How To Build a List For Email Marketing WITHOUT a Squeeze Page


Hello, hello and welcome to today’s workshop
mini, where, in 20 minutes or less, I give you actionable content that you can use in
your business to grow your business immediately. I’m excited about this topic today because
squeeze pages suck and you don’t need squeeze pages any more to build a list. If you’re watching this on the replay on YouTube,
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Let me know your thoughts. Share them with me. I love to hear from you. We are here live. We’re here live every Friday at 11:00 AM eastern. I always love hanging with you, so thanks
for your support. These are really, really fun for me. So, yes, so squeeze pages. Traditionally, what is a squeeze page? Well, actually, let me go ahead and share
my screen so I can give you more of a visual while I’m talking. As an overview of what we’re going to do today,
I’ll explain what a squeeze page is.


I’ll explain why you don’t really need them
anymore. And I’m going to explain two alternatives
on how you can easily build a list without ever having to create a squeeze page again. Traditionally, this is a squeeze page. A squeeze page is anything that can capture
an email address. Usually you’ll see squeeze pages and all different
forms and fashions. Sometimes they are very, very short with little
content on them. Sometimes they are really, really, really,
really long and they almost look like a sales page with testimonials and calls to action
and videos on them. But the whole goal of a squeeze page is to
capture an email address.


This is just one of my squeeze pages, I have
several, and so should you, because, as we talk about passive income with content, and
on this channel, and in this Facebook group, Passive Income With Content, we talk about
list building a lot. We click on this, people put their name and
email and then they get sent over to whatever is promised on the squeeze page. It’s very easy to have high conversions on
a squeeze page if you’re being referred or if you already have a built in audience.


I can send this squeeze page to my subscribers
and I’ll probably have, I don’t know, close to a 50% opt-in rate because people already
know me. They already get a sense of who I am. They already know I deliver high value, and
they’re going to opt-in. However, a squeeze page gets tougher and tougher
to get emails when you’re selling to a cold audience. Even someone who has an established online
presence, they can have trouble with converting their squeeze pages, or, they are always optimizing
it to increase those conversions.


Maybe to a cold audience, just to give you
an example, you could have maybe, I don’t know, a 20% opt-in rate, or maybe less, if
you don’t have good copy, if you don’t really have good graphics. Maybe you’re not connecting with your audience
like it really matters, and that’s what makes it super tough because you have to have a
lot of things right to convert this cold audience to get their email address. That’s what makes it really, really tough. As you can imagine, sometimes you can screw
this up by saying too much and turning off your visitors. You can talk yourself out of anything. And, it’s not easy, it’s not easy for a ton
of people. That’s why, let’s say you’re running a Facebook
ad or an ad and then you send them over to a squeeze page. If your squeeze page is not congruent with
your ad, or like I said, you’re just not saying the right things to convert somebody over,
your squeeze page can actually lose your sale. And in this case, the sale is an opt-in.


Let’s just say that’s the next step you want
people to take, you want them to give your email address. That’s what makes squeeze pages super hard. Another reason why they’re challenging is
because everybody’s collecting email addresses. There’s not one smart marketer in the world
who’s not putting together some kind of page like this, trying to capture email addresses. They’re just old news for most people, and
if it’s not spot on, if you’re not delivering crazy amounts of value or solving a really
huge problem that your target market could have, then they’re just going to pass you
by. Let’s talk about two alternatives that you
can use. I’ll talk about one, the first one, which
is messenger bots. The whole idea of these two techniques is
to completely bypass a squeeze page.


You don’t even need to build one because you
just want to get to your ultimate destination, which is getting that lead, so you don’t want
your squeeze page to screw it up for you. One of the things that I’ve been doing, and
it’s actually leading to this page here, is, doing these of Facebook ads. Normally, in a Facebook ad you would say,
get more information, and it would lead to a squeeze page. But in this case, we’re leading people to
a messenger bot.


Basically, this little bit of text here and
this short little video here, which is less than a minute, is kind of the squeeze page. I’m not adding another layer of a squeeze
page to kill my opt-in. I’m just saying, this is what I’m offering
right here, and then, if you want to know more, then we’re doing it right through a
message here. This has worked out really well and it makes
it really easy because then you don’t have to … you just really have to worry about
your ad, is your ad converting. You don’t have to worry about your ad plus
your squeeze page converting. It’s not that hard to see which one is not
working because if nobody’s clicking on your ad, you know it’s the ad. If nobody’s opting … if people are … tons
and tons of people are clicking on your ad and nobody’s opting in, then you know it’s
the squeeze page that has the problem.



