How To Write The Perfect Article (On Page SEO)

in this video in this mini course i will show 
you how to write and optimize an article on   your website i will show you everything as always 
everything tips tricks tools everything you should   know to write the best article in terms of seo 
and in terms of conversions and leads stay tuned hi friends i'm hassan from H-educate and you 
are watching part three of my seo mastery series   if you remember in the last part we talked about 
keyword research and we picked up some keywords   to rank on google in this video i will show 
you how to write the article how to optimize it   how to optimize it for this keyword how to 
do everything how to write the best article   by showing you a real example look at this i am 
writing now this article affiliate marketing case   study and i want to publish on my blog today so 
we are going to do this together now in this video   i will publish the video with you optimize it do 
everything now in this video i think it's one of   the best videos that will help you write the best 
articles on your blog so let's start together but   please don't forget if you like to watch more 
videos about online business digital marketing   seo making money online and all these stuff don't 
forget subscribe now to my channel hit that red   button and turn on notifications to get every new 
update almost every day so let's stop wasting time   and start together optimizing my article and 
publishing it right now live in front of you so   just refresh your memory in the last parts part 
one and two we talked about seo and how to get   traffic from google and then i showed you how to 
do keyword research and pick up keywords to rank   on in your article and in this video i picked up 
a keyword which is affiliate marketing case study   so this is the keyword i will be ranking on 
for this article of course i don't want to   waste your time by writing the article step by 
step word by word because this will take maybe   hours so i prepare the article and i will show 
you every tip every little secret every detail   on optimizing this article and you will fix 
things together now in this video so our keyword   is affiliate marketing case study okay and by the 
way as you can see i'm using wordpress for my blog   here is my blog i think you know it before and 
just in case you are asking about the theme   i am using because i get a lot of questions 
about this this theme is called breek and i   will keep the link in description below if you 
want to get it or something for your website   so anyway this is my blog and this is the article 
let's start together optimizing it for seo what do   you mean by optimizing for seo simply doing some 
tweaks on the article now on the page so we can   tell google that we are talking about this keyword 
about affiliate marketing case study that's simple   what do we call this procedure simply on page 
seo as we explained before seo simply is about   picking up a keyword optimizing your page on 
page seo then off page seo like backlinks social   signals and so on now in step three in part three 
we are in on-page seo okay i think the idea is   how simple so let's start together optimizing this 
article when you wanna write an article number one   the first thing you have to think about 
is the title don't ever ever ever start   writing something and you don't know what is the 
title the title is the key point the main thing   that will help you rank on google and get you more 
visitors and more readers into your blog it's the   first thing anyone will see on your website or 
on search engines as an example if you go now   to google and let's search for affiliate 
marketing case study the keyword i'm ranking on   case study as an example you can see here we 
have those articles this is the title so whenever   you want to select one of these articles the 
first thing you will do you will read the title   if the title is more attractive you will click on 
the link and open the article what do we call this   clicking on the link it's called ctr so ctr or 
click through rate is very important when it comes   to ranking your articles google will track this 
as an example you see here we have one two three   four whatever articles now google will track 
how many people are clicking on this article   how many are clicking on this article and then 
this way whenever it gets more clicks the ctr will   increase and in this way you will get a higher 
rank on google i think the idea is somehow simple   so you have to set a goal you have to aim for 
higher ctr and the best way is to optimize the   title and this description you see a description 
here and you will see how to do this in a little   bit so it's very important to think very well in 
the title it's really the most important factor   in my opinion when it comes to writing an article 
the title to make things simple for you i have a   small formula about writing a title number one is 
mentioning the keyword that simple we can see here   i mentioned the keyword affiliate marketing case 
study then you have to write something attractive   like how how questions are very attractive how to 
do something and something that attracts or what   we call power words or something that let someone 
click as you can see how i got two conversions   in 48 hours in this case study so anyone 
who is a beginner in affiliate marketing   and he will want to learn how to get some 
conversions he will obviously want to read   this article he want to see what i 
did so he can copy the same strategy   and make money with affiliate marketing so the 
title is very important so just keep in mind   write it down you have to mention the keyword 
you are targeting and something attractive   now to help you more you can go to these 
links   and here you can go down and see a lot of 
examples you can just read these examples and use   in your articles we have more than 50 examples 
you can just replace with your own topic   so this will help you a lot if you want to write 
a headline for your article also we have this   kickass headline generator which will help you 
generate a headline as an example let's say how to   set a topic here and to generate automatically 
