The 5 Phases of Funnel Building – Episode 187

– Boom!! What's going on everyone? It's Steve Larsen, this
is Sales Funnel radio . Today I'm gonna show
you guys my five phases of funnel building. (loud music) I spent the last four
years learning from the most brilliant marketers today. And now I've left my nine
to five to take the plunge and build my million dollar business. The real question is,
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completely from scratch? This podcast is here
to give you the answer.

Join me and follow along as I learn, apply and share marketing strategies
to grow my online business, using only today's best
internet sales funnels. My name is Steve Larsen and
welcome to sales funnel radio. (loud music) What's up. Hey I'm excited
for this video today! I've actually been thinking
about this quite a bit here. Now when you think about
building something like a sales funnel, okay, the
first time I ever heard about building something
like a sales funnel, I was like oh my gosh! I got to write copy right. There's the copy piece I
should find some images. I'll should do some videos. I should do these actual pages themselves. The actual product itself. How I'm gonna promote it? Like there's all the
stuff that goes into it. And you can get incredibly stressful. So what I wanted to do right quick is, For as long as you guys are listening. Just know that on YouTube
I'm gonna draw this, so you guys can see a little bit of my funnel building process. Okay, so this is this is interesting. I teach a lot of the stuff right at events and multiple times right,
somebody will stand up and be like hey, hey how should I go about doing up sale this this and that for my product and
I'm like why even thinking about that, you don't even
have a main product yet.

Too many times we get
too involved in questions we don't really need to answer yet, but there are questions that do matter from building a funnel right. Sometimes people are so concerned about what makes the car engine run. That they don't even know
how to drive the car. You know what it means? It's like there's a
whole bunch of things out there and like you don't
need to know that yet. So little my purpose
in this episode today, is I just wanna walk you
guys through very simply, the very simple funnel
building process that I have and why it works and how to
screw it up. (giggles) Okay? This is really it, I
mean this is truly it.

Now if you think about it,
there's really like I said there's these five steps here. The first thing I need to do
is kind of a research period. Check this out turns out
and I'm gonna explain this kind of as I go here. The first thing that I
do, is I go and I have to make sure that I know what my customers are already buying and
how they're buying it. We call it the what and the how. You guys may have heard of this before, It's the what the how though. So, I go in and I look
at a red ocean meaning, if I'm gonna go sell I don't know pencils. I'm looking at pencils or pens, they're over my desk over there. Let's say I'm gonna go sell pens. Who else is selling pens and
how are they selling them? Who as far as the businesses
go that are out there but also the customers who are out there and they're like hey this
is how I like to hear about my pen purchases, this is how I like to go and purchase them.

You know what I mean, so we
answer the what and the how. What am I gonna sell, What
are the people selling and how are they selling it. We call it the red ocean when there's lots of competition inside of one place. So I'm gonna go inside, and I'm
gonna look at the red ocean. I'm gonna look at thr red ocean and specifically what I'm
doing is I'm looking in, I'm looking for the what and how.

I'm just gonna write that
down again, red ocean, and I'm looking for like
I said the what and how and I'm gonna draw a bit of line here. That's like phase number one here. So it's phase number one, red ocean just research who is
already selling the things, that I'm interested in selling and how are they selling them? That's all I'm answering.

So the second thing now
that I know a little bit about the actual red ocean
and again member I know the what and the how that's
all I'm looking for. The second thing I can go
and I can start looking into it's literally the
second phase a funnel building for me is the actual
sales message writing. Not products creation. This is super key, I have spent, there are multiple
products in my early years of doing this where I did it wrong and I would start building products before I knew how to sell them.

Stupid, dumb. And when
I say that loud you're like well yeah of course
you're gonna do that. Yeah that's what
everybody does. (chuckles) They come in and they
start making these products without any knowledge on
how to actually go out and sell the thing,
meaning the sale script, the sales message, products
don't sell themselves, a product never sells itself. When you go out and you say
like oh the product's so good you've got to get in front of people. The actual cases where
that's true are so rare. That it's the exception not the rule and I do not build a
business based on exceptions. I look only on the rules.