But here, we’re eliminating that squeeze page
all together and we’re telling them what they’re getting, and then we’re sending it in a message,
which is really, really cool. This is done with ManyChat, which we’ve talked
about in past sessions, so we won’t really get into that too much right now. I don’t specifically teach on ManyChat either
because it’s kind of new to me and I’m playing around with it, so I’m not an expert in it
at all. This is just the first stage of what I’m doing
with ManyChat, and it’s really nice to not have to worry about, even though I have a
squeeze page and I use it for other things, for this particular project that I’m working
on, but it’s nice to not have to deal with the squeeze page thing. I’m sure a lot of you would agree that squeeze
pages are difficult to put together and you really have to put a lot of thought into them. And, like I said, you really need to get the
messaging right, the headline, who you’re talking to, and exactly what they’re going
to get.


Sometimes it’s a no brainer and people just
opt-in and it’s easy, but most of the time it’s pretty hard. I’m getting a lot of people who are definitely
agreeing. Thanks Daniel. Thanks Rebecca. Great. That is the first way, completely avoiding
the squeeze page. The second way I’m going to talk about is
actually this really cool product that has launched this week that I definitely give
a thumbs up to, and it’s called List Warrior. This is a really, really cool way of building
a list without the need of a squeeze page. They’re actually showing you a free tool that
you can use to do this and you do not need to upgrade it.


It’s completely free. I’ll tell you that gist behind the method. Obviously, I can’t reveal the whole product
and they go into a lot of detail, so I’m not killing it. It’s basically growing a list by doing giveaways,
and this free tool allows you to do really professional giveaways and then grow your
list at the exact same time and then be able to communicate with your list by integrating
it with your autoresponder. All you’re doing is promising something for
free, and there’s different levels and different stages. If somebody opts-in, they get, maybe, this
level. If somebody shares it on Facebook or on another
platform, they get to different levels. You don’t have to make it complicated, you
can literally set this up in less than 10 minutes.


The reason why this works so well is because
you can give something away for free. Let’s say you are … you want to … you
can give away Amazon gift cards. You can give away chapters of your book. You can give away a free gift. You could do it through this automated platform. What’s nice about growing a list in these
different ways is that, when people enter in their email to get something, that’s not
a squeeze page, it’s kind of the norm. Well, to get to the next step, just enter
your email and go to proceed. It’s a different kind of entering your email
then the squeeze page feeling. Let’s say … this is just another example
that I have come across and let’s just say you’re giving away free access to your product
and you say, create your account. Oh, just put in your email and your name and
create your account. That’s a different kind of feeling then a
whole sales pitch to just get your email.


I’m sure that you realize the difference here. Just create your account, you’ll have free
access right when you get in, and then, behind the scenes, the marketer is actually capturing
that email address. Obviously, this product was made by John S.
Rhodes and Matt Rhodes, they are brothers and really, really savvy marketers. They know what they’re doing. I went through this entire product and they
over deliver. It did take me, probably, over an hour, but
anything that John says, and he teaches most of the videos, I definitely … I’ve known
John for a while now and he’s a really top notch marketer, so I highly recommend this
system that they have going on here. This system helps you grow your email list
on autopilot. It works in any niche. You can set it up and deploy in 10 minutes.


That is completely true. You could reward people for joining your list
and sharing your offers. Sometimes your offers can even go viral. Get streams of buyers with no content. You don’t have to spend hours and hours and
hours creating content. It’s that different, really nice feeling of
having people put in their email address in order to get something, as opposed to the
squeeze page feeling of, ooh, I’m being marketed to and now I’m just like … I’m old school,
putting my email address into a squeeze page, which everyone knows about these days, and
they know what’s coming on the next page.


These are the two concepts that I’m super,
super excited about because it makes it a lot easier to capture email addresses, as
opposed to going through a heck of a lot of work to, and time, to put into making a squeeze
page. A lot to get right. A lot of graphics. A lot of copy. A lot of headlines. A lot of split testing. This is all stuff that just over complicates
the whole process. Think about things that you can do, especially
generate ideas with List Warrior, specifically, that’s at Tony, there’s a way that you can get those
emails on your email list as well.


Yes, Keith puts it exactly right. It’s more transactional when it’s a squeeze
page and it doesn’t feel that way when it’s through these other resources and methods. List Warrior is just the name of the product. It’s not the actual tool. They are recommending the tool to use. It’s completely separate. It’s a discovery that they’ve made. It’s a third party tool and totally separate
from the Rhodes brothers, so you don’t have to worry about them using the email addresses
or anything like that. Basically, David’s asking, how does it get
emails to your list? Usually with an integration. There’s both, for ManyChat and for this, you
use some kind of API integration. You already should have an autoresponder. Alright, cool. Hopefully you guys get it and realize that
it doesn’t have to be so complicated anymore and you can do this and think of clever ways,
again, that you can build your email list without making it so hard.

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