some topics for you or headlines for you how to   make money online the ultimate guide headline the 
ultimate guide to making money online and so on   so all these are some of the perfect headlines 
to use in your blogs so please focus well   give time for the title you see i give it like 
more than three or four minutes for only the   title because it's really very important focus 
on the title to increase your ctr on google here   and then you can increase the rank also if 
someone is navigating through your blog and   got this how to monetize a wordpress blog so he 
want to learn how to make money with wordpress   so it's and how to article he will click and 
read and so on i know i took some time in this   point because it's really very important let's now 
move on the second part or the second point which   is the introduction okay look at my introduction 
let's read it together please give me some time   many people feel discouraged when thinking about 
working online so in this statement i am pointing   to a problem people or beginners have when they 
want to work online but i am here to tell you   that it's not so complicated i am giving them some 
motivation i'm giving them some positive pulses   and look at this today i will share with you a 
special case study i made to motivate and push   you to start working online look at these simple 
statements they are really motivating these   statements are called the hook what is a hook 
something that you hook the listener or the reader   with so he can continue reading and then you 
will tell him this strategy will help beginners   like the reader in affiliate marketing also it is 
a quick and easy process that requires a few steps   so keep reading to find out what they are 
you see the main point of the introduction   is to keep the reader hooked and engaged and 
attract to your article so make sure to give   something state a problem and tell them that 
you will solve the problem in this article   so they will keep reading your article so this is 
about the introduction it's a very good practice   to also mention the affiliate marketing case study 
which is the keyword in the introduction let's see   if i mention it here or not if not we will fix 
this together as you can see in this introduction   i missed this keyword so to fix this i will 
just add here affiliate marketing case study and i will fix this by the way it's a very good 
practice to install grammarly chrome extension   while you are writing it will fix all spelling 
mistakes all common english mistakes and so on   to make things really so simple for you when 
writing an article i will split the paragraph   to make things easier for reading so i will make 
it two paragraphs like this very nice so now we   set the title the keyword in the title the keyword 
and the main introduction in the first paragraph   and everything is perfect this point to the 
introduction just keep in mind to give something   to hook the reader and to keep him reading your 
article as you see here state a problem and tell   him this article is your solution so keep reading 
this is a simple way to keep the readers engaged   with your articles let's now move on to the third 
point which is the body the article itself i will   give you more than eight or nine tips that help 
you write the best article on your blog if you   now scroll through my article you can see i have 
those headlines they are h2 or heading 2 headlines   you can see headings images heading heading if you 
go here in wordpress and click on this button or   link here you will see my document outline you 
can see the title h2 h2 tags h3 tags and so on   so it's very important keep it in mind it's very 
important to add headings so anyone skimming the   article can see what's talking about so here's the 
first title he can know what's the paragraph about   go down how i create my article here's the 
second part then go down how to write the article   where do i publish and so on so make sure to add 
subheadings to your article to let anyone skim it   before reading it so this is very important point 
adding subheadings number two is whenever you add   images or videos you have to optimize them so also 
write this down optimizing images what do you mean   by optimizing images two simple things number one 
is adding the alt text or alternative text here   for all the images in your blog why simply 
because this alt text will help google   know what this image or where the image in which 
topic and so on as an example let's do this i will   go now to and let's say someone 
searched for mailwhiz setup as an example this   keyword you will see these are my videos and you 
can notice this image here mail wizz setup guide   and if you click on this you will see that it is 
on my blog h-educate the blog so also you can get   traffic from google images with alt text this alt 
text helped me rank on the top of google images   pages so i can get traffic also from this page so 
it's very important to add alt text for all your   images to tell google what the image is about 
and the second thing is to optimize the size   is to compress the images to make them tiny so 
this will help you increase the page speed loading   and the site speed and give you higher rank now 
in wordpress just to show you this i use a plug-in   i don't know if i told you this before just 
take a note it's a free plug-in that will help   you automatically optimize all your images just 
one second if you go here to media you will see   something called it's a free plugin 
that will automatically compress and optimize   all your images on your wordpress website i use 
it always automatically to optimize my images   or you can simply use servers like tiny png which 
is an online service to compress png images so you   can decrease the size before uploading onto 
your website it's up to you anyway so make   sure to optimize your images i'll add alt text and 
optimize the size of the images if you have videos   in your articles make sure to host them outside 
your website as an example if you go here to this   article you will see that this is a video here but 
it's hosted on vimeo if you go here to   you can use it totally for free you can upload the 
