J’analyse mon ancien site #Shopify #Dropshipping #SEO Vendu 30 000€ 💸

hello to all these Peii today we meet to do a small case study of one of my old shops in the theme of vikings then the site is called MENVIKING.FR so I no longer own it currently it was sold to January 2019 it is sold for the sum of around 30,000 euros and today we will see a little what we could do on this site to drastically improve natural referencing. the person who bought it and an expert in SEO but no longer on the side of parentage and the implementation of services for small and medium-sized businesses but today we will really see for the e-commerce drop shipping optimization part.

Will see that there are a lot of things to do and I sold them at that time quite simply because I had no time to set everything up but you will see that with some modifications there is really a possibility of '' further increase the traffic and suddenly the turnover so first point first point already I wanted to apologize for this video burst on the ground the shading is very bad but I had that on hand so we are on the MENVIKING.FR site for the things to do that I strongly invite you to do each time your screen has happened in mobile mode, we don't give a damn about the version on pc 80 At 70% of our Internet users will be people who are on their phone so we go op timize our site on the phone so we go into inspection mode if you are on a pc directly we will see a little the points that would have to improve on the site so first point I know I remember romain drop shipping REBORN had made a case study of this shop so it's also good to have my feedbacks me who created the shop who knows how it works at the homepage level whether on pc or mobile the optimization and more or less correct on the other hand the optimization for the robots there there is a lot of effort to be made and that is what we will see immediately so first point that we will see sorry gains against the day that will be the part we can So we will use the tool is so high bayrou ranque game will put you in descriptions it allows you to do a complete analysis of the management payroll rhune while you are on wordpress pretty girls to others it will give you a complete summary of the points to improve on his page so there for example ple we see that at the level of content then I will reduce once again to the level of content the title of the site 50 character it is correct ok must be between I would say 50 55 60 max when the 50 of its own there are big keywords that are targeted vikings jewelry t-shirt accessories the days decoration and german site right now me what i will do is i would target maybe beat vikings and maybe more keywords more sought after so there it has not improved this broad part is that the decorations the accessories the t-shirts and not necessarily the most searched keywords in this theme so the title in terms of length we are ok the title alten on the other hand the high level content is so high and targeting of what we want of what we want to target in terms of organic traffic it is not yet that would be improved so a point to be made there would be to better target the big ones key words in the meta description thematic then 188 words that are there t too long me I try not to exceed 150 words in the description too many words it makes too good a read when we are on the circle that we must take into account that the title, the tag games and your description c ' are we going to have on the search engines when the site goes out compared to the fishing man so for example if you have a site with I know for example the cats it is a pitch man who comes out that appears on the billhook you will see this part on the other hand if it is your cat tree connection that comes out there it will be the best description of your collection at the merchant so compared to that the important in fact for the meta description of the man page is to choose three possibly four big keywords you want targeted and on which you want to appear on the keyword so the sixty 188 character is too much saying if you have a maximum of 150 it is the top with keywords that we clearly targeted put athletics if I can use ize this word to make people click that these words that these dots that will be points that you will be able to if used on google shopping or google had for display banners and the like so it is interesting to do it properly then google preview well here we clearly have the preview of what we are going to see and you can see directly here that for fashion the mobile version and on pc it stops at status so here we see clearly that 180 characters is a lot too much then for the feeding part on donkey lings the titles on the homepage and that you can you can optimize it I know that there are themes like speed fly so little post-it call turbo and that's just like me it will be the two best messio teas you will be able to optimize the titles if you do not arrive the groupies properly calls on a developer there is some for twenty sometimes 30 euros at the most here on platforms like that that to the point as we will be able to ave Have something not too expensive and which will really do to make sure to optimize your Belgian because for once there to see a purchase with the keyword force vins which makes it the promo code as we see it makes it there it's not at all optimized so it's a shame for you loïc if you see this video it's the person who got the optimistic site that's super great yet so no victims there it's cool we buy with the keyword bad vikings on the other hand I believe that it was not intended I do not even know where this keyword is found on the page to be bragged about because it is a keyword of the blow to camouflage and there for once it's not very good for the robots the best sales ok so we can clearly see that the court the title organization part is not at all optimized but then not at all so I will do an optimization on the part title of the homepage so either you pin that you put in place the content as we see it there in the bottom p For example we will add textual content and say h3 the word click is worth targeting and you will call on a developer and say ok well but me in paragraphs all the text that you will find on their page and but me only h2oil 3 the words keys that precisely chooses it is much better to call and to have this kind of service there a developer for the content part content analysis so there concretely it is an analysis of the general corpus that of the keywords used on the homepage then that the corpus concretely knew that the key words used on the amp is therefore we can see concretely that they remain key words in the theme of the viking so its own in relation to that there is nothing to say the stops attributes you so if you forget to put information and cioa in the dirty images will display here for the blow no malt is missing after it should not be fooled must also see the photos and see if it is bonsai you because clearly if it is a photo that sells a Viking ring and that the viola is called I don't know what with numbers it will not be optimized but it will not tell directly you are careful to check the alps then then we will go and see it all c 'the mobile optimization is okay, we are very, very good on that, there is no problem, it's the turbo theme so or else it's the turbo theme translated into French I don't know I know that there are some who are retouching the turbo theme so maybe it's a retouch for the backlink part etc.

