do is create some kind of you know make them wonder what's all this about let me see how this looks mmm I'm not gonna add this I'm gonna leave this as it is I'm going to try white how about let me try the box box color let me put it put a dark almost there oh this was border color of my bed of the background color yeah it should be this you see what gradient this well actually I know what it does is let me see how it looks ooh better a lot better perfect yes now I want to make the Box a little bit smaller though you try that I'm talking about this box can you think let me try a little bit bigger maybe I want to make this dark the shadow this is perfect it's coming out close to what the other one was it's excellent actually let me put that on 45 and let me where's the shadow this no this is good order ah the light shadow yeah I'm gonna put a dark shadow see that they're stark all right copy this make money and we're gonna go to this part right here I'm gonna do this white visits in the background of it's black and because start copying and make money copy this make money no this is okay it's okay see I can instead of having it on both pages I'm gonna have it on one and then let's see we're done with that part I'm gonna autoresponder you can add your a Webber you don't have to you can add a name or not into when you're grabbing the list I already have my list ready this is my list from Aweber and the redirecting link should take him to my did a digital affiliates link or any any link you want basically but in my case I'm promoting digital affiliates I want them to take them to the the page you can add a redirecting pixel from Facebook so you can follow your visitors around and you can you know get like conversion pixel and everything so let's see how this looks and we're almost done created the page enter your email continue and it takes them to the sales page and we're done now since we're done we get to save this alright it gives me options to do stuff so one is to if you want to add it to your web page and this is the next stage right now alright so we're now I'm gonna show you how to add this landing page onto your website and I hope you have a wordpress so we're gonna download the HTML code that's been created from using that landing page that we just created alright I'm gonna save it which I have already done so okay so I'm gonna go to my website so for example you have a WordPress you can go back into your dashboard and what I want to do is I want to create a landing page I'm going to connect it to to that page as well alright so we're gonna go to media and we're gonna add new I'm gonna pick my HTML landing page created that I created oh that's the wrong one sorry about that this is one something that created yesterday let's see did you do where is it just let me go back to Leni page monkey and see where I saved it you have your these all the landing pages I've created so is this it this is another one I created is this yeah so I could take I can even take this code and then share it on Facebook and it still shows up all right so I took that babe basically I need to go get the code I got a download it because I had another one and I got confused all right so that's done back to my website select files grab that HTML all right edit grab the link right here grab this copy and now we go to this other program which is free to download pretty link and you create a new link the reason I'm doing that is I don't want to have all that in the end of my link when I'm sharing it or when I'm connecting pages to it and stick around because I got a nice little tip to do connecting pages whoops so the target URL is the link that we copied previously and here we can name it whatever we want so we'll put the digital axis instant access all right see how beautiful that looks great so create it I and I have this link right here where if I take this and I copy/paste it boom and ladies and gentlemen this is landing page monkey so see it's that easy now let me tell you a little nice little tip if you want to connect a C let's go back to my website if you want to connect page menu from the menu you want to redirect the link from your menu or from like from here like for example if I wanted to click on this and instead of taking me to to the page of this I would do this I would use where is it so you can go and download it yourself right here this one right here that's a nice little plugin it's free to download it's it makes your life easier trust me so you can actually you know take it redirect the link that you might have from here so if I clicked on this it would take you to the landing page that I created that we just created together okay so this is landing page monkey I suggest you get it if you want something that's cheaper than the rest it it works I've created a lot of landing pages you have your back stats and reports it's been out for a while I'm just letting you know that I'm using this and this is how I create my own landing pages okay thanks for listening this is the Papa signing out from D Papa's living a flip-flop life peace

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