videos on vimeo and then just get the link this is   the website upload your videos here and then paste 
on your website so the traffic video traffic the   video streaming will be loaded from vimeo instead 
of your website and this will give you also better   speed and if you have youtube videos like me you 
can also just embed here in the article as i do   in all my articles you can see like in this post i 
think where this one you can see this is one of my   videos it's a youtube video i can embed directly 
in my blog so always make sure to optimize   your images and your videos by embedding from 
outside platforms very nice let's move on now to   a very important point which is links adding 
links when we talk about links we have mainly   two types of links internal or inbound links and 
external or outbound links what do mean simply if   you go here to this article as an example 
you see this link here it's linking to a   youtube video so it's an outbound link linking to 
another website like youtube if you go here down   click on this article you will see i am linking 
to another article inside my blog so this is   an internal linking inbound linking between my 
articles in my blog both links are really very   important the first one inbound linking internal 
linking will help you get a lot of more traffic   so someone reading one article as an example 
this one this article he will see a link this one   and he will open it maybe to your article and 
read the other article and so on and outbound   links linking to other websites will help you get 
backlinks as an example you can link to someone   and outreach him and ask him for a backlink or 
sharing your article on his social media and so on   so it will help you grow and build your authority 
online so don't forget to add links both internal   and outbound or external links you can 
see this article is full of links internal   and external links like this one to getresponse 
this sendinblue other services all these are   links inside my articles now i want to tell 
you about something really very important   very important if you noticed here if i click 
on this link as an example you see it's   and this link it's a kind of a short link i'm not 
using the exact link from sendinblue why number   one is i can track clicks on these links if you 
go here and open my system click on login   by the way this is my own service you can join 
if you want you can see here all these links   and i can track how many clicks on each link so 
this is the first benefit of shortening the links   which is tracking the second and which is really 
very important just think with me in this scenario   let's say you created an affiliate link or any 
link to any website and this link is now broken   and you want to fix it what you will do you have 
to go and search in all your articles and social   media on your social profiles everywhere where you 
have this link and you need to change and fix it   while if you are using a short link like this one 
you just click on edit and you just edit it from   one place and all the short links will be fixed 
directly this is really very very important using   a short link is very important now in my case as 
i told you i'm using this service it's   my own service you can use it if you want free 
services like bitly or whatever but i prefer mine   because it has a lot of more features and details 
that i use in my business anyway you can check it   out if you want okay so this is about links don't 
forget to add internal and external links and   don't forget to shorten them so you can track your 
clicks and fix any broken link in only one second   instead of following all your links everywhere 
on the internet now before we move on just one   important point if you are working with wordpress 
you can simply install a plugin called yoast yoast   seo will help you really make things a lot easier 
to optimize for seo you can see here it go and   scans your article and give you in-depth report 
about readability it gives you some suggestions   how to fix your article how to fix your headlines 
to make it more easy to read with for people also   it will give you in-depth on-page seo analysis it 
will give you some improvement tips to help you   optimize your article look here it tells you 
outbound links good job you you did it internal   links good job you have it key phrase introduction 
it's here so you can do this checklist and see   if you missed anything and you can optimize more 
and more for seo this is one of the best plugins   we have also rank math and other plugins but 
i prefer yoast in my website also if you go   down down under your article here you can see this 
yoast seo preview it will tell you to enter the   focus keyword the keyword you are trying to rank 
on it will show you how it will look on google in   google we can set the seo title the slug which 
is the url i will talk about it in a little bit   and the meta description also i will talk about it 
in a little bit so don't forget to install yoast   it will help you a lot to improve your seo inside 
wordpress let's move on now to the last part of   your article which is the conclusion you can see 
here i added this small conclusion the conclusion   is really very important why simply because 
a lot of studies shows that a lot of people   whenever they open an article like this one let's 
say this one they will go down down down down and   read the conclusion before they read the article 
so in this article i don't have one because it's a   guide step by step guide anyway so the conclusion 
also is really very important when it comes to me   to writing an article i do it also if you go here 
as an example i will show you now a live example   go to best email marketing services i remember 
this because i did it like last week i think   i was searching for such articles and i found 
this one on if you open it now   you will see a long article talking about each 
email marketing service what i did directly   i went through the article to the conclusion to 
see what is the best one let's see here final   thoughts it will give you the sum of the summary 
the conclusion of all the article i read it i   really like the conclusion that i went back 