I think we will see it immediately for the backlink part so that you should know that this was still a site that brought in around 2 to 3000 euros per month so it was a pretty profitable very very automated it had been running for two years I am struggling to settle down to move on to other businesses at more interesting projects the site is clearly in automatic mode I don't like the meiling part so it was when even very very good themes and that's why if you follow me if you follow me do not hesitate to subscribe suddenly but you know that I use in my program but if except for a textbook case that avoids click store on the theme of vikings is not trivial so if I took this theme then the analytical part is to all this was linked there is good favicon good it is normal page 404 ok it is not for me really the basics battling score that tells me that it is poor in terms of battling it is true that the site could improve the backlink the net linking therefore simply bought backlinks if you want to know how we can improve all that subscribe you it There is a backing that comes out every week on Wednesday and then I also give lots of advice on net linking the ninja linking is mainly focused on natural referencing so the traffic I know that it has clearly fallen we can see that on c ugly when i got them end in January I had reached 70 to 90 cases of organic traffic so without advertising in display its bad choices in summer so we will do a research anyway on the French market in display it is ugly we were in 40 cases organic traffic when it left 43 because I was between 60 and 70 if we can be a little more that's also why I allow myself to make a video to give points to improve because it makes me when even a little sick to the heart we were at 43 cases it's ugly in the month of April and there we are at 22 cases traffic these breaches at the moment t and it is the month of August so here is also it is a good point to know the fc where there is work it is necessary to do correctly because if we do not do correctly it goes down and competitors to overtake so we recount on the mendy king part so we did a little tour on the homepage I also improved the textual content part there is zero textual content at the moment we have a p avé at the bottom of the page it's not great we can take for example the vikings store site where we have improved a little more the page part in terms of content so we can see directly here hop there we have an image of the content as much for me here the same content an image of the content an image sk what is interesting with that is that we will put links in this content there so we will be able to send vernon juice to our other pages see a little little your home page like the tip of a watering can game not if you see this kind of watering can with lots of little holes that will send water can't a little bit everywhere will send your man fishing a little bit like that and dream your visitors look at key points so do not hesitate to make a nice picture a paragraph there is inside this paragraph a link to the article to the collection in question you really have to make sure to put of the paragraph around voltaire google takes it into account when you make a link whether it is on a product page on a blog tool on the homepage the robots will take into account the first fifteen to twenty words before the link and the following 15 for sale evils after the link so it's super important to between quotes as if there was a kind of hole to put content before content after to make the engines understand so even me that he arrives and who clicks on the link to make him understand where is what will therefore try good to do internal meshing it's super important I will talk about it too I think I will do a full video on internal meshing it's super important besides do n't hesitate to subscribe sure it will go very very soon so for the part in broad daylight we are more or less good so now what we are going to do is conrad is a little bit in the background of the page and mainly of the collection to show you a point that I have drastically improved ok so the thing that is great is that the collections must have contained there are a lot of people in dropshipping surgery loophole who are going to make a collection and who will not feed in content the egg was to feed your collections in low content that allows also to the engines to know what will be found in the collection and that allows to have more chance also of power without excess on the engines so the content is good what is really good is that it There is a button that has been set up to reduce or not suddenly the textual part so there finally we see that it does not impact the user experience we have a little content if we want to know more we can click to know more if not too bad for the part of the collections on the other hand and suddenly I will navigate in the pc version because it is much too small it will be much easier to explain it to you on the other hand on the other hand I know that it there is finally a lot of collection where there is my nque content so if you make a site and you have I do not know my collection not made sure to add content for the twenty collections does not make a collection and then come back a month later to make it our that's all your collections with for example at least 500 to 1000 words like that it's folded set up a button like that was done on the site men vikings we will go see a collection so I have the theme which bug it seems to me we will see them not call it brews the vikings there for once we see that there is a little bit of content but it is not enough when you have a button available for the unfolding of your description I was put the kid was 1000 words will not impact the customer if they want to know more and click if not too bad so take advantage of this button in fact to add a maximum of