STOP Trying to Build Marketing Funnels (And do THIS Instead)

– You hear all these people talking about how their marketing
funnels are bringing them hundreds of clients
and thousands of dollars, and when you look at their landing pages, their email sequences, their
Facebook and Instagram ads, you get paralyzed. How do
these people come up with those beautiful, designed
marketing funnels and figure out all their
sophisticated automation behind those sequences? Well, you no longer
have to hire a designer. You don't need to even
be a paid ads expert. You don't even have to be a developer. There's a easier and
simple way to do this. Hi, everyone. I'm Neil Patel and today I want to tell you that you should stop
building marketing funnels and do this instead. (uplifting music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this video, that way, when we release
more content like this, you'll get notified. Now, if you want to sell anything online, you need to have a sales process. It doesn't matter if you're
selling consumer product or a B2B product.

You have to, in essence, take people from point A to point B. Point A is the first time that
you have contact with them, whether that's on your website, someone's contact with your brand, they're seeing it online,
and point B is the moment that they decide, hey, I
like what you're selling. I want to take action and I want
to buy your product or service. This applies to whatever you're selling. I don't care if you're
selling physical products, or even courses or books or eBooks. It could even be mentorship
or coaching programs, or even consulting services. Whether this is tangible or
intangible product or a service, you need a marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is
the most efficient way to get people from point A to point B. It's also the best way to get people to keep buying more and more from you, which increases the lifetime
value of your customer, which then makes it more feasible for you to leverage paid advertising on platforms like Facebook,
Instagram, or Google. Now, normally, as I mentioned earlier, if you want to create a following, you would have to hire a paid ads person, you would have to learn design, you have to learn email marketing and be really good at the copy, and you would have to
know web development.

But those days are gone. Now there's one simple tool
that'll let you do all of this, and you no longer need multiple tools or the skills to create
a high-converting funnel. You can get all of that done
by just using only one tool, and it's called Autofunnel by GetResponse. With Autofunnel you can
create a sales funnel, lead generation funnels, webinar funnels, whatever it may be,
depending on your needs. It'll cover the hardest
part of the sales process, because now you can focus on your business instead of focusing on figuring out how to create a funnel. Because most of the times that, I used to do this for years and year, when we used to build funnels, we didn't know if it worked, so we would have to spend all this money on ads, design, development. And then, once we throw it
up, it'll either work or not, and in many cases it didn't and we'd have to keep tweaking it.

But because funnels have
been around for a long time, GetResponse decided to do something cool. They took all the knowledge,
all the funnels that converted, and packaged it all up
into one simple tool that makes it easy for
small and medium businesses, even large enterprises. So a few of the cool
things that you can do is, normally if you want to run paid ads, you have to know how to leverage
Facebook ads or Instagram, and all the bells and whistles, so that way you can get the
maximum out of their platform. Now, through the Autofunnel platform, you can run paid Facebook and
Instagram ads directly there, and that the landing pages
that they have are the ones that are already
proven and high-converting.

In other words, they're not going to show you landing page templates that don't convert well for people. They're only going to have
the landing page templates from what we've tested and
the data that we've seen that convert extremely well. And my favorite part about
their landing page templates. They even have a exit popup intent. And I know what you're thinking. Oh, Neil, exit popups
are really aggressive.

Well, think of it this way. If you're paying to get
someone to your site and they don't convert, wouldn't you rather
have a last-ditch effort to get them to convert? Now here's the beautiful part. Through their exit popup intents and through actually all their web forms that are built through the
landing page processes, they're already pre-setup with campaigns. So it'll give you all the
email marketing sequences and automation you need
to get going right away without having to hire a specialist.

Now, for example, if you have people going to your checkout page and they don't necessarily convert right away, well, they already have a
abandonment built sequence for you and it's already ready to go. And what they do is they fire up once they know that
someone's not converting and they send them abandonment emails, and they already have all
the confirmation emails ready to go so that way you
didn't have to set them up. That way you can get more
people from not buying to buying so you can maximize the
dollars from your ad spend.

In addition to that, the email templates that you can see are
written by other marketers, and they convert well. It even handles all the
transactional side as well. So it doesn't matter if
you're leveraging a store like Shopify or Etsy or RU Commerce. It all is plug-and-play, even with your current payment processor, such as Stripe and Paypal. If you want to run a webinar, it not only helps you maximize
the number of signups, but it has its own webinar platform, so you don't have to pay for
a separate webinar service. It used to be, when I
used to run webinars, I would have to sign up for a WebinarJam.

I would have to connect it
with, let's say Infusionsoft, which is now Keap. Then from there I would have to go and hire a developer to make this all work because Infusionsoft is hard to use. Then from there I would
have to have a designer to set my landing pages up. And then I would have to
end up running traffic, and it may or may not work. But now you can all do this really simple with templates that are
already high-converting. That way it's so much easier if you want to sell high-ticket items, such as when you're selling
a $1,000-plus product.

And webinars usually, from my experience, they're great for selling anything from a few hundred dollars
to a few thousand dollars. If you're selling something
for, let's say 50 bucks, you don't really need a webinar for that. But the moment you're selling something for above a few hundred dollars, you'll find that it's easier
to sell them on a webinar. And my favorite part about webinars is you can charge them annually up-front. Because they're interacting
and getting to know you, it's easier to get them to pay for that whole up-front annual fee versus having them pay
in monthly installments. because there's always
going to be some churn, but when you're getting that annual fee, you'll get more of the money up-front, which allows you to
spend more money into ads and grow faster as well. Now, here's my favorite feature. At the bottom of every single
funnel is your exact ROI. It used to be where you would have to go into Google Analytics
and calculate it manually. But now, through Autofunnels, you can just see the ROI at the bottom of every single funnel, which helps you get the maximum amount of it.

So me, personally, I
love Autofunnels so much. Not only am I starting to use it myself, and I have been, and I'm
getting good results from it, I already noticed a 16%
increase in conversions. I actually wrote a detailed book, a eBook, breaking down how to use it step-by-step so you can
make more money online. Make sure you check it so then that way you can get step-by-step instructions and maximize your
revenue from Autofunnels. Feel free and check out my ad
agency, Neil Patel Digital. And if you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it, leave a comment below. Thank you very much..

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