So don't go do that. The first thing is right there. So the second thing I go and
I start building here is, the actual sales message.
(scribbles something) sales message, and my writing is awesome. No it's not. (chuckles) That's the second thing. Once I've got the sales message down, the way I know I can move onto product creation mode, when there are literally wallets flying through the air at me. Meaning when my sales
message is so compelling that people are like I have to have that where do I pay you. And I actually do collect money, meaning people don't just say that, they vote with their wallet
and they tell me yeah, that's a really great idea. In fact so much of that let
me go and just give you money and I actually have money in my hands. That is when I go actually
create the product. And you might be like
Stephen that's kind of weird.

It's like a bait and switch thing. No no no no no, I always tell
them hey this isn't ready yet. We get the beta version if you pay you know this discounted price you can get the beta
version coming out here soon. And then I go build it real fast. There's so many companies
that do it that way. And what's cool about that is
that you are using literally the market's opinion to
create your products. That's huge, that's a massive
benefit that you have.

It removes like 90% of the
risk of the entrepreneur game. This game is not risky if you
just do it in the right way. Going out and create a product then trying to figure out the sales
and trying to figure out what markets should buy it, that's risky. And that was all the ways
that could've taught me to build stuff which
is really weird anyway. So red ocean, when I
know the what and how, It's similar to the thing
I'm gonna be selling.

Then I go and create a sales message. And my aim is to be different not better. We talked about that a few episodes ago. I'm trying to be different
not better, super key. And then number three right
here, the third thing I'm doing then I actually start
building the product. Now, in order for me actually
make a sales message, there's some idea of what
the product's going to be in the first place but I don't need to actually build the thing! Does that makes sense? Very important distinction right there.

Then when I'm to going out and I'm actually building the product, That's when I actually I
move onto step number four, and I'm gonna want a
whiteboard space here. (chuckles) You guys see that
light over there on the side, Oh man this' so funny, guess you'll see all my home studio stuff anyway, whatever I'm gonna keep
going, is that cool? (chuckles) Alright sounds good. Alright number four, what I do here. That's actually when I
start building the funnel. Now in order to actually get
sales in the first place, I might need half somewhat of a funnel up but I don't obsess over it. So back in step 2 when I
build the sales message, I'm running the sales
message I'm actually getting cash coming in, there's some
sort of funnel that needs to be up but I just don't obsess over it.

Does that make sense? It wasn't for like four
months, five months, in to the one of my major products that I started actually
going in and adding all the little pieces a glaze
and all the features and all the little cool things that click funnels has inside. Does that make sense?
'Cause most people go in and start like, that's
the first thing they do, and they're the like, and then
we could have this this page we have this this page, this this page. And the issue is that
if those are the things that make your product
sell the little tweaks, the little features,
that little split test they gave you extra half a
percent conversion increase, if that's what's making you profitable, your offer and your sales
message are not sexy enough, they're not good enough! I don't want to bank on a feature to make my business profitable. I ship my products, my
sales message should be really freaking good.

And the funnel is just an accelerant. All the features, all those little things are just an accelerant for
everything does that makes sense. So, then I go in here and then I start building the funnel. Meaning I add in all the glaze,
I add in all the cool stuff. The last thing I go to is as
far as funnel building phases the final phase is traffic,
lots and lots and lots and lots of evergreen traffic
sources, all over the place. Traffic traffic trafficc
traffic traffic traffic. Now the reason I drew
these columns right here is because I wanna make a very
important distinction here. In every single one of these, let me just erase some part here, in every single one of these, I feel like I say this phrase all time.

