How to Create a Stunning Landing Page on WordPress in Minutes [FREE Plugin]

hi YouTubers, This is Yoni from Elementor.
Today I'll show you how I created this beautiful landing page with a mentor in
under 10 minutes ok go into the WordPress dashboard in this tutorial I'm
using the default 2016 theme from WordPress with the fridge item that I'll
link to in the description if you haven't installed the Elemento page
builder yet go to plugins add new search element or and install it all right
let's start assigning I'm adding a new page let's call it landing page I set it
as a full width page which is included in the charting and let's start by
clicking on the edit with elemental button ok the first step is to create
the Harrison this is the mind scene in our landing page this include the
heading the call to action button and our logo so let's start it by dragging
the heading I just paste the text that I prepared before see Centuri this is the
main heading so I'll increase the text to 70 17 9 pixels which will be much
more bold to our visitors I'll change it to capitalize and I will change the font
to Roboto condensed below it I will add another heading element here all placed
again the text this will be smaller text so I will decrease the size to 20 pixels
and change the weight to normal little bit line height and we finish it below
it I will add a call to action button so let's drag it Center it kiss it to
extra-large and type here the text join our
next trip to and under style I will head a little bit for the radios and
customize a little bit of text or increase the size to 2022 and change it
to uppercase a little bit spacing between the letters here we go okay my
next step is to add a little bit touch to this section I want to use the video
background option so I'll go to youtube and copy the URL of the video section
style background video test the video here we go let's add a little bit
padding above and below this section so go to advanced padding top 80 pixels
button 80 pixels now I will change the colors of the headings so I'll go to
style change to white and the next one eyelid also to white as you can see the
text is not Coolio because the video behind it so we'll add a little bit back
on overlay that will cover the video let's go here
I'll pick dark shade of purple with opacity now it looks well now I want to
add a logo above our text you can use your own image I will use the icon box
widget let's run it change it to bicycle icon and the title I'll put our company
name this is back to the descriptor delete let's go to the style change the
color to a light shade of purple copy it to the text also now we'll change the
font to a script font little bit increase the text change it
to normal little bit spacing between the letters and the final step is to
decrease the spacing between the icon and the title perfect another thing is
to add a little bit space between the headings so I'll use the spacer widget
just drag it increase the size enough duplicate and move it above the text one
more step is to reduce the size of the section so I'll go to the section
setting under layout I have content width so I just decrease the numbers to
850 now it's perfect let's go to the next section in the next section we have
three main features so I'll add a section with three columns then I will
drag the image box widget which include image title and descriptor in the image
I will pick beautiful images I prefer before I change it to the image size to
maximum spacing a little bit something like 20 and duplicate it we have three
features and change the images it's all about bicycle let's add a little bit
spacing between the columns and above the section so I'll go to the section
setting under color gap I have few options to the wave of the gap I will
pick the wider and a little bit padding above it let's say 40 50 pixels okay
let's continue our next step is to add a strip of logos so I'll add a new section
I'll use the image carousel widget add images 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
eight no Kazon relevant I have here many options I want to slightly show five
locks well and the navigation I'm going to change it to on the arrows and
they'll style I will change the colors of the arrows to gray and I will change
the position to outside above it I will add an heading let's paste the text some
of our companies that experience and I will change the color to gray graphic to
make it a little bit bolder I will add a divider okay I'll change the increase
the size to three picks the line is light gray and I will duplicate it to
under the cursor also and I see that I need a little bit spacing above the
section so I do something for 40 pixels it's too much 25 now it's better okay let's continue to the next section
below it I will add a new section with two columns here all going to put the
testimonials from our happy customers let's change the text and this is from
Jonas Garber Oh image is the designer yes is the
designer and put align it to left a bit style change the text to italic
I think is looks well on testimonials I will increase the text a little bit make
it bolder let's duplicate it I'll change the text this from a lane this is
his/her profile image she is HR manager this section also will add a little bit
padding from the top into the button and I will change the gap also to wider
finally I will add a two-column section for the call-to-action strip so pass
through the text show the bike ride of our life for your life and I'll just
duplicate a call-to-action button from the first section to this section I will
add a colored background which will be purple and I will use the min height
height with 20 pixels and I change the content position to middle let's change
the color to white this you can see you will see there the call-to-action I'll
switch the preview mode we have Harrison on right features in the logos
testimonials and the call to action for the final I hope you've enjoyed this
video stay tuned for more tutorials subscribe to this channel and feel free
to share it with your friends

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