Master On Page SEO In 10 Minutes (with page 1 rankings)

hello and welcome to this video about
on-page SEO today we're going to be covering on-page
SEO and how you can become a master in this very very quick video we're gonna
be keeping this extremely basic extremely simple at the end of this you
are literally going to be an on-page SEO master and you are going to know how to
do it more effectively than anybody else because you're going to understand the
core core aspects of on-page SEO so without further ado let's jump into the
video let's talk about the four main pillars of on-page SEO so before we get
into this I just want to sad track a little bit I want to talk about
something else so I want to talk about understanding the algorithm now if you
were to sit down and actually try to analyze what the algorithm is you would
spend probably months maybe years trying to figure out so I'm gonna put it very
very basic very very simply in this video I want to keep this video
extremely short so in order for you to understand anything or you for you to
understand anyone you need to you need to put yourself in its place or it in
its shoes so let's pretend for a second that you're the algorithm right bear
with me for a second because at the end of this is gonna make complete sense so
let's say you leave the house one day bear in mind you're pretending to be the
algorithm right now let's say you leave the house one day you know you walk to
the bus stop and when you're at the bus stop you notice that across the street a
new burger joint has opened up now this burger joints player name is called
Joe's burgers now let me ask you this on a scale of one to ten or how likely do
you think the chances are that Joe Joe's burger Joe's Burgers sells burgers well
what do you think the percentage is do you think it's you know 10 percent
likely that they sell burgers do you think it's 40 percent do you think it's
60 percent do you think it's 80 percent or do you think it's closer to 100
percent so why is this important well because if you're an algorithm you don't
have you don't have emotions an algorithm doesn't have emotions it does
it makes logical decisions it reads if you read Joe's burgers
chances are in your mind you've registered that that place sells burgers
right so without all being said you know the algorithm doesn't have emotions
it makes decisions based on logic and it reads so the four main pillars of
on-page SEO are the following number one these are these are in order of most
importance to least importance so having your main keyword that you want to rank
for and you're in your domain or your URL what does this mean for example our
old website tip-top SEO agency com the reason why I started that website was
because I wanted to get it ranked on page one as quickly as possible
now obviously later on I realized that there's you can only expand so far with
that brand name so I decided to change the brand name two clicks from search so
why did I bring up that example tip top SEO agency com it contains the words SEO
agency in the domain name so it was much easier for me to get on page one like
I'm gonna be showing you in a bit for if they were extremely uncompetitive
keywords however I literally became number one just by doing some on-page
SEO and you know building some links like we talked about last week and
they're not even links that are supposed to make you rank it was purely off the
on-page SEO so you even need to have the keyword that you want to rank for in the
domain name or you need to have it in the URL so for example if we wanted to
rank for London SEO agency it would be fixed from search comm force like London
SEO agency we would have to have the keyword in the URL for us to rank
because we don't have the keyword London SEO agency in our domain name so the
second thing that you need to focus on is the page title now instead of
actually going through this and sort of speaking about let me show you an
example I'm going to show you an example of on-page SEO done exactly in this way
and the main point of this video at the end you're gonna see is that on page SEO
is important to a point but the main things that you need to focus on to
increase your SEO effort is the traffic and the links that you
built to your website so let's move on to an example and I do this in real time
right now so research from Miami SEO right we go on so there's a bunch of
results that come up this search how about 2400 searches a month so it's
definitely not an easy keyword to rank for so let's go on a second result this
website is called Mac Miami SEO now it's got ok think about it think about this
way right this website looks terrible but like we're going to be discussing
later on on-page SEO isn't the main factor when it comes to ranking on
Google but I wanted to make this video quick so that you could master all the
elements that are important so that you give yourself the best possible chance
of everything else that you do working for you
so let's move on to this so like we discussed keyword in a domain Miami SEO
for example if this didn't have Miami SEO in the domain it would be full slash
Miami SEO the page title which is up here because the brand name is Miami SEO
it's okay to have that your brand name as the first sort of keyword in your
title if it was something different like I don't know best marketing company comm
slash Miami SEO you wouldn't necessarily want to have Miami SEO on its own I mean
you can do but it would be better to mix it in with something else like top Miami
SEO for example so you'd want it to be slightly different just so you don't
over optimize and if we look at the the third most important factor which is the
hashtags because they already have Miami SEO in the page title and they already
have it in the domain if they were to have it in the h1 tag as well then at
that point they would be over optimized but if we take a look
this tag right here well let's just find it where is it all right so if we take a
look at the h2 tag which is this one right here we're going to see that it
literally says Miami SEO in it now that's fine because it's a he to tag and
it's not h1 tag if this was put in the h1 tag as well it would probably be over
optimized but it's put in the h2 tag with other words in front of it so it's
not you know directly saying Miami SEO in the h2 and then if we take a look at
the fourth most important factor its content so you can see content isn't
really the most important factor I mean it's good because you want to have
people to stay on the page like when when people come onto this page they
probably leave right like straight away like the bounce rate is on this page is
probably like through the roof but the reason why it's ranking is because of
links that there's literally it and this is just a perfect example of how little
you have to think about on-page SEO initially I'm telling you if you focus
on these four main things and you get these down like I just discussed the
rest of your SEO campaigns success will be determined by the other factors that
we talked about like for example in our local SEO video if you haven't seen our
local SEO video go and check that out because it's gonna give you the free
main pillars of SEO the three main pillars that make local SEO work and
those three main pillars apply to national and international websites as
well so yeah go check that video out if you haven't seen it so if we take a look
at the content right the main keyword that this site is running for is Miami
SEO right there number two and look at how many times they've actually included
it included Miami SEO in the content so that's one that was a huge – tag that's
two so twice literally two times within this whole article or this whole piece
of content so as you can see when you have it when you have your main keyword
in your domain or your URL you have it in the page title and then you have it
at least in one of the hashtags you don't need to put it in your content
like 10 20 times that's actually gonna be bad for you you're just gonna be over
optimized so put it in and sprinkle it in there like once or twice but like
like I discussed the main free factors or the main three
factors that would be from two to one like as long as it's in a domain or URL
or page title you're good and then the h1 or h2 tag plus the content is just
the bonus so yeah just stick to this and you will
literally have everything you need in terms of on-page SEO to rank you don't
need to focus on anything more than this I'm telling you right now focus on these
four main pillars and everything else you do it can be a bonus like of course
improve your your page load speed of course make sure that the content on the
site is great maybe even add some images that you know you want to add images
because people like to see images but I'm saying it doesn't matter like you
know it's not needed to rank it's good to have and it can definitely increase
your user experience but don't think that all of these hundred different
things that you can do are going to pay the biggest part because the biggest
part that's going to be played is by these four main pillars here so with
that all being said I want to thank you for watching this video
this was an on-page SEO guide extremely simple with four main pillars I hope you
enjoyed this video I hope you got a lot out of it if you did make sure to leave
a like subscribe for weekly videos every single Tuesday my name is Vulcan the
founder of clicks from search I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you next

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