How to do an SEO Audit Report (Simple Guide)

working on the website that is 
and i thought i should share with you guys how   to do sort of like an on-page um site audit and 
create a report from that now there are various   tools that you can use to do your seo sort of like 
ahrefs um sem rush most seo and also seo ability   and right now i'm on seo ability which is the uh 
sort of like seo crawling tool or audio tool that   i'm using at the moment and we want to create 
now i've created a project for   which is the new website that i'm working on for 
the agency and we want to sort of like assume   that you know server digital is our client now 
how do you come up with sort of like a report   on how the website is performing what needs to 
be optimized and you know potential opportunities   for optimizations etc etc and you simply need to 
you know start a project on subability and then   once you've done that simply crawl so we'll 
start a new crawl for the website and you can   see immediately it starts to crawl the website and 
you have to give it a few minutes now sometimes it   may take a longer a much longer time depending on 
how many um stuff like how many pages are on your   website um at the moment it shows we have probably 
around 13 or 14 uh pages on the website that can   be checked and are indexed as well so we'll wait 
and see what happens it should not take really   much a long time as you can see it's 75 almost 
done and you can do this on any other seo software   that you have not only se ability you can do it 
on hrefs moz you can do it on uber suggest etc   and when you have a client and you're trying to 
sort of like show them what's going on on the   website and what's need you know sort of like what 
needs to be corrected or let's say you have an   a team of seos in your agency or in your 
business you know this one of the reports   you know that they can use to you know work 
on your website see what's really happening   on your website being able to pinpoint uh sort 
of like the opportunities for optimizations   and work on that and that's why you know it's 
quite important that uh you you have sort of   like an seo software you don't necessarily need 
to have one because i know like you know there are   seos that tend to do everything very very 
manual still works but you know software simply   make work easier on your end and here once you 
know everything is done we can see our own page   tech and metadata structure content backlinks 
report uh you know sort of like how many you know   backlinks do we have how many of the backlinks 
are a follow or a no follow etc and it was sort   of like you know the top level uh referring top 
level domains dot um the ceo that uk um   i believe if you use you know ahrefs and other you 
know seo tools you can also see like uh countries   top-level uh domains as well etc so you can you 
know sort of like see here you know the referring   domains and pages that are linked to the website 
and you know their link rating or domain rating or   etc and you know the anchor text server digital 
here it's empty probably an image or something   um also here it's sift group x which you know we 
did a 301 redirect some a few weeks ago before   starting this website uh several digital dot io 
etc so let's wait and see and here you can also   check in your rankings if you're tracking any um 
you know sort of keywords that you're you know   using or you're trying to rank for as you can see 
i have a bunch of keywords already listed that you   know i want to check their rankings with a time 
as you know we optimize the webs the website is   only just for maybe a month old even less than 
that uh bearing in mind that it has taken me   quite some time to sort of like create the website 
and uh sort of like you know the design work etc   um this might take a little bit time as i can see 
uh so i'll simply not keep you guys waiting i'd   rather you know show you guys uh what's going 
on after you know the crawling is done so see   you guys in a minute so we are done crawling and 
as you can see um sort of like the optimization   score etc plus two percent change and um 20 
change since the first um crawl update now as   we mentioned we're going to look at now how do you 
create now a report for your class now with the   solution that i'm using um i'm using at the moment 
ac ability as you can see and i'm not in any way   affiliated to them just to mention that it's a 
tool that i use um i also use ahrefs um simply   i've started to use hfs at the moment uh trying 
to um get uh you know used to using it but with   this you can you know upload your logo and then 
um let's say we want to do a complete export so   how many pages is that around 20 um pages display 
optimization hints in the exported document create   create pdf uh document and this shouldn't take 
a long time should be done any time from now   or you can simply use any other seo software 
that you know to do the same thing even for   your clients um like i've mentioned hrevs and uh 
sem raj etc oh now we are done so we simply open all right and then here you have it your report 
is around for you 41 pages and you can see like   you know overall score 41 etc um and you can check 
you know it sort of highlights you know where the   different you know optimization opportunities 
are and you know some of the problems   your website might have that you might not get to 
see at first hand if you're simply looking at a   website and uh you know looking at you know with 
your bare eyes and trying to figure out you know   optimization opportunities etc some of the things 
you might you know might surpass your vision   and that's why you know sometimes it's good to 
have a tool that you know you can rely on that   you know provides you with in-depth information 
about what's really going on on your website   as you can see right here it shows like you know 
one of the technical problems two pages have   duplicate uh page titles meaning i have to look 
into that uh why do they have duplicate uh you   know page titles you know it's the same page being 
you know indexed twice or what's really going on   uh the average response time of your pages is very 
high you know you have to look at you know i have   to look at maybe probably css files and maybe have 
you know too large of images on the website etc   only 14 pages that can be indexed 
by such engines who are found   um that is not really i'm not really cautious 
about that now one of the things that you   know there might be uh you know some pages 
that are being blocked by either robot txt   or maybe from the use of canonical urls but since 
it's a new website uh there's no canonicalization   that i've done on the website so one of 
the things that i might have to look into   is how you know robot txt is functioning on the 
website just to be a bit sure but also the same   time you know i can use uh google search console 
to sort of like check um you know which pages are   indexed and if you know this any error on google 
search console or simply head on to google and   type inside full colon server digital dot io and i 
can actually see all the pages that are indexed uh   on google and how they appear together you 
know with the titles and meta description etc   so it's yes you know it shows that it's very 
important but it's something that you know i can   easily do and i'm not really aware of that since 
it's a new website and i don't believe you know   i have a lot of problems to you know do with 
indexing etc uh we found pages with robot meta   tag no follow twelve i just have problems with uh 
h1 headings it's something you know i can look at   as well simply this is a list of you know of 
