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What's up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today's video I wanted to break down the real estate marketing sales funnel for 2020 and moving forward here Okay There's a lot of cool updated techniques and tips that If you are in the real estate space if your real estate agent Or you have a marketing agency you work with real estate professionals? These are key things that you need to be implementing into your business So I'm going to show you guys a blueprint to scaling your business in this video So let's just dive into things here is the blueprint that I'm going to show you guys an actual live example of how this all Works together.

Okay. So I'm starting here on the left hand side. You start out with the Facebook or Instagram app, right? Because that's how you're going to go through and get exposure the great thing about Facebook and Instagram is we can target people Specifically in our community and then from there once you pique someone's interests They're gonna click on that ad and they're going to go to a landing page or a lead form So basically their same type of thing a lead form is just a product by Facebook landing page is an external site But the whole purpose of both of them is to capture the visions contact information So we want to get their name their phone number and their email address initially so that we can have our follow-up take place Okay. So now you can see we're just moving it slightly over to the right So we have the Facebook ad they click on it They opt-in a landing page early form and then they come here to the follow-up as soon as we have their contact information we can drip them into an email campaign a text message campaign and then I'll even show you a really quick here in just a Second how we can get them into a facebook Messenger bot follow-up campaign as well And then in addition to all this we can get them on a phone call And that is the number one most powerful thing, right? So we've got four ways to go through and follow up and then the whole purpose of the follow-up is one to increase the number of sales conversations you're having with the leads that you generate from the landing page and Then also it's kind of a two part one Boost the number of sales conversations that you're having and then two to be able to book more Appointments from the leads that you're generating so you can ultimately close more deals.

So with that said guys, let's jump out of here I want to show you guys this all live in So here is an example of a Facebook ad and Instagram ad guys is the same thing because Facebook owns Instagram So if you're going to go through and run an ad on Facebook It's just a simple check to have it show on Instagram as well Okay, it's not like some crazy thing that you got to go do something separate for Instagram. It's the same exact thing so we've got our ad right here and somebody's scrolling through with their newsfeed that's in your community whether they're on their phone or their Laptop, they see your ad and they're like, oh man, this this listing looks cool or even if you don't have a list It's the same concept, but I just want to kind of give you an overall structure of what this sales funnel looks like, right? So they come over here They check it out and they're like, oh man.

I'm interested in this I'm gonna click on this link so I click on this and Remember we talked about that first step Facebook or Instagram ad the second step was a landing page or a lead form Okay Now this example is a landing page and if you look at this this differs from your website because it is very basic and simple there's nothing else on this page that's going to distract the person visiting the site from Clicking away or opting out like gonna go follow you on on Facebook or different platforms or finding other homes in the area It's either you they want to get this list or they don't okay? and so we're able to boost our conversion rates and Generate 10 to 25 times more leads by sending someone to our landing page as opposed to our website So then what happens is the lead comes in? They type in their name their phone number their email address.

Let's put in some info right here and then once I hit submit what happens is they become a lead in your CRM and The cool thing is we actually have a platform where you get a mobile app And you get those instantly Notifications and two-way texting which I'll tell you a little bit more about that here in a little bit But what happens once we get their contact information going back to that one example? We can have an automated email sent out an automated text message sent out We get an instant Lee notification on the mobile app on our phone so we can call that person right away Because MIT and Harvard studies show If you contact a lead within the first five minutes you're able to see a dramatically increase Qualification rate of the lead and quality of the lead.

Okay. So now this is where it gets really cool guys So if they come over here and they're like I want I want to find more homes They click on this and this takes them into Facebook Messenger where we have a facebook Messenger bot automatically following up with this lead as well So says hey Jason, I see you're looking for homes in the blank area So that's we're gonna fill in whatever area. And so if it's the Phoenix area Dallas area or whatever it is They said that's great. Is there a certain number of bedrooms you're looking for? So I might say let's say I'm going for a big house.

I'm five or six bedrooms right here. Okay. Okay, perfect Are you a first-time homebuyer? Most likely if you're getting a big house like that? You're not gonna be a first-time homebuyer This is great how soon you're looking to move? I'm looking move as soon as possible So you can see this whole follow up is taking place on autopilot Without you even need to be there. So if in the future obviously not right now because everyone's at home right now But if in the future you're out about it appointments showings open houses your kids soccer game You can just come back here at the end of the day and see how each one of your leads responded. Okay? Now this is super powerful. Right? Well then in addition to this We now have another layer where we can actually automatically book appointments with our leads Through our Facebook page. Okay and the cool thing about this. Is it syncs with Google Calendar? It's gonna send you automated appointment notifications Oh anytime someone gets a new appointment.

It's gonna send you a notification and When someone books an appoint with you before the appointment, so let's say it's on a Monday and they scheduled for Friday, right? well This system will automatically send a text message as well as a follow-up Facebook message to remind that Person that they had an appointment booked That's pretty cool. Right because I mean not about you But if you guys have ever taken phone calls for sales or anything like that the most annoying thing is when you have an appointment booked with somebody and they don't show up right because it just wastes your time and Sometimes they don't show up just because they completely forgot So you want to have those automated appointment reminders so over here, let me just show you guys really quick What we can do is we can see this book now button right here let's just test the button where you can come in here and set your Availability what times of day that you're available? What time of the week that you're available? So let's say you're only working Monday through Wednesday in the afternoons You can have those times available then somebody will be able to come in click on this and be able to schedule a an appointment with you and the even cooler thing about all this is we can actually take this automated appointment scheduling and insert it into your email and Text marketing follow-up and even in the facebook Messenger bot follow up So when you're dripping on all these leads with emails automated text message automated Facebook message It's sending them to actually automatically book an appointment with you.

Which once again, like I said? You'll not only get the lead notification You'll get a notification every time a new appointment is booked and this syncs with your Google Calendar So it's not going to be double booking anything in your calendar, okay? so anyway guys I hope you see how powerful this is go through and not only generate leads but create tons more sales Conversations and tons more appointments on your calendar so you can close more deals in your real estate business Now we are running a 30-day real estate leads challenge where we're gonna help you generate 15 leads in the next 30 days So there's gonna be a link right below this video We will help you implement everything right here a twosie Okay and get this to be an automated system automated machine for your business so you can have this client Generation system working for you day in and day out even if you're out and about at showings or whatever's happening You don't have to do the cold prospecting methods, okay? So anyway, if you found this video helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what you thought of some of these cool new tips and tricks and how you're gonna go through and implement them into Your real estate business.

So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching. And with that said I will see you in the next video.

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