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hello everybody it's Paul Hoover here and I just wanted to make this quick video to show you how you can make very easy and quick and professional looking squeeze pages using a result called instant squeeze page generator now this is a free resource when you sign up to it you will see different up sales and cross sales or anything but you don't need to take those in order to be able to create these squeeze pages okay so i'm just going to log into my account have also provided your link so you can sign up here as well you okay this is the the main page here so to create a squeeze page basically all you do is you follow eight very simple steps okay so i'm going to scroll down you'll see this link here create a new squeeze page so i'll just click on that now you will come to the first step and what you're seeing here is all the different templates that you can use so you can choose any one of these there's lots of different ones here so you're lots of choice okay i think i'm going to use I like this one I like to use this one quite a bit these a few of them but this one I was do like so you just check that off and you scroll down to the bottom and click on continue to step 2 next is going to ask if you want to background I personally don't usually use a background and again is entirely up to you but I'll just click don't use a background if you wanted to choose on obviously you just check mark whichever background you one interviews so continue to step three now by default what this does this squeeze page it puts in a free offer and you can choose any one of these but i'm sure if we give away your pretty going to have your own gift to you so you can't actually take this option outs but we can replace this image later on using an HTML web editor so we'll do that later on so for now I'm just going to leave this checked it will appear on the squeeze page at first but i will change it out later on so continue to step 4 so now you want to write in a headline which we're going to appear on the squeeze page so i just put welcome giveaway members and i'll just change the size i think up to 30 and i'll change the color i think i'll make it a nice bright color that stands out so I'll choose my shreds and I'll bold that that's it for this this step continue to step 5 you five is where you add some text they have some text here you want to delete this add your own texting basically this is where you want to tell the person who's on the squeeze page what they need to do please enter your name and email address to receive your free okay so i just wanna make a little bit bigger so I'll just highlight it and cut the size here medium okay so we need to do here continue to step 6 now this is where you need to paste the code that you got from your autoresponder service for your opt-in form for this particular list so what I do is whenever I create a new list in my autoresponder I always save the code into a notepad file here so I can access whenever I need to so I'm just going to copy that I lied to all them control C delete this here and ctrl-v to paste the code in okay so that's the code now from the opt-in form and continue to step 7 it's going to like the page details here so i'll just write giveaway members change the details down here date it 2009 i usually just put my blog URL in here you okay so we need for this one okay we're now on the final pages step 8 so you'll see is created all of this code here this is all the HTML code you need for the entire squeeze page ok so we're going to do is click inside here and press ctrl-a that will highlight it all and control see that's copying it all and now you need to open an HTML editor and when I use is a free one called composer okay so this is what composer look like when it's opened up now you'll see down the bottom here you have four tabs normal HTML tags source and preview we need to paste this code in to the source so we click on source and you'll see some HTML code here we're going to do is press control V and what that's done is pasted all the code for the squeeze page that we just copied from instance squeeze page generator okay come back down the bottom and click on normal there you will see our squeeze page okay so there's an opt-in form as the text that we wrote and here like I said this is the default image that's we know you can't change it out while you're actually creating in instant squeeze page generator but now we're going to change it out ok this is what gets a little bit fiddly base it's not that difficult so what we need to do is click back on the source and we need to find the actual URL now this is this is what it will look like here this is actually on line 47 in composer but this is kind of vary depending on the template that you chose okay so here it says in HTTP for / for / instance squeeze page generator com SP template products and f ll FM book need this is the what you want to change out okay now obviously when you create a new list and you want to upload your things using FileZilla you would have created a new directory giveaway event or whatever is you're using it for so I always this is the directory here I'm just going to copy that so basically got my main domain which is Paul Hoover com unless internet marketers three this is the directory I've created in filezilla for this particular giveaway event so I'm going to highlight all of this then delete and now I'm just going to press ctrl-v to paste that in there now what we need to do is get the image arm of the particular product we're going to upload so it's actually called here the jpg is called box underscore so I put forward slash box underscore cover okay that's it so I've already uploaded that into that directory so if we come back on here that should it might just take a minute to find it you and there it is okay so that's the actual image for the product that i'll be giving away now you can resize you can just click on this and make it smaller that doesn't fit well okay so you can see my url down the bottom there so that basically is the squeeze page created in the very few simple steps okay you can come to preview down here to see where it actually looked like so it looks quite neat and tiny quite professional looking and that's it what you can do is file save as I always call the squeeze page index you and choose your locations i'll save it into here make sure it says HTML files if it says x HTML files which may do then you just need to click in here and click on all files okay as it says HTML files that's okay so just click Save that's index 1 because it's kind of all right another one click Save and that's it all done okay so that's it's a very very simple process it takes a few minutes just follow the eight very simple steps in instance squeeze page generator and again it's free to sign up to I've included a link in this blog post here so you can sign up now and start creating your professional looking squeeze pages okay hope this was a help to you

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