How to Create a Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing | Sales Funnel (step by step 100% FREE)

In this video today I am going
to show you how you can create a profitable affiliate marketing sales funnel
and do it for you step by step
on a totally free website that you can use to do it and it is very easy to do it
also so if you are interested in knowing how to
create a profitable sales funnel for any affiliate product you want,
You want to watch this whole video here and we'll start
here now first of all my name is Kevin Lanner with
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ok with that away let's get started on
this It's I'm going to create a sales funnel Use
a product outside clickbank you can do it with any
affiliate product you want I'm just using clickbank here because the
product I'm using has a master magnet you want to give
a master magnet you want to give something away for free because you
're about to collect email addresses for you want to give
something free so they give you
their email address and a useless email address for you because you can
remarket to other email list products
later down the road so ok for this particular method
here i'm going to Use the keto diet here
because it has lead magnets here and I have already uploaded this
master magnet you can come over to the affiliate page
like I did here I clicked on affiliates here and brought us
to this page here and you can see
there are a lot of tools here and things You can use them
to promote a personalized keto diet so I clicked the lead magnet
right here and this is a website k is
an eBook of delicious keto recipes and I actually
downloaded this to my computer and this is what it looks like
here you can see it's an eBook written He
teaches people how to create delicious recipes and talks a little
bit about the keto diet etc etc so
this will be the main magnet we will We create it in
the sales funnel we now have the site you want to use
it's a very good site it's this site here and
it's 100 you can do it for free even though they paid
plans uh also here too but it's called system
e or systemy dot io you can see it here Right in the address bar
, come to this site, I mean it's free to sign up here and
they actually have to click prices here guys, you can see
they have a free plan here they have 27.47 and 97
but for the fleet free plan this site
, by the way, is a gateway A fully automated email path creates an
entire working site in one package on this site th you can use and
you are allowed up to a thousand contacts email
contacts address uh Unlimited emails sent you can use on
this site you can have up to three Entries three
sales funnels can be dozens of steps in a funnel if
you like and can even have blogs on this
site as well Membership sites can have
unlimited blog posts uh Unlimited file storage space which is
good because you will want If when you create your sales funnel
you were going to make your own ebook or your lead magnets were stored on
this site and you have free storage so you can make
membership sites, I mean there is a lot you can get
just for the free package on this site as You see here you can even
run your own referral program directly from this site
here, well what you want to do is you want to sign up so if
we come back all you do is enter
your email address and click start for free they will send you
a confirmation email So you want to make su re that you
check it and get this your account gets verified
in this site right then after you prove your identity and when you come back
and check it you will be asked to create a password
for your account as well so I'm going to go on I 've already I create an account on this site
a free account so I'm going to go ahead and log in and
you can see here that I'm logged in
with the email address and it brings you to the
back office here and this is the dashboard in the back office type of
yours then what you want to do is you want to come in here and click on where
it says funnels, here you see guys
click on funnels and then of course it says
you don't have any entries just yet but what we want to do is we want to create one
here I'm going to show you how easy it is to
do this for free and so what we want to do is we want it to come right here
where you see right above my head there is a
mouse here and click create and that opens this up and you have
several options here as you can see it Building an audience that sells
a product that has a custom Create a custom funnel
right from scratch and then run an evergreen webinar,
you can even use webinars on this site, that's
really cool This site is really good for free It's incredible.

I found this here
recently and I really like it
so what it's asking of us here is that we're going to
name our funnel here and I'm going to name it my product
, well I mean you can give it whatever name you want that just doesn't
matter here all right then we Our way of choice is to
build an audience because we want to create a sales funnel where we can
collect names of email addresses and email addresses
so that you can market to them later with other products Clickbank other products
warrior plus jvzoo, I mean just any affiliate product
you want to promote, you can do So directly from this site here
so we will click on this create an audience here you can set you have
your money in mol lars or euros there are all kinds of things guys this should be possible
from anywhere in the world
as you see all the different currencies
from all over the world Actually you know this
is not a problem to do this from anywhere in the world since I'm in the US
we use USD here and then you just want to click
create here and what that will do is open this and give
us all these ready-made templates that
we can use a ABOUT ME These are really nice looking templates I'm
thinking of switching to this site myself uh
I'm currently using builderall now but I'm thinking of
switching here to because it's just
really good and you'll see here in a bit so
what we want to do is we want Scroll down here and we'll pick
a template to use here so
I like this template here I like this background and it looks
really easy Get started with that I mean we're just going to pick this one that
you can choose whichever of you we want here to have a lot of stylish templates here
guys you can work with With
nice background images and stuff like that but for our example today I'm going to choose this template
here, just click select and it loads
properly here and what we're doing is going to be
a squeeze page and we'll just leave the name with a squeeze page
and that'll be your link here and it's going to use your name or
your email address that you signed up with your link ok what we want to
do is we want to come here and click on edit this is this
little pen right here that you see above my head here
click on that and that should open it up for us and
we can start to encroachment Yell that's like we want it now as you
can see you can modify any one of these boxes
or items here on this particular and it's already
set up the way we want it very well and you've got a lot of tools over here
you can use I mean you can just do all kinds of things
The cool ones are here on this site for 100 free players in we'll do it
because we're already selling a custom keto diet
but we need to set it up to give up free lead magnets
first because we want them to put their name and email so
we're giving something away to guys you want to always give the right value to
it I wanted to give them something for free so what we're going
to do is click here, and we can edit this backspace that's
it and I'm saying here
get get free keto diet make this
diet about to spell here I'll be fine
Get a diet recipe book Keto free and that's basically all you have to do you
can change the color of this and
so on and so on.

