Online Marketing Funnel For The Tech Challenged In 2020


In this video, I’ll discuss how to create an online marketing funnel for the tech challenged in 2020, Hey, it’s Dexx Williams from Unique Profit Systems Inc. And for over a decade, I’ve helped small business owners to increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days. And one thing that I’ve noticed is that when it comes to technology, many business owners struggle because they try to understand every sales and marketing product and service available to promote their business. Now, you might be wondering why is this important Well, while they are spending dozens or hundreds of hours struggling to understand every new product and service, they are not focusing their efforts on growing their business. A lot of marketing and advertising companies have made understanding online marketing in order to create sales funnels for small businesses, as complicated as possible in order to charge more for the product and services. So really it’s not the business’s fault. See what you need to do instead of falling for this trap and trying to understand every option being shown to you is to take a much simpler approach to transitioning your business, to be better optimized for 2020.


So how can we do this Well, the first step would be to document or draw out every step within your existing lead generation and sales process that a potential customer takes all the way until they eventually purchase. Step two would be to identify which elements of the sales process could be better served with an automated or online solution to improve speed and the customer experience. And finally, step three, search for the specific solutions which can meet your desired needs and can also be implemented with the least amount of complexity or disruption into your existing sales process for your team members.




And that’s key because a lot of times it’s that addition of a new piece of technology that completely breaks down the existing sales process and causes more frustration than it’s worth. So with that said, now we’ve covered how to implement an online marketing funnel for the tech challenged in 2020, which part of your sales process would you like to automate post your answer below And let me know, also click the like button and subscribe to get notified on future videos for greatly increasing your sales and marketing results and be sure to watch my previous video on the niche marketing advantages and disadvantages..

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