But I was at an event, I was
teaching and somebody said, "Hey Stephen I know what my red ocean is", I was like Sweet. They said, " I've got a converting sales message", I was like cool or like a convert at least something you know well enough. I was like cool. And they were like I've
built the entire product they were like I have a sweet funnel and I've got a little
sweet little doohickeys and you know the features
and all that stuff inside it, and I was like sweet. And they were like,
where do I get traffic? And I was like oh my
gosh! Are you're serious? You have to understand
that for each one of these, guys if you go all the way
down here then you're like where's my traffic coming from? Like you waited too long. You shouldn't have started
building the funnel, you shouldn't started
building the product, until you know this piece
when it comes down to it. Traffic is money, traffic
is money flow like eyeballs getting attention.

Attention is money attention is cash. And if you step back and
you like the product, the product is just a reason collect cash, the sales message is just
a reason to collect cash. Traffic is the cash, traffic is the thing. If you can drive traffic and that's epic. Oh my gosh that's so cool. So while these are the five
phases that I build them in and first I do this and then second this, and third I do this and fourth I do this and fifth I do this. Well those are the different phases, I don't start any of
the phases until I know the answers to those five. So there's really two
different blocks here going on. So I'm gonna draw a line right here. So it's two different
things you wanna hear.

Everything on the top
here I'm just gonna learn, I'm gonna learn, so I'm
just gonna put L for that. I'm gonna learn in the red ocean and I actually have that in of time. I'm gonna figure out the what and the how, that's all wanna know. In the sales message
piece, I'm gonna learn, what gets people so motivated that they're actually giving me cash. So when I have cash in hand, I'm gonna learn how the
other people around ocean are selling, I'm gonna go learn
what their sales messages are. I'm not writing one
yet, I'm just learning. It's a research phase. This whole top part is a research phase. When I go out and I'm building a product, I like go find out how these other guys built the similar products. And obviously, if you guys
have been following me for any amount of time you
know that in this phase I go out with my crate
with colored purple offer and that makes me completely
unique but I still need to figure out what people are already buying.

I want to be prolific but
I don't wanna be risky. So I'm still gonna go
find things out there that are already selling
and create like stem out of similar things you know
what I'm saying, anyway. So I'm gonna go research best
ways to build the products, I'm gonna go research the best
funnels that are out there that would be a good model
for what I'm starting to see actually go sell. I'm gonna go research all the
different traffic methods. The best ones that are out there, evergreen traffic methods,
the traffic methods that are gonna bring in a whole bunch of people once, maybe traveling methods that are a little bit
like slow growth ones. I have a podcast episode I
suppose like 20 episodes ago called my four favorite traffic methods. I think it's was called, go look at that! That's what I'm looking at specifically.

Look at what I've been
doing this past a little bit in this podcast, in the
show I've been going in and I've been doing a
little bit of a deep dive on each one of these five categories. So I'm trying to go like
30000 foot view again, not turning in the weeds
on you guys on this stuff but I'm going 30000 over view again. I'm going through and I'm looking. 30000 over view, this is how all the pieces map together. I'm going in research phase, what and how. I'm going in research phase,
figure out what sales messages, what hooks, what stories,
can I tell to get people so excited that they get up and they're like take my money and they
like throw in the wallet.

Next thing research phase. How can I build the products,
how can I build the offer, how can I craft a purple offer? How can I craft something
that both brings in kind of risky prolific imaginary things, wow something no nobody's
ever done that piece before! But then also the security of what people are currently buying. That's why I call it the purple offer, Red Ocean, Blue Ocean, purple. Research phase different funnel types, are people liking to buy through, research phase, what kind
of traffic that's there, does that makes sense? Then there's the actual execution. Once I know those things then it is okay for me to go build a funnel,
then it is okay for me to go out and actually
start moving down on this. Too often people research and
build in the exact same steps. Don't do that. Okay.
It's scary. It's risky. First thing you're
doing is you're going in and it's research, you're
learning learning learning. And then once you've got all that down, then you build it in that order.