content and feed the search engines so for once for this site there what again to do that would be to add bea a lot more content on the as you descriptions of the collections as well and we will see it directly on the product so we will ricochet off the products I think we have looked at the collections one more point at the level of the collections you can add videos in the descriptions tests or collections for photos of gifs all this is agreed that m engines and even more in our time so we are on a product sheet something that I had put in up and i will make you a video so once again join us feel free to subscribe to leave the bell thing that is interesting on this site that i had set up i do a lot less but it worked well offer an ebook for each order it works enormously I have clients in services and its waters who have this kind of service it works very very well so we see that the euro is not on a partition we are more on a marketing part but that works well knowing that the cost of the traffic was a big zero so we shed some light on that we will arrive on the context part that a content so I find at the moment the presentation on pc horrible so that would be improved me I would see a description part which would take all the width so I put very clearly a speed fly theme to improve and suddenly increase the customer conversion 3000 so and I do not promote this at all this witness it's just that I like a lot so for example are on mobile now we will be much more comfortable in terms of navigation and here we are, we are live full full dimension so it's perfect negative point I would add textual content it's a site that has when even took the maximum authority in the thematic, that is to say that I took the thematic site and the men breaking point en site took all the thematic and suddenly all the key words that we will aim for purchase to sell products on the The lesser Vikings therefore miss me what I find a pity compared to the person who recovers the site these cases there the leg of the blow exploded all the possible doors to expose I would have created a maximum of products with a maximum of texts in the editorial in the writing part of the product sheets whose cut there we clearly see that we are much too short in terms of content I would have added much much more textual content to have even more chances of missing and putting a good pill in the so compete for a super important improve textual content there for now it's a money making site that they keep making that made two years ago so I let you do that because I know '' by making this kind of small changes the gains there is the possibility of having a turnover of 30 40 or even sometimes being 60% of turnover because we will optimize the keywords we will add more content and concretely, it is doors that are not used on the market, that is to say that there are keywords that sleep and people who will type for example coli and viking black gold and even if the patco the vikings in gold fingers and well anguish for mac rae produces that it lacks and concretely this is what I would have done if I will still have the site at the present time last point compared to the product sheets the internal mesh then I have a technique which is very easy for my friend to set up this is what I call the internal ricochet mesh then I will explain the internal mesh to you that simply allows you to link your products once again I told you beforehand that your man paige it was interesting to put links to content towards blog posts open product pages for simply in quotes sprinkle your page how that you understand that the homepage is the page that has the most juice authority of others for motors so you have to use this page and suddenly this watering can side to make lots of links on our pages it's the same for the product sheets I give you an example all stupid let's admit that for this product we are a very good positioning therefore collar Baltic Vikings minutes let's imagine that we are very, very well run on this product and well we must take advantage of the authority we have gained with this page to send power to our page so what I'm going to do by ricochet effect So as I like to say then it was I who invented this technique, you should know that siao is reverse engineering I can very well tell you that siao works like that there is one of the competitors in the field siao etc which will tell you that it does not work me it is compared to my experience it is three years that I say commerce that I create sites that the sites run so if you allow you to say that to yourself today at my clients is that it works and that it is st that this is my personal technique so not the internal mesh part indeed ricochet it is very simple I will open the collection if that's okay I see my collection and I will say ok so what I'm going to do in fact this is very simple the product then I will arrive at the dish the product which is here well quite simply send a clear link towards the product later that then this product there will send a link to the bad vikings asylum and it is thus in done here we will see our textual content ok we will say here is h and of this product therefore concretely the eyedea method attention interests I no longer know what the desires and then action so we will make a product sheet access and if we are going to do a product sheet focused on copywriting so we will do a mix of that we will do a product sheet also access user experience so to ensure that the customer sees spending a maximum of time on the site so we will put a link to the next product so concretely we are going to roll out our pitch for the sale of products and at the end we will say ok if you want to know more for example we are on a vikings ring there you can you can go to check or czechia and our other products on the collection by beating with a link baghli king and we can also say you can also bought the specialized ring on the worlds tree of Norse mythology and boom we put a link to the vikings ring world trees for example and me like that we will have content before after the robots go also understand the Internet users will not be lost will understand the system and will be able to click the goal also its sisters links which will be clickable not make useless links as you will be able to see very often in the lower part of the sap product sheet and me it is not at all optimized so in fact me when I speak of internal mesh the goal in fact is to deactivate this function there which is completely rotten which is not of the everything optimized and it's me in fact to manually add content and insert the collections that interests me so there for the moment to insert in the product sheet the lower part of Vikings so concretely we will be much more optimized we will adding a common link could be found here but with before and after content on the baby king and then add a link to the second product like this if we make all our collections all our product sheets with this format we will realize that at the end we will have a site that will be fully linked but this invisibly fully linked a little bit like a spider's web and suddenly the juice will be diluted so the juice the power that our pages will have acquired to be diluted on all pages so it will be super interesting we will save but drastically backlink in and kings what we will have a powerful page that will transfer all of them to other pages and then naked for a little bit like the c Brain the snake that bites its tail it will be able to regain the power it transferred so don't be careful and be careful to do internal cleaning it will be netlinking savings for you here it is so I think we are rather ok for the e-commerce part I will do a little quick and on the blog to explain to you why if you had a big big hole a big loss of traffic so you will see it I think you will understand the blog it is quite simply not optimized at all so i will make this very short because i wanted to make you a video about blogging and how to write powerful blog posts i think i have a lot to tell you by learning sites which makes it very very strong and this one also has very very well addressed the problems with this site it is the experience part yater the site the articles which they leave are not at all optimized for the comfort of the Net surfer we do not have Jews we don't have video we just have an image a text a title an image a text a title is not at all optimized so super important thing to do is to optimize the content of your blog articles for this site it would have to a much nicer blog much more interesting images it would be much cleaner see it we have unpaved so maybe it doesn't sting your eyes but someone who would come on mobile someone who would come on mobile he fart a cable it leaves in two minutes I mean we arrive on site we have a small image there we have a pv a title a paving stone a paving stone a large paving stone as a paving stone a huge step towards a title and a paving stone so it's not at all optimized must really take advantage of the birthday that people come to mobile to add images as much as possible the image that put gifs put videos and suddenly try behind and your text a text like that works no less a text of this type here what i'm gonna do is i'm going to lunge t so i will add an image in between for example i will cut right here at most vikings i will make two spaces and in the middle im a gif or an image it will improve the user experience of the visitors really do for understand that it is also psychology people psychologically when he saw images of gifs he stops and looks it is much more pleasant it is much more to be tif so take advantage of this psychological side and put a maximum of image entrevaux paragraph that good in the sense that the content of your blog is improved is also airy so I will make you an article finally a complete video on the writing to this blog I will not go further and concretely it makes me a little pub so that's why I made a video and I present you here today so you can not make these mistakes there because we can lose a lot of traffic the site has lost more than 50% of the traffic is not nothing it is also I think a good part of the turnover so to avoid this kind of errors will try to implement the advice that I am giving you today I hope you have noted all the points to see a little bit sorry for the bottom is what you can not see my head very well but I found it nice to show us the airworthiness it is rather not bad so I tell you at the next do not hesitate to subscribe to licques and if you want to know more information on the site on the men vikings site there is a case study then i will put it in the description you have the case study of more or less than thirty minutes where I explain to you all the strategy put in place for men vikings then I will show you the figures I will show you the blog articles which rises the background explains the strategy from a to z how I did to explode and how I do it to explode themes in fairly competitive markets 1 g je v We are talking to you at the moment I will get there at the current time domain lequipe.fr where I show you everything was going in the link in the description you will have access to the video if you want to know what I am doing if you want to join one of our programs do not hesitate to see all that in the description there is everything you need I have other sites that could interest you in case of example you can also go to the pharaonic point site com which deals with Egyptian mythology in which I made a little the same diagram in which I mastered the theme of Egyptian mythology on the French market go see copy paste improved go I tell you very soon stepper ciao ciao

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