and start reading in detail each service so   the conclusion really is very important 
don't miss the conclusion in your article   and a very good tip in the conclusion is to 
sum up what you explained and ask a question   to let people engage with your article like 
tell them to comment their questions give their   opinions or simply can add a call to action button 
and this is also very important as an example in   this article i can add a call to action button 
maybe to download a free ebook a lead magnet   to join my newsletter or maybe to 
sell a course on my academy or maybe   just tell them to engage with my article and so 
on so after the conclusion don't forget the call   to action i will do it in a little bit after 
i finish the video so don't forget the call   to action at the end of your article to get more 
engagement more conversions more leads from your   articles so this about the body and the conclusion 
and how to optimize your article for seo to sum up   title introduction images videos internal links 
outbound links mention the keyword in the article   i hope you got the idea i don't want to waste your 
time talking and talking and talking i believe   really the main factor after you write a good 
article is the quality is the value of the article   you see here i write simple articles by the way 
it doesn't need to be three thousand words forget   about the length just give real equality to people 
let people engage share your articles give value   to them and you will see your articles will rank 
on google even if they are somehow small compared   to other articles so this is about optimizing 
your body before i end this video i want to share   three simple points that are the meta description 
and the slug and the featured image if you go down   here you see now yoast gives me green for both 
seo and readability so everything is perfect i   can publish this i can publish this article so we 
have here something called the slug slug simply is   the url it's very important to keep the url simple 
memorize this simple to the point straight to the   point and don't forget to mention your keyword you 
see affiliate marketing case study is my keyword   that's simple this is my url this is my slug 
for this article so make it simple short   direct to the point and mention your keyword 
inside it we have also the meta description   what is the meta description simply if you go 
here to google and search for something you see   this text here this is the meta description 
it's also very good practice to mention   the keyword you can see the affiliate marketing 
casestudy keyword to mention it inside the meta   description so in this way you can tell google 
that you are talking about this keyword now a good   practice also in the meta description 
is to attract people as an example here   are you a beginner in affiliate marketing 
copy this affiliate marketing case study   that made me two conversions in less than 
48 hours so it's also somehow attractive   and encourage people to click and read this 
article so make also the description somehow   attractive and mention the keyword inside this 
description the meta description okay so i i hope   everything is clear i hope you enjoyed this video 
you got some benefit the last tip for today is the   featured image if you go down to my blog you see 
these simple and clean featured image attractive   colorful and so on how do i create them simply 
i use you can see i created the   image for this article case study this icon 
this icon or this image and this the blue color   how i do this simply let's do together i will 
create a new one create a new design i will select   blog banner and now simply i will click on 
this white area i will select the blue color   go here to elements i will search for earn 
money as an example i got this one like this   from the elements i also got this image here i 
pasted here and then added text just like this   add a heading i said case study it's so simple 
canva is one of the best really applications i   use almost daily to create instagram post i create 
my banners my ads everything everything related to   design and graphics i use canva for it you can 
change the color like this white change the font   the font and that's it now you can download this 
is the image like this one now click on download   compress the file lower quality it's okay 
for my blog download and look now what i   will do i will open my downloads folder and 
i will resize the image again if you go here   i will open this image edit you will see 
it's somehow big so i will click on resize   here inside microsoft paint click on pixels 
i will say like 800 that's perfect i will now   save it as compressed jpg on my desktop so i 
can decrease the size optimize the image save it   now go back to my article and go here to settings 
and then document and let's upload the featured   image upload select file on my desktop this is the 
image and now the image compression plug-in will   automatically compress and optimize the image also 
so it will be somehow small let's see this it's   now optimizing this is why it takes some time it 
will optimize the image automatically you see now   it's only 43 kilobytes very nice don't forget the 
alt text i will say affiliate marketing case study   spelling and set feature image very nice and let's 
publish the article now click on publish publish   and now my article is online on my blog you can 
go now and read if you want let's go view post and you can read this awesome affiliate marketing 
case study step by step and you can copy it if you   want to make your first conversion with affiliate 
marketing so this is my article simple clean   clear optimized everything and let's see 
later on in this series how we can build   backlinks and social signals to rank this 
article higher on google and maybe we can   get it on top of the first page for the 
affiliate marketing case study keyword   i hope you enjoyed the video please if you have 
any questions anything you want H-educate/forums   ask whatever you want i will be there to help 
you almost every day don't forget subscribe   turn on notifications to get every new 
update almost almost every day see you later you

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