Step one, two, three, four, five. And five just continues with
five five five five five 'cause you're going to
need just more traffic more traffic more traffic more traffic. Does that make sense? I
just wanted to walk through that with you guys real
quick, so you guys again this 3000 over view and if
you guys have been watching what I have bee doing the last little bit. The the sole purpose of
it is been going through and teaching like hey, look
here's the things you go collect from the red ocean before you can move on. There is a podcast episode,
I think it's right before us walking through red ocean
stuff that you should have before you actually
go out and move on.

The sales message I do tons
of stuff on sales message. If you could just rewind like 30 episodes and start watching, you'll
see I've been diving in seeing what you guys react to the best so that I know like hey that
was the best way to teach that concept and we are doing a ton of building a product stuff. That's the whole purple offer
thing that I thought about. Building natural funnel
that is what I'm known for. And then traffic and I go back to my four favorite traffic methods.

Anyway you can start to see
that and I just want you to know how the pieces all fit together, 'cause I'm starting to get
some questions of people like sweet see how you've
got to build this thing but how do we get traffic for it and like oh my gosh like
the traffic's reached a peak like why did you not look at that before you started building
you know and then I get it. There're just new
mistakes you wouldn't know without being in the
game for a little bit. I did the exact same thing,
my very first product, I didn't look at a red ocean,
kind of did not really. Definitely didn't look at a sales message. I focused solely on building
the product thinking that's what actually causes money.

It's not and I focused
very heavily on funnel. So those two, there's
products funnel product funnel product funnel a profit
and I was like it's done, I remember the day when it was like done, I was like babe this is huge! The next question we're gonna answer is what island will we buy? Oh my gosh this is gonna be so cool! And nobody bought, because
I didn't answer this, how do we get traffic? And I did not answer sales message.

There was no targeting of
who I'm actually targeting with the red ocean. And anyway, so hopefully it's
been helpful to you guys. And I just wanted to go through and kind of do that 30000 over views, so anyways, guys short episode but this
is incredibly impactful. This is like powerful powerful stuff. In fact this is the model that we would follow of quick funnels. Now the funnel builder is over there. Red ocean we knew very well
who we were selling to.

The what and how also who you're selling to comes from the red ocean. We knew the who, we knew
who our customers were, very very well. The sales message,
honestly that's actually where we would start, because
we knew this piece so well. We would start at the sales message and we would start the building. It's cool to watch. Like I always noticed
Russell Brunson was willing to move forward with
actually crafting the offer, he'd have kind of an idea
of maybe the offer would be, kind of an idea of what
the funnel would be, kind of idea of where
the traffic come from.

But this was the lock gate, if he could not think up a good hook, if he could not think up a good story. He did not move on to offer. It's a hookstory offer but he did not move on to offer until he knew what hook and story were. And then we'd move on as
soon as you know that boom. Then it was like kick Stephen into gear. And I would start building
funnel funnel funnel. Now we knew what it was
and we started crafting the offer and started
pulling pieces together and I start working with
John and we start working anyways, it's supercool melody of all these actions that were going.

Takes a lot to get a funnel
up and I totally get that and I encourage you to
never do more than one. Don't move on from it until
you can literally walk away and have several pieces automated. So anyway guys this is just
how I build again funnels not businesses and I just
wanted to walk through again and share with you guys the relationship between these pieces and what to do to learn
from these 20s pieces and then when you can
have license I should say to start not guaranteeing it'll work. Obviously there's always
tweaks inside of it but when can you actually move
on to the build phase, when you are building what
already do you do it in. And so anyways just wanted to walk through that with you guys and hope
you guys enjoyed this episode.

Thank you so much. Thank you guys so much for reviewing and ratings the side of iTunes. I've loved watching that,
seems it's so fun is very motivating for me and the YouTube channel, you guys have just blown it
up with lovely new comments, (chuckles) it's actually super super
motivating so, means a lot to me.

I put a lot of work into this. We've a seven man team,
just creating content (chuckles) that's how it is. And so it's actually very very motivating. We hear good feedback! So thanks so much guys. Catch you later. See you next episode, bye. (loud music) Oh yeah wasn't that awesome? Hey, just real quick, a few
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