Here on the left you see where my mouse is is the text color,
you can change the background color for all kinds of different things
you can do here, so we'll leave it at that for a free keto recipe book
and then we do. ll leave that and that's right here
we can edit this I'm going to click here, edit this from here and
we'll put in here, I'll say enter the
best email
and name in there and then we'll put here below
, ok then you see he's already got the name
and email here, Then we have our visit here but before we do
that we want to properly place a picture of our free keto book in our recipe book
so what I did was I came here and just
copied this part of this cover
from this eBook right here keto ebook and what we're going to do
is we're going to come here and we 're going back click again click here to go back and
you see where the image is here, look
how easy it is, I'm just going to drag this image here
and I'm going to drop it right under this
top address there, and we're going to put it there now, I've I actually
made a copy of that picture that I showed you and I'm going to upload it here
to the thing which is there keto recipes right there and once
it's uploaded and it's there and what we're going to do is
we're going to put that in just the right place you
guys see how easy it is for you guys and as we scroll down you can see
it looks Well so far we're starting
to have a good look at this here now we're just going to want to
change the button a little bit here we're going to click on the
little settings thing here for that button and you'll see here on the left
now the top here shows the action that happens when you click on the button
that's going to be the go to the url the next step okay
then the grid cuz the next step we're going to do is we're going to
also create a thank you page because we want to
thank them for entering their info
and then we're going to tell them how to get
on the keto diet custom keto diet so they can create their own custom keto diet
, well you can just do that with any of your affiliate product buddies,
I'm just using this as an example here so you see the button here.

He says
get immediate access I'll here on the left see where
my mouse is here and we'll change it that up and edit that from and I say uh
download make let your that uh dc
download free book
now and just that simple and then what we can do
we'll just leave like that We're going to change a color like you see here,
I'm going to change that color sort of made it a little close to the
color here, so if you come here on the left
you'll see where it says background color here and I
click on that and then what we 're going to do is kind of change that
color up just a little bit there try to make it and
maybe a little bit more a little
more and something like let's just a little bit more like that right there
this looks really good so that's a good
thing like that just make a button
and then put some text There and let them, when they click
that button it will take over and we've picked the action clips.

