How To Create Sales Funnels Fast For Network Marketing | FREE MLM Funnel Templates Included

What's up my funnel friend, this is Trey Bearor
from If you're trying create sales funnels for
network marketing, do you really need to be super techy? Will you really have to spend $100-$300 per
month just to have sales funnel, especially if you're a beginner? And what happens if you spend all this time
setting it up and it's not a high-converting sales funnel? In this video, I'm going to help you easily
create your own sales funnel for network marketing  so you can be generate leads and sales in
your business in the next 10 minutes. And no, you won't be spending $100-$300 a
month on sales funnel softwares like ClickFunnels, Kartra, or Builderall. In fact, I'll show you how to never spend
a dime AND how to ensure you have a high-converting sales funnel that prospects will happily opt
in to. And hey, if this video adds value to to you..

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Network Marketing business. Because the end of this video, you'll have
your own sales funnel template to use..and yes, sales funnels for network marketing work
for any business and I'll show you how. Let's get started! Alright, my friend. If you haven't watched this video yet (points),
I highly recommend you go check that out because it's going to help you understand this lead
generation strategy for funnels more clearly and will help you create a lead magnet from

If you've already created your lead magnet,
this video will build off from that so you can automate this lead generation strategy
entirely. When I first started learning about funnels
for network marketing, I kept hearing top leaders saying, "you gotta collect emails!"
and so I wanted the success that they had and so I listened to what they said. The problem was…I would collect emails manually. I didn't know about using funnels for network
marketing! If I had someone who wanted help with XYZ,
I would ask them to give me their email address and I would email it to them. This lead generation strategy would take so
long and so much time out of my day. The worst part, I'd even lose prospects because
most people want it right then and there and if they don't get it, they'll go search for
something similar elsewhere. But the cool part about it was, it was an
easy way to transition the conversation from "here's this free thing" to "so what has you
looking for help with XYZ?" And when I would ask that, it was an easy
way for me to hear what they struggled with, what they wanted help with, and even a plug
for me to introduce the network marketing products that had helped me.

After hours of doing this every day for months,
I was talking to a mentor about how much time I was spending on this process alone and he
said, "why don't you just automate that since it's the same process every time?" And that's when he taught me about how to
create sales funnels for network marketing. Now, there are tons of sales funnel softwares
out there. Some free to use and some you'll need to pay
to use. You can create a network marketing sales funnel
for free using softwares such as MailChimp or Thinkific, but here's the issue with FREE. Ya get what you pay for. You'll find that using free tools, you're
very limited unless you decide to upgrade. Also, you'll find that most of your automated
emails sit in people's spam folders and never get opened.

Not something you want. When it comes to growing your business, I
wouldn't recommend being cheap. Kinda like if you wanted to go sky-diving. Do you really want to go for the cheapest
deals? And if you want to recruit professionals into
your network marketing business, pay a little extra in order to look professional rather
than having your content branded with MailChimp or Thinkific. Which brings me to paid sales funnel softwares
such as GetResponse or ActiveCampaign. I actually really like both of these softwares
and used them for years. But the problem with them is that as you grow
your email list, your monthly charges also go up. Which is fine, but the biggest issue I had
is that I was paying $97/mo for funnels and then $150/mo for email autoresponders and
when one thing would go wrong, everything wouldn't work and it would hold me back for

I finally had enough of "duct-taping" softwares
together and I wanted an all-in-one platform that had everything without having to spend
$300/month. So now that you've created your lead magnet,
let me show you how easy it is to automate this process. Step One: You need to create your funnel pages. Here's a look at one of my funnels and how
easy it is to create sales funnels for network marketing. You can customize the headline and sub-headlines
here by just adding text and writing whatever you want. You can also add photos or videos anywhere
on the page using the drag and drop feature.

Literally, no HTML or coding skills necessary. And then you want to add a form so people
are able to put in their name and emails. Once they put in their name and email, we
need to send them the lead magnet we created for them. So let's go to Marketing and click Campaigns
so we can create the exact email that they get as soon as they opt in. I'm going to name this "TEST EXAMPLE" for
the purpose of this video and then a window will pop up. This is where you write out your email and
giving them access to your lead magnet. You can either insert a direct download link
for them to click and download your lead magnet. Or you can simply click "Attach File" and
upload your lead magnet for your prospects to download. And BOOM! Just click "Save" and on the next page you
need to say WHEN you want your lead magnet delivered once someone opts in. In this case, we want to change this to "Send
Immediately" and then scroll up to make sure this campaign goes from Draft Mode to Published.

And there you go, you have a fully automated
funnel for network marketing that can generate leads without you spending hours and wasting
a bunch of money like I first did. Sounds awesome, right? I asked a few Network Marketing leaders inside
my course called "MLM Misfits" the timeframe it took them to get their funnel up and look
what they said… Samantha said, "2 hours INCLUDING 10 emails
and 2 babies.

But the actual funnel, 20 minutes." Bobbi said, "I can definitely get the funnel
itself up and ready in less than a half hour." How would you like to have your funnel up
today without any tech problems? Well, I want to make this extremely easy on
you. I want to literally give you this exact funnel
template to use for your network marketing business. Yes, it's already built it out and it's waiting
for you to customize yourself. You can just grab the sales funnel template
for free that I mentioned in this video and personalize it for your business.

This will make this setup faster and easier
than ever for you especially if you watched this video *points* on creating your lead
magnet for your network marketing business. Yes, I know what you're already asking…"How
much is this gonna cost me, Trey?" Look, I was spending $97/mo just to have a
funnel and then another $150/mo to integrate an email service such as ActiveCampaign or
GetResponse, and then pay extra each month as my email list grew more and more.

But you won't have to because we decided to
scrap all of that and use an all-in-one platform specifically for Network Marketers so you
have all of your funnels, websites, memberships, and email autoresponders all in one platform
and it even comes with a 14 day free trial and a crash course to help you easily set
more stuff up. I'll put a link in the description section
below this video for my webclass where I go more in depth on these strategies And on the next page, after registering, you'll
be able to access your 14 day free trial and the crash course I made for you – the Network
Marketer who wants to automate their business fast without dealing with any tech problems
along the way. Again, just go find that link in the description
section. Thank you again for watching this week's video. If this video has added value to you, be sure
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