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all right so this is the deal if you ever tried to create a squeeze page from like a Dream Weaver a tool like that where you actually have to know how to code it's an absolute nightmare unless you know how to do it because you know it's funny look at these squeeze pages that people have created that they're you know and they're so clean and simple and well done you think well how hard could it be well the truth is it's very hard to create a site that is good clean and simple but the reality is is that very few people know that GoDaddy's website tonight have the ability to create a good-quality simple squeeze page very quickly you know when you think of an idea and you want to gather names and you want to and you want to squeeze people into a particular product you're completing a form you just want to get it done now well what site tonight has that ability and I'm gonna show you really quick how to do it and how do you make it work now previously I had created this site extreme like maybe like 2025 minutes I want to show you some of the things that I did and this is using a hundred percent GoDaddy products you're gonna go ahead and click on work on my site and then you get launched into the website tonight tool now this is merely just one of the hundreds or thousands of different templates that you have to choose fun this happened to be you know look good and clean to me and one of the first things I did is work on a banner now this banner I just uploaded a image that I had it was a banner ad I didn't do anything to it at all and I just double clicked right there and then there's my image that I had put in the place of just a solid blue banner very simple took less than two minutes to do and these kind of banners that you see like this one right here with cash flowing out of a monitor just search Google those kind of banners and those kind of pictures are available everywhere on the internet for free and that's the great thing about website tonight is you can put those kinds of banners in your website and you don't have to just use their pictures now GoDaddy has thousands and the pictures to choose from and banners and that kind of thing but you know for squeeze pages you need something that has a little bit of pizzazz like that monitor with cat flowing out oh well that's not available on globey so you might have to go and Google some images but you know there's millions of them out there and all I did is I just started typing you know I created some text here and you can start to see it can you create a squeeze page from scratch with zero coding experience question mark here's another one get the secrets with cash that's just an image that you find on on the internet just search with Google and like I said I used a hundred percent GoDaddy products and they have them all available they have expressed email marketing to be able to mark through these people on an ongoing meaningful basis it already has the pre-planned newsletter style feel and you can have hundreds and thousands of people in your database and market to them regularly so that when they are ready to buy from you you will be in front of them and we will be going over how those how that express email marketing works and how you can put it useful yeah and you just go down I mean this is just very simple text no big deal the images this is how you upload an image so you go insert image images you click on that it launches the image library and here's you know a couple of images that I put up in there and you know it's very simple this one I happen to create but you also can click on that hit OK and boom there it is as well super simple I mean it doesn't get any easier even on here which is terribly difficult to do if you're trying to code you can change the sizes now as you can see from the just basic layout look and feel it's much like a Microsoft Word it looks it feels you know like the spelling right here you're able to go through it check for spelling mistakes and as you can see when you go down here we have the ability to capture information and this is just a typical GoDaddy contact manager that I kind of manipulated and changed into first name and email address which is all you really want when you're squeezing to get people's information and it's super simple and you can have that deliver to your email you can have it deliver to your your express email marketing couldn't be more simpler actually you know what let me show you kind of what it looks like when it's all completed as far as a web version now this is again super simple I didn't take more than 20 or 30 minutes to put this together and we are will throughout this this channel show you step by step on how to do some of this but I just you an idea how this works you see I mean it's just so simple find out everything you need to know to make your dreams happen today and the reality is this every single website should have a squeeze element to it so when you're creating your next website whether or not it's actually a squeeze page or not make sure you are squeezing people into giving you their name email address phone number whatever it is that you need to make your business work because the reality is a an actual website without the ability to capture people's information and market to them on a regular basis is a complete waste of time so make sure that you're implementing some of these squeeze page tactics and any kind of website you're doing I don't care what it is okay hope this helped a little bit remember it's really easy and the good thing about GoDaddy is this if you purchase a product let's say like website tonight it doesn't work out for you you say oh man this is way more difficult than I thought they refund your money there's no contracts they refund money all the time that's what makes them so great is they do not lock anybody in for a long period of time so take

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