We move
to the next step which will be
our thank you page so now you get this
page called push page or landing page here and this will get the email
address so when they click on that button to
get their free book they will put their name and email
on the io point system in your account and
you're going to be able to get that email address to market
to them with other products later now so what we're going to do is
show up here on the right you see here where the mouse will click
save changes right there and then what we want to do is we want
Exit this and it brings us back here and we
'll create a thank you page ok I guess I've already made
one here and I'm going to use this if you click you can
click create step that will give you the next step and then I just choose
a thank you page ok and it already has one here
what I'm going to do is to click this here, I mean you can use
any of those, it doesn't matter, but I 'm going to click on this because we
provide a free book file and it's already got that right, so I'm going to pick
that up and then it opens and we call this
a thank you page here, and We're just going to back up that
download there, call it thank you
and then you give us a link for that there now we want to come over here and
click edit here and that should
open it up for us and we can edit this now
what I'm going to do here because that book is already here I'm going to put
Another copy of our e-book cover there,
ok, what I'm going to do is click here, click on settings up here
, and then come in here and say the image you see is correct
we're going to click upload here and then ask us to put that
image in there and we'll go ahead and click on it again
then you see it got it here we will just click on insert and
there you go you see it has our custom keto recipes picture for the
book there that they saw on the first page
now here you can change it and edit this here
I will go on and leave it thank you for registering then we will put it Here
, check it out and put it here, be sure
to check your email to get your own recipe book.
just leave it at this place like
here your email inbox is checked they open the mail they click on the
link and they can download their product directly in the recipe book
now what we're going to do here below is being put into a
button down here or some text here for
that I'm going to go back and I'm going to grab the text here guys and I
'm going to drag it on and put it right up here at the bottom
of this there and you'll see how it was entered
there and we're going to click here and we edit this so
what we're going to do is write here
delete this and I'll write it here let's see here learn how
You can create your own custom keto
diet all right and we'll leave that like
it, then we finish with it and then what we'r
going to do is come back here we're going to scroll down I want to
grab the button here guys see that when tell me the mouse
grab the button you see how i dr how easy this is guys drag that over and i'm
going to put it right below right there where those words are in
and you see right there and then what we want to do is we want
to free that button so we Just get our mouse over there and hang out t on the
little gear icon there actually you probably can't see it
because i'm on the way here let me uh kind of pull myself out
of the way here just for a moment and you can see that when i put my
mouse on it it shows this command and you see that little gear
right there and if you click on This cog that opens your widgets here
on the left side put myself here now what
we're going to do is release this button here now the action when the button is clicked
what we want to do is we want to open it on the url and that puts us here
the url and then we'll le me after back to Right clickbank
whatever product you use goes back
to your product and we will click on promote right here and then make sure
that our account nickname is in there in the box and click
generate hop links and they give you clear old ugly clickbank
guys don't worry about you won't need to Going a bit and
shortening this because it will be hidden behind that button so
we click on it to copy it back to our editor and
then we paste the url containing the clickbank url
there just as you see these guys
and then we can open it in the same window or open it in a window new, and I'll leave it
mufti and in the same window
then what we want to do is tweak that button a little bit so I'm going to
scroll down here and you see the button text is
here guys and it says click here like what you see
on the button what we're going to do is we're going to
backspace that's who we're going to click here
r get your custom keto diet of
your own here get your custom keto diet of
your own here let me drag myself out of the
way here again guys just put me here you can see that in what i get on
your custom keto diet here Then it can be seen here
where we typed it now what we want to do is change the
color of the button again and I want to make it similar to these colors
here here and we'll kind of keep
everything exactly the same you see what I'm doing right here so we
'll click on that and we'll put it back in here and it
will come That's just a bit like
the kind of mismatch that the colors in that picture depict a bit
at least for my eyes anyway I'm a colorblind guys so I might be
a little off your eyes might be better than mine
so anyway but once you've got that done yet So it's just a matter of getting out
here and clicking p me save changes here
because we have we have thank you the page is created
and then it's jus it's about clicking save changes right here and you
see it saves changes now we can what we can do is we can exit the
editor here and then we
're going to take us back and then what we're going to do is to click on our landing page that
we created here and you can see that is our link
here for that right so what we want to do is for example
just test it to see if it works what we will do uh are we going to copy
our link in there by clicking here and you will see it's copied here and
we'll open another tab here and paste that link there,
click go and you'll find it leads us to our site squeeze page or landing pages
start from our funnel guys it's a two step funnel
is all you need then that for example if you just like putting
my name is here and then my email address i click download free ebook now
that should see that when they click
it stores their email address and name
on your io an account brings them here to
the thank you page and you can see a they are still able to see that they are
in the right place, that book they want shows up and tell them here,
make sure you check your email after telling them thanks for subscribing
make sure you check your email for the book and your recipe and tell them
how to do it here in three steps and then say on it here learn how
you can create your own custom ketogenic diet here and if
this button is clicked here the guys who have to do it will
take over and they will have the opportunity to buy this product
on the video sales letter and they can buy the product to do it
there like this so this is how you do it and this is how you create
a sales funnel out there now you can then market that you can run
paid ads through facebook or youtube or pinterest
to this squeeze page thank you you can even do it for free on like
facebook and do So in groups using a custom diet or ketogenic diet again as
our example you can do this with any e-book or master magnet you want and you can
get free books if you go to free downloads at dot com you can get
free lead magnets for ebooks there complete
with pictures and covers and things like that you can use to set up your own funnel
on 100 free guys so guys this is the
video i wanted to show you today is how
you can create a sales funnel Totally free on this
system e point system how not always the
mail system or pi system what point io
guys this is the video i got for you today i wanted to show you
a reason for a very easy free site where you can do this
and create a conversion channel
Really good and profitable marketing sales, if you like this video get there and
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and come see what's out there for
you guys ok you guys , I 'll let you go with that and see you back
here in a couple of days or so in the next exciting video
where you guys are making money Have a great day today
bye now [music]
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