How To Create A Marketing Funnel Using MailChimp

Good day to you folks Larry G Maguire here, ChimpTutorials that's where you go to learn MailChimp. As part of the resource, I'm building out some tutorial material In this particular tutorial, I'm
gonna show you how to create a simple marketing funnel using MailChimp and a
couple other tools. Quite straight forward If you've got a presence online you
look to generate leads and sales through your website, well then implementing a
little process like the one I'm gonna show you will help you add people to
your list.

And most importantly, know where they came from, so you can send
them the right message at the right time Before we jump into the material just
want to say a quick thanks to Antonin members entrepreneurs anonymous for
clicking on the link in the whatsapp group for visit the page for signing up
and helping me put this together you can catch this video on LinkedIn if you're
watching on anything howdy you're watching on youtube howdy you're
watching on what's up howdy – so without further ado let's get into the material
I'll show you what's the story okay so in this tutorial how to create a simple
marketing funnel using MailChimp you're gonna need three things first thing
obviously a MailChimp account it doesn't need to be a paid account it can be a
free account second thing you're gonna need is a website preferably WordPress
although you can make this work on pretty much any website platform but I'd
prefer WordPress 3030 over 20% of the Internet is built websites are built
WordPress so it's a good solution and then thirdly you need a sumo account if
you don't if you're not familiar with sumo you can check it out with similar
calm it's a free tool and there's a paid account as well but the free version
will allow you do what I'm going to show you which is essentially capture emails
on your site by offering something valuable or interesting or something
that helps reader or visitor to your so you get where they want to go so those
three things are required let's jump into the material reduce that down so
the first thing you want to create is a couple of page it's two pages on your
site the first one is your Paige and this is where you're going to
drop in your contact form or out of your signup form and to do that if you're
familiar with WordPress it's got the pages new page and create a page with
most themes in WordPress you can create a landing page it's just hyper focused
on the content rather than including menus and all that kind of stuff it cuts
it it cuts all those things out and just focuses attention on the content so if
you've got those options choose landing rather than the default page template
next you want to drop in your content pick a headline that communicates the
message in this case it's welcome entrepreneurs anonymous members sort of
the people that I was in contact earlier about this little process and add some
content page content and once you've added the written written content and
any images you want to add the next thing we want to do is add a space for
the farm it's a HTML form and I'll show you where
we're going to grab that code shortly but before we leave we're gonna add HTML
element this is the new block set up inside WordPress by the way it's the
latest version gottenberg version of WordPress so if it looks unfamiliar
that's why so add your HTML block saved at our updaters leave the window open
and what we're going to do is create our second page the second page we're going
to create is a thank-you page and the Thank You page is where you send
subscribers after they sign up you can add a link to freebie you can add a link
to a survey page in Google Forms or something like that or some other
incentive additional incentive you want to give people you can tell your
subscribers what's going to happen next what stuff they can expect to receive
from you if you've got an email series lined up well you can tell them about
that and keep a brief and it just helps reinforce your message so once you've
got those two pages created then next thing we're gonna do is gonna get
over to MailChimp this here is a demo account that I use for kind of messing
about and tests and tests and stuff what I want to show you here is how to create
group in MailChimp if you haven't got groups set up so this is the newsletter
you go into your list manage contacts go to groups and there's
no group set open here so you your view might be the same as this if you have
groups already just make sure they're aligned with the various let's say
products that you offer or aspects of your business that you want to
categorize your subscribers in or under so click create groups you don't want
people to select these these want to be hidden group categories so we just call
this chimp tutorials and then you can add names in this case enter none is a
group and save that don't for now few groups so you can see your groups we
want to create a merge tag so click on settings and go to merge tags and add a
field click text and you want to name this sumo because we're using sumo tool
you can name just what you like really but this just for demo purposes we don't
want it visible and you can leave this as marriage tree if you want but I
change it and I'll show you what it's important now in a minute and we leave
the default marriage tag empty and save changes so I'm going to jump into my own
active account now so at the moment you can see there's nobody in the internal
group and that's going to change now shortly when I finish the demo I'm gonna
come back in here and show you so next on the list we want to jump into sumo
if you haven't got Samoyed over to sumo comm sign up it's free then drop the
code into your so you got your developer to do it or V on WordPress install the
cinema plug-in and you'll be away in a hack you want to create a forum in sumo
so click on forms on the top menu create form and when you're forced to open up
sumo forms this is what you're presented with true into that so I've customized
this you can add fields by clicking add new you can duplicate fields by clicking
on them and then click duplicate the top here so that's what I did I basically
created two fields first name and email field and I've also added at the bottom
to the color that I want and font size that I want etc your consent and check
box here as well and there's a some customization here on the left hand side
for all these elements so once you're happy with your design you've got your
two fields these for me these are a minimum your first name and your email
you might choose not to ask for a first name in which case you'll just delete
that this next little bit is the important bit is where the magic happens
if you see up here there's a label hidden fields if you don't see that
click add new hidden field and what comes up is this you remember earlier
when we created the marriage tag we called a sumo well this is this is the
basically the section within the sumo app where we do the same thing so it
allows them both to speak to each other no sumo send the information and for
MailChimp to receive it so in this case the variable name is sumo like we did in
MailChimp and the variable value we choose from these options here and you
might remember the value we left blank in MailChimp well here we're going to
choose the variable popup name so the pop-up name is going to populate that
field within MailChimp and once you do that
any subscriber who subscribes to your email list use in this farm will be
identifiable in your list as having come from here so that's the little bit of
magic in the background once you have that set up all your farms will deliver
that information to your MailChimp list so once you have you're happy with your
design click on next this is the code that you're gonna need to drop into that
HTML box you created on your page earlier so we're just going to grab that
now go back to the page your landing page and paste in your HTML click Save
or update go back to sumo and next on the list click Next this one's important
too this is why you need your thank-you page this redirect URL this is where you
want to send people after they sign up that's this one more creating here this
is the link to the Thank You page that are used in the process if you follow
the process through to the end you would have arrived on this page so you want to
paste that in there and click Next that's all you need to do for this
simple setup you can do other things in here like add an email deliver content
to upgrade or order a bonus or a subscribe and center for something like
that there's a whole pile of features in here but this is all I want to I want to
look at just for the moment is adding in your redirect URL when someone signs
open so once you've done that click Next you want to connect to your email
service in this case it's the MailChimp you can see there's a whole host of
stuff in here they basically covered all the bases
when it comes to email service integration
I've got double opt-in switched off that's just my preference so when you
when you're in here click on your MailChimp account
and then choose your list learning McQuarrie list and then you can see
tutorials I want to add people to that antonin group if you remember a couple
of minutes ago that we created so select that on I've double opt-in disabled like
I said click Save but click update and that's your form so when you go back
into your H your WordPress page and you view that page
it's just updated here forced see you view our page you can now see the form
shows up static where you've pasted it on your page so once I sign in for
subscribe sure to say and click to consent box you can see what happens now
I'd be taken to the thank you page we details to go true to MailChimp and I'll
show you that looks like inside MailChimp click on the button you're
redirected to the Thank You page and this is a thank-you page that I've
created and like I said I've got an extra little action that I'd like people
to take and that is to give me some feedback on what they need most of what
you need most regard to MailChimp so when people click on that they go true
to form so you have to sign in but essentially our farm is basically what
are you struggling with what do you what do you need help with most and that
helps me then create and refine my offering if you know what I mean so
let's jump back to groups in my MailChimp list on the chimp tutorials
you can see an turn on the Antonine group has one contact that's me
obviously removed everyone else for privacy and sake she click on that and
there's me and under the sumo marriage tag is the enter nonfarm if you remember
carrados changes so the name the firm entered on from that's no viewable in
MailChimp so I know that this person here came via that farm the source was
sumo and that's it happy days so that's all I've got that
tutorial was helpful if you need any further information if any questions or
whatever you can drop me a line the whatsapp group or on LinkedIn you can
email me Larry a chimp tutorials calm and don't forget
to check out the article that accompanies this video later over on Jim
tutorials calm or if you want more stuff like this sign up and that's all of
coffee thanks very much folks for watching and see you later take it easy

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