Vlog #2: Faster On-Page SEO with Tree View feature

hi everyone happy summer you're watching the video blog observe stock and this is our second video let's go in our previous video with all the about the unique feature of service at page analysis since then we've added one more thing third is called the URL versus URL it works just like you did with domains and it looks like this to compare pages simply insert the link to one of the pages you want to analyze into the bar bar and pick his competitors you can find some injuries that starts at revised or you can find Finn manually you can analyze up to three pages at once click enter and you'll be taken to the results page on this page you can see the overlap in the keyboard posts of the pages that you've entered see how much they have in common and how much unique key words they have pick the ones from your competitors if you don't use them and improve your pages this is about it for the updates from the previous week and now let me explain to you what we did this week our new feature is called preview it allows to analyze the pages of your website and see the keywords that you use on those pages by using this creature you can move your pages to the first page of Google and overcome your competitors let me share with you how you can improve your website with this feature let's imagine if you have a beige depends on the second page of Google which is pretty bad because no one work with its dead page you just need to find the keywords that this page ranks for the second page and improve them here's how you can do that just open the filter above and enter the parameters you need to find pages the transfer keywords from 11 that one its position in Google soldier center 11 and 18 in the corresponding fields oh you just found the pages on your website the prank on the second page of Google now you just have to use the keywords on these pages for internal linking or I don't know maybe created content with these keywords if this will give you an upper hand over here to better stand all the best that's about it for this week subscribe to our channel and follow us on social media because if you're watching this video not on the first day of summer this background doesn't make any sense does this sound okay is this video okay I guess that's it for now goodbye see you next time

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