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funnels it's a buzzword there's a lot of confusion there's a lot of anxiety there's a lot of misinformation and especially in the coaching industry because people are trying to take funnels that work for products or work for you know there's something else other than a very in-depth coaching program I'm talking I'm not just talking about coaches your credit course I'm talking to coaches who really want to make an impact who really want to work with their clients there's a little bit of misinformation about funnels so I'm hoping to clear some of that up of course every piece of advice you ever get online try it filter even anything I say make sure that it fits and make sure that you don't reject it because you're fearful of it if you're fearful of something make sure you try it on but if you tried or it doesn't align with you then let it go it's cool but I really want to help you simplify this F word this whole funnel word every product for the most part actually I can pretty much say with confidence that every product has some form of a funnel whether you're shopping at a store or whether you're buying something online there's some form of a funnel and all a funnel basically is if you can understand this we're not I'm not talking about online funnels right now I'm just talking about a funnel in general is we can just think of it as an upside-down V there's a lot of attention something grabs your attention there's some form of information exchanged a relationship built and as you work through the funnel there's a purchase and then there's a whole post purchase funnel which is a whole different beast so if you're buying a cup which I have sitting right there or the coffee with in the cup or the Nespresso machine I had to become aware of the product from all of the different stuff out there I had to become aware of it now I had to have some form of a relationship or some form of why is Nespresso or why is this cup here why is this big cup for me and there's a bit of I think my whole funnel for buying I little he got aware of it and six hours later I bought the coffee machine so it was a pretty quick one some people it might take a little bit longer to work through their funnel now if we're talking online funnels we are just really building an email list you can think of it as you're a coach you have a program you have something to sell that's at the bottom of the funnel you've got a lot of people out in the world so you've got all these people out on the inter and out in the world all up here the first piece of the funnel is putting something out there lead magnet something of attention something to grab attention something to separate the masses into something that's very very specific you've got that out there let's say you have a hundred people a week from all of the masses joining up for that now they're on your list and now you're building a relationship to the next phase of the funnel maybe you're squeezing them into a webinar a 45-minute presentation to educate them to build a relationship and then to educate them on your product on your service maybe down here there's a book of call page so they're booking a call here you're gonna start with a hundred people as you work through it you might have five booking their call in three buying from you once you know those numbers that's where scaling comes into place once that funnel is built and it's tested and it's working and you know that for every 100 downloads you're getting three calls now we start testing now we start tweaking and we just start filling up the volume of the funnel I hope this is landing I hope this is making sense it's that simple we don't have to have complicated upsells downsells cross cells under cells reverse cells circle cells we don't even need complicated six step files it's a landing page for something you're giving away for free in exchange for an email there's a thank-you page that maybe you send with your Facebook group or you have a video or you introduce yourself then you have another portion of the funnel which works them through further maybe a webinar maybe a presentation maybe just a squeeze page for a book a call maybe like a video with a book of call a calendar however you do it it's literally that simple and then we pump the beast we pump the machine with traffic that's where we can start buying traffic or we can run free traffic social media getting on podcasts partnerships joining up joint ventures all this fun stuff I really like paid traffic because you can literally control the flow you can fill your funnel quicker you can see where it's not working you can test you can tweak and you can get it up to speed much quicker of course it's not the only way we do we I teach a hyper version of it so we're running free traffic and we're helping out with paid traffic and it's working together because the free stuff builds relationship and the paid stuff injects the funnel and they both work together so you can test it tweak it get it up to speed at getting those calls but consistently the goal is ten calls a week and even a clunky funnel should be able to I want it like a new word for funnel because it's so skewed but ten calls a week should be the goal especially if you're offering one-on-one that should be the goal once you start leveraging group and different things that call volume will go down and maybe you'll be sending straight to an order page where they buy right then and there your conversions will be a little bit lower I hope this laying are these these the terminology I'm using is landing if it's not I invite you to check out the podcast and check out a free video course by the end of watching a few of the episodes or by the end of going through the video course you'll understand every word coming out my mouth then you can build your coaching business funnel start getting leads start getting clients building relationships talking on the phone talking on your calls booking clients getting paid working with your clients and maybe at that point we'll talk about the the post sale funnel because there's another four or five steps you can start bringing people to it's actually almost as important as that as the as the as the first part of the funnel but that's for a little bit later I'll keep this video short truly hope that helps for anything else at Lucas released on Instagram a lot of these videos come from questions asked on the ig4 anything else check out Lucas rivers calm we got a ton of free stuff from the podcast to the video courses to the downloads to the find your niche guide just check out Lucas rubrics calm and if you're looking for coaching if you're looking for mentorship if you're looking for accountability if you're looking for a helping hand we have three levels of service and that is it we got the coaches University if you're just starting could be awesome we got the coaches circle mastermind if you've built some traction awesome and if you're earning a 10k plus a month or more the one-on-one VIP coaching could be really good fit for you so we can double or triple your coaching business in a very short period of time everything is through application only and you can try any level of service for seven days and if it's not a perfect fit we reverse payment we walk away it's all good that is my zero anxiety guarantee we over deliver from Dave and I know it there are not many not to toot our own horn but there's not many people doing what we're doing at the level we are doing it and we're committed to it so check that out if you're looking for cookie mentorship all that information is at Lucas Rubik comm if you're not quite ready for it Lucas Rubik comm has a ton of free stuff for you start diving into and start building some momentum hope that helps I'm out I'll see you tomorrow [Music] you

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