One-Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce Tutorial 2020[Free Version]: Part 1: Installation and Setup

Hello everyone, this is Dristy from MakeWebBetter, and welcome to MakeWebBetter sessions of demo videos and tutorials. Before proceeding forward, guys, I would first of all request all of you to subscribe to our channel if you haven't done till yet. So that, you keep getting regular updates from MakeWebBetter. So, guys, you all must be wondering that what is going to be the purpose of today's demo video? So guys, in the today's demo video we are going to discuss all the features and functionalities of our free version One Click Upsell for WooCommerce. It's a upsell plugin for all the WooCommerce stores. We'll understand how to install and setup the plugin on the WordPress website. And in the back to back videos, we will discuss all the features in detail. So, if you haven't downloaded the plugin till yet, you can download the plugin from this link for your WooCommerce store.

So guys, let's quickly understand the basic definition of What is One Click Upsell for WooCommerce? So, what is One Click Upsell for WooCommere? So, it's a plugin that helps online merchants to give post-checkout offers to their customers in just a one click. Now the major advantage of One-Click feature is that now your customers need not to dd the products in the cart again and again, and reenter the payment details, so now they can easily get the upsell products in just one click. Now, let's head over to the main features of the One Click Upsell for WooCommerce plugin. So, the first one is that, it helps you create unlimited funnels with the unlimited offers. Next, it helps you track the performance with the help of the statistical reports.

Now, in addition to this, you can also track the funnel data on Google Analytics and Facebook pixels. So, it helps you have in-depth analysis about the performance of your offers funnels. Next, you can edit the funnels, in the sandbox mode all according to your needs and the requirements. Next,our one-click upsell plugin provides you the predefined offer templates with the help which you can display your offers to the customers in different ways. Last, but not least, with the help of this plugin, you can create customizable offer pages that will help you show, smart and exclusive offers to your customers exactly the way you want. So guys, it was all about the main features of the plugin over here, if you want to explore the features of the plugin in detail, visit the product page link mentioned in the video description. Now let's watch the demo video and understand how to setup the One Click Upsell plugin for the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website? So guys, the ver first thing that you have to do is, move to your WordPress dashboard, and on the left side navigation, you have to click on "Plugin" and then you have to click on "Add New", So, this is the section and first of all, you have to search for One Click Upsell for WooCommerce, and after searching as, the first plugin that is being appeared over here, you have to click on this plugin, So, this is a short description of the plugin as you can see, and on the very right section, there's detail about the plugin, so guys, Now you need to click on "Install Now", so as soon as will click on "Install Now", you will get the option to activate the plugin, so let's activate the plugin.

And once you have clicked on "Activate", you will get to see the plugin, over here, so guys as you can see the plugin, "One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce" is being appeared over here and Now, click on settings and head over to the Overview section of the plugin, so first of all, let me explain you guys, so these are the different products that are supported by our plugin, Simple Products, Variable Products and Subscription Products. So, in the free version, you will get the Simple products, supportable, and in the PRO version, both the products, Simple Products and Variable Products are supportable. Now come, the payment gateways, so guys these are the different payment gateways supported by our plugin. PayPal, stripe, Authorize.Net, however, in the free version, only Cash On Delivery Payment option you can provide to your customers. Next, come, supported WooCommerce addon, so these are the payment addon, that is supported by our plugin. So, in case if you want to switch to the premium version of the plugin right from here, you have to visit this option.

So, this was all about the quick overview of the plugin, now guys am going to show you what are the different settings, that you have to do to enable all its features and functionalities. So, le;t's see how to enable all the features and functionalities on your WordPress website. So, guys, let's click on Global Settings, and here come the Global Settings, So, guys, I will be explaining to you about all the settings one by one, So, these are all the quick settings that we have to do and the very first thing that you have to do is, enable the plugin right from here.

next comes the payment gateways because you can show your upsell offers to your customers with these payment gateways, in this free version, Cash On Delivery is supported in the free version, so let me show you that how can you enable Cash On Delivery right from here, you have to enable this functionality and click on "Save Changes", so as to enable this functionality So, the feature is, "Skip Funnel For Same Offers", so let me first explain to you about this feature. With the help of this functionality, you can facilitate your customers that they can skip the funnel, if the same offer has already appeared in the checkout process, or during the checkout step being done by them. So, the next feature that comes is " Remove Styles from Offer Pages " so if you want to remove styles and theme from the offer pages, then you have to enable this feature, however, this feature will not be supported for the custom offer pages. So, this is how this feature works. So, the next feature is "Price HTML Format", so using this feature, you can set up the format for price HTML.

Now, there are two formats for the price HTML, Regular Price, and Sales Price, so, according to your business needs and requirements, you can set the price HTML. Next is "Smart Skip if Already Purchased", Now, with the help of this functionality, you can facilitate your customers to skip the current offers if that particular offer has already been taken in the previous order. So, this is how you can enable this feature on your WordPress website. Next comes, Global Offer Product, so guys, using this feature, you can set the global offer product, that can be viewed in the Sandbox View of Custom Offer Page, The next feature is "Global Offer Discount", so with the help of this feature, you can setup Global Offer Discount, for the pricing of the product in Sandbox view of the custom offer page, Now guys, note that these two features will not be applicable for the live offers.

Now, the next feature is "Upsell Actions Message", so with the help of this functionality, you can setup the message that will be shown to your customers, when they have accepted the upsell offers and the loader is being run. So, you can write the message that you want to show to your customers during that moment. With the help of this feature, you can add the custom CSS, and with the help of this, you can setup the Custom JS. So, guys this is how you have to enable all the settings and this is how quickly it works, and then you need to click on "Save Changes". to enable all the functionalities on your WooCommerce store and your WordPress website. So guys, this was all about the today's demo video, now in the upcoming video, I will show you how to work with shortcodes and One Click Upsell Funnel plugin for WooCommerce, So, guys, I guess that, each and everything is clear to you, now it's your time to put your queries in the comment section below, We'll feel glad to help you, and till the next video, thanks for watching and stay connected with us.


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