things that you know you might want to look into   tech and mata uh your metadata etc um what 
else we have information about structure   content um you know content you know pages 
with only a few paragraphs five pages and   you don't necessarily need to you know optimize 
to a hundred percent it's not really necessary   and sometimes you know it can also you know sort 
of like affect the whole user experience because   if you think let's say of pages with only a few 
paragraphs you might find maybe it's the content   page or maybe the about page where not necessarily 
you know a lot of information needs to be written   or put on those pages so trying to you know put 
as much content as possible let's say on a contact   page where you know it's simply on a contact page 
you know you simply want to give sort of like your   maybe your location together with your phone 
number email etc maybe a social uh social media   kit or links etc on how people can you know can 
find you so not necessarily people you know want   to read a lot of stuff on the content page so it's 
not even that necessary and that's why you know   you can't necessarily optimize to 100 or if you 
do that you know you might end up hampering you   know the whole user experience it's not really 
that necessary you know pages with little text   uh pages with duplicate paragraphs this simply 
shows you know what's really going on in the   website and you know and also it gives you links 
to you know for the things you need you need to   check into what's this about problems pages with 
problematic page titles yeah either they're too   long or they're too short or you know here they 
see you know more repetition the word digital   appears twice it's not necessarily a problem it's 
not something you know that i uh might you know   really change uh maybe here somewhere 
contact career uh page titles korea server digital   not really something you know that i might 
also change maybe um the meta description   because i believe you know this is a new page the 
career page is a new page that i'm working on and   so are these not really a lot of you know 
work put into um i don't and i don't think   it has a meta description so it's one of 
the things you know i might want to um   look into so simply you know you get all the links 
and you know what you know whatever is going on uh   for example here the meta description is just 
too long it's not really necessary i have to   look into that um etc so you gotta know all you 
know all that information and you can actually   show if you have a client you can actually 
show them you know what's really going on   on their site what needs to be changed etc you 
know some of the optimization opportunities   that is when it comes in your own pages your 
or if you have a marketing teammate you know   they can use this you know sort of like to 
create like a roadmap on how to work on the   optimization on who does what and what you know 
is done when and prioritize what's more important   uh you know what you know needs like immediate 
attention you know compared to maybe other   factors of optimization that you know might not 
necessarily need a lot of you know attention   you know towards the beginning or something 
that you know might can also be neglected um   as well so simply this is a way you know sort 
of like how you can um uh sort of like you know   do like an on-site audit and exactly here issues 
with file sources and you can see you know   which uh file sources you know are you know uh 
huge and are costing a lot of loading time etc   and you can actually sort of like either try and 
catch them or remove them completely or minify   them try to find a solution on how to make them 
as small as possible or remove them in the process   exactly so pretty much that's it um if you have 
any questions you know make sure to write them   down in this in the comment section below i'll and 
make sure to answer each and every questions that   you have when it comes to doing an on-page audit 
on seo software and how to present your audit   to a client so that you know they understand 
really what's uh going on with the website and   uh you know what exactly you're working on 
and you know because seo you know tends to be   you know not not many people understand you know 
what seos do and um sometimes you know you have   to really show them you know the kind of work that 
you're putting into the website and you know it's   really important that you know you create sort of 
like this kind of reports and you know you file   them and you can you know show them with time you 
know how things have been improving over time so   that they can actually see the amount of work you 
put in there because seo is not a one-time thing   it's not something that you do you know today 
and you know you forget about it it's something   that's you know on an ongoing process you need 
to work on it you know throughout and find   optimization opportunities sometimes you know 
it might be let's say updating your content um   like even i mentioned i talked about the other 
website that is the marketing podcast dot live   which is the podcast website and there's a 
lot of optimization that has to go into the   meta titles and meta descriptions simply to work 
on the click-through rate of the website because   the website is getting thousands and thousands 
and thousands of impressions but the click-through   rate is not something that i'm really happy with 
and you know it has a lot of work because i have   over close to i think around 400 pages and it is 
you know a lot of work that has to go in there   but also not only that when it comes to creating 
reports you can also create a report on you know   the keywords that you're tracking as well 
using the seo software or solution that   you have uh for your agency or for yourself as a 
you know as a digital or as a seo freelancer etc   you know keyword tracking is also quite important 
because the same thing you do when you're doing   let's say a ppc campaign you also do the same 
with an seo campaign trying to uh sort of like   show your clients organically how uh you know 
they're performing for you know how they're   ranking for certain keywords over time and by the 
way speaking of ranking organic keywords google's   google released an update on the such algorithm 
over the weekend and if you're new to seo   because i'm guessing a lot of people might have 
you know their website hit out i was on a facebook   page and a lot of people are complaining about you 
know their websites being hit really really badly   and you know some are actually celebrating um you 
know the website is not performing really really   well if you're new to all of these just take your 
time understand look at what's going on and uh   look at the update what really went on etc you 
can also listen to the podcast or you know watch   some of the videos that we have on the platform 
and see exactly what's going on and learn from   that because seo is something i always talk about 
it it's best that you practice white hat because   playing you know with you know practicing black 
hat or gray hat it's just a matter of time before   you know google hits back at you it might take 
some time and google is always aware of everything   that you know you're doing on your on your website 
in terms of seo also something that you might want   to uh be very very keen on anyway that's pretty 
much it if you have any questions make sure to   write them down in the comment section below 
and also reach out to me on the website or   on the email address info at sava digital dot i 
o but until then see you guys on the next update you

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