SEO Minion On Page SEO Optimization Tutorial – Out Rank Other Websites

Now I’m on SEO minion website you can just search 
it and you can find it it's not difficult to find   the website and you can see you can install it on 
chrome and firefox as well and when you go down   of this page you can see there are main 
six features I’m not gonna explain these   features because I’m gonna actually 
show how to do on-page optimization   with these six features how we can use them so now 
I’m on my website so SEO specialist Sri Lanka page   okay so once you install SEO minion extension 
you can see it's coming you can click that   and then so you can see the URL right URL 
and these are the features analyze one page   of SEO highlight all links check broken link 
I just want to click on analyze on page SEO you can see something yeah okay so there are 1668 words on this page right so word length 
if you want to outrank this website obviously   you need to bring more content it's much 
better if you can write it more content right   and uh so url content length and the title right 
so url and the title you know is so so important   right so seo specialist sri lanka free report 
six years experience so 58 characters I have used   out of 60 right and also there is a description so 
if you google blah blah blah I’m not gonna read it   so also there are only 147 characters 
right you can maximum use 150 characters   so don't uh write more right so let's say this 
is the website you want to outrank right this is   your competitor website so this is what I what 
you need to do right and this is what I do if I   want to outrank someone so when a new client 
is coming to me and then if they're asking   okay I need to rank for this keyword blah 
blah blah so I’m going to my client's   competitor websites and I can see what they 
have done with seon page right description okay follow so normally so meta robots 
follow and index right so this is the main   tool we need to see because obviously if it is 
unfollow then your website is not gonna index   right so it sorry if I if it is no index sorry if 
it is no index the website is not gonna appear on   on the page not gonna appear on google right and 
there are a few feature as well so and then there   are headings right there are 17 headings you know 
headings are um so important as well right that's   a one of the good main factors of on-page seo 
right that's a big signal so title is a good big   signal and the url big good signal right obviously 
content length so h1 right so I want to see   if this is my computer's website I want to see 
okay what this guy has done right with h1 tags   so there are 17 tags right obviously you know you 
need to put your keywords in h1 as well right and   then there is this section open graph right this 
is uh meant for social media right so when someone   share this url and you know there is 
a thumbnail or something like this   title what it shows right automatically 
right so the image for this page is missing right and twitter okay and then go back so that's the first option 
it's kind of the main option because that's the   analyze on page SEO right so highlight on links 
you can see what uh your competitor has like   what kind of links your computer has so SEO minion 
extension has this feature as well so you can see   what are the internal links this is so important 
because maybe your computer has a silo structure   right like I said uh I think uh it was the last 
video right I talked about content clusters right so you can see where these links going 
inside right if he's building some   silo structure or content clusters right 
these are the so external links right external links I have link moss right   and I have linked Wikipedia as well 
right and then there's another option   check broken links right I will 
click it okay great so valid links   seven total links nine right so I have done two 
redirects right and there are no any 4.4 errors   nothing right empty links server errors nothing 
which is a great thing and let's go back and then hra flank checker right-click that so because I have done my website I have ranked on 
Germany as well so I’m coming from Sri Lanka but I   live in Germany so that's why I have done german 
version of my website as well so that's what it   says right so normally if your website is English 
so you don't see any sort of thing right so d e   means uh german right so german version, so 
you can see the URL structure   right SEO and then the german version of this 
page is the month, dies dot com d e anyway and then you can see sub preview tool right   I don't want to uh do anything because I 
have written everything nicely title and   description as well really nice I have put 
those stuff so I don't have to do it but   you can check this and let's say search query 
device click on SEO oops special list Sri Lanka all right and then review SERP   so you can see how it looks like right 
so this is the main thing right and I can so let's say if I want to another word see you can see this is title right so when you change it you can see it right 
but uh you do it when you build the page   right especially if you are using SEO plugins 
like um rank math or all in SEO or your SEO right   you can do it from there and then 
you can see there's another feature   called location checker right so with this 
feature you can see how it ranks I mean for any   keyword on another country right so if 
I want to see if my website appears for   my main keyword um type it search query SEO 
specialist three long cars and then execute so it appears for this keyword on 
the united states as well right and then there's another feature oops sorry I’m going 
to the wrong tab yeah okay and there's another   feature SEO um in SEO Minion plugin minion 
extension sorry I’m also I’m saying plugin   so this one so you get two search uh queries right   but one keyword I mean two locations right 
so you can see how it is how it's ranks   let's say a different keyword SEO I don't 
know whether it's how it is rank expert in Sri Lanka SEO expert in Sri Lanka   so I will click this to Sri Lanka okay you can 
see it just change okay I want to see how it   shows on the united states and Sri Lanka for 
an SEO expert in Sri Lanka keyword execute oops   why didn't come okay there's something wrong I 
don't know what is wrong okay so for this keyword   my website ranks as a third search result right 
okay but normally it works but now I don't know   maybe there's some problem that's okay yeah so but 
the main thing is actually it's so important this   the first option analyze on page SEO so when 
you do it you can see what your competitor has   done with on pages you right how many 
h1 tags what are the h1 tags right   and the title and the word length 
and everything and also if you search I can show you so now I just click I just click sorry I just uh 
search SEO specialist Sri Lanka right and then   there is one box coming from SEO 
Minion extension right so there is some   stuff you can download right so download or copy right suggestions so you can download this if you want so let's say so this one suggestion 
then clicks and then go 20 30 40 50 60 there you go and then when I open this file   so I need to uh export it as other format 
but I’m not gonna do it you can you know   what I’m getting at right okay so that's it 
that's how you can use SEO Minion extension   for your on-page optimization right so if you 
like this video please give me a thumbs up and   if you like to learn SEO you can subscribe to 
the channel so i'